The best race yet!!!


The finals of the East Coast Gassers went to Pete Boyer's `39 Chevy over Jack Zeilsdoff's `56 Chevy. Pete ran a 11.183 on a 11.17 at 114.86 MPH to Jack's close 11.482 on a 11.44 at 124.63 MPH.

The finals of X/HR - Xhibition/Hot Rod,  matched Tessa Sheaffer's front engined dragster against Andrew Nelson's Studebaker. Tessa took the win when Andrew went red and Tessa laid down a 8.990 on a 8.70 at 149.45 MPH to Andrew's 11.122 on a 11.15 at 118.54 MPH.

A/Hot Rod champion, Jason Wade turned a 6.73 in his `62 F-100.

B/Hot Rod champion, Terry Putt turned a 6.53 in his wheel standing `56.

C/Hot Rod champion, Bobby Neiswander turned a 7.45 ET.

East Coast Gassers

The Beaver in the `60's

Beaver Bob and Donna Marie
The King and Queen of the Hop.

Video: 2013 Jalopy Showdown Drags - Check it out.
 Ken Kull in Jeff Lear's twin 392 Hemi engined dragster on a
 couple of full smoky passes.


Check out the Wheel Stand video

Dan Bergeron set the stage in his Nova

He's getting close to Todd....

He's in the grass!!!

Rick Osburn's 38 Special was looking great.

Mike Etchberger got his Willys way up.

Bob Carson did a 300 foot burn out first.

Carried them out 200 foot. He was the longest!

Wheel Stand Contest: Dan White dragged the bumper!! He was the highest!!
We should have had a run off. We'll have a special match next year.

Beaver Bob and Dan check out the scrape marks left by Dan.
Check out Beaver Bob's varsity jacket from Chief Logan High School `64.


East Cost Gasser Champion, Pete Boyer

East Coast Gassers runner up, Jack Zeildorff

Wheel Stander Champion, Bob Carson

X/Hot Rod Champion, Tessa Shaffer.

X/Hot Rod runner up Andrew Nelson
He's the first Studebaker to ever be in the winners circle.

He's all smiles driving his Studebaker.

A/Hot Rod Champion, Jason Wade in his Mopar powered F-100.

A/Hot Rod runner up, Chris Juergens

B/Hot Rod champion, Terry Putt

B/Hot Rod and Wheel Stander runner up, Dan White

C/Hot Rod champion, Bobby Neiswander

C/Hot Rod Runner Up, Will Leitch

Here's what the Jalopy Showdown cars run for. Custom made trophies.
They still know how to have fun. It's racing like it use to be.