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Beaver Springs Dragway is well known for being the home of some of the toughest racers in the Northeast Division, especially our Heavy hitters and killer Bikers. Come match up with the best!

See all the 2000 winners in the Eliminator Club, and don't forget to check the points standings for all classes, linked from the main page!   For photos and more information check out the Driver ProFiles section!

Sunday, September 10 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #18
Many of the hitters in Top ET have returned to the winners circle over and over again this season.  This Sunday, Scott Reichenbach relinquished his recent hold over the class as he faced McAlisterville's Gary Fogelman in the finals.  Fogelman ran a 9.47 on a 9.46 at 147 mph with a .506 light from his '67 Camaro 496 to defeat the Mt. Gretna driver's '91 S&W Altered 468, a too quick 8.44 on an 8.45 at 161 mph for Reichenbach.  Brian Weaver and Rod Holtzapple were the semi-finalists.

Jason Weaver continued his roll to the Modified ET Championship with another big win at the wheel of his '81 Camaro 350 from Saxton.  Weaver took an automatic win over the '69 Camaro 406 of Matt Stover from Warrior's Mark when Stover red-lighted away his 10.46 on a 10.44 at 131 mph.  Weaver ran his pass out to a 10.79 on a 10.77 at 117 mph.  Bill Raia was the lone semi-finalist, but was unable to return for that round, leaving the Weaver-Stover matchup uncontested.

 In IHRA Bike, Derrick Rager has to be asking himself why his season had to start so late, and must be looking forward to his good chances at a championship run at the title in 2001, as the Pine Grove biker won his third eliminator in the last four races.  Rager's .504 initiated 9.72 on a 9.71 at 135 mph was too much for defending champion Dave Carpenter, who rode his Duncannon '97 Ninja 1428 too quick, a 9.63 on a 9.64 breakout at 132 mph.  Ken Kauffman, Jr. was the semi-finalist.

Likely Street ET Champion Dave Weaver wheeled his Middleburg based '73 Charger 360 to a 13.92 on a 13.87 at 94 mph to defeat first time finalist Ken Thomas of Saxton, whose '64 Falcon 350 couldn't back up his great .510 reaction time, running off to a 12.24 on a 12.13 at 110 mph.  Billy Nees was the semi-finalist.

Penny Johnson was the class of the Hot Rod Trophy field, driving her '67 Firebird from Muncy to a 12.03 on an 11.92 at 115 mph to defeat points leader Shaun Steckley of Newport, who ran out with his '71 Nova 350 with a close 13.36 on a 13.37.  Dan White and Annie Weaver were the semi-finalists.

In the Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver Shootout, Jason Weaver earned another title, overcoming the slight holeshot by Top ET winner Fogelman in the finals for a 10.78 at 120 mph win.

Friday, September 8 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
At long last, the BSD Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing Series was able to return to action, under the blessing of Mother Nature's clear evening skies.  Tyrone's Mike Worthy used that opportunity to make it to another Top Street final round, and this time, his '90 Mustang held together with no problems.  Worthy's 10.82 on a 10.79 at 124 mph was good enough to hold off the dead-on but late 11.24 at 121 mph posted by Northumberland's Chad Ferster in his '86 Mustang 302.  Brian Smith and Ed Brady were the semi-finalists.

Sunbury's Mike Rowe broke open the Street Stick stranglehold with his '87 Mustang 302 as he faced Jeff Swartz of Danville in the finals.  Rowe defeated Dave Webster in the semi-finals, overcoming Webster's .507 reaction time with a dead-on 13.90, while Swartz used a .505 and .01 off 13.81 to defeat Ryan Miller in the other semi-final matchup.  (Will have final round results as soon as I can!) 

John Carper extended his points lead in Street Automatic with a win from his '67 Barracuda.  Carper ran a 13.86 on a 13.77 at 100 mph for the win over Street hitter Lee Schultz and his '90 Mustang 302, who ran out with a 14.86 on a 14.88 at 96 mph.  Kevin Moncavage was the semi-finalist.

In Street Bike, defending champion Greg Reeder scored another win aboard his '00 Hayabusa, an easy 10.69 on a 10.60 for the Mt. Union native.  Marc Sweigard rode his '99 YZFR 1000 to an off-pace 10.84 on a 10.40 at 133 mph for the runner-up.  Sherry Sweigard was the semi-finalist.

Monday, September 4 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #17
McAlisterville's Gary Fogelman was not going to be stopped for his third Top ET win of the season, shown by the perfect 9.450 on a 9.45 at 142 mph versus defending Numidia Raceway champion Jeff Krushinskie.  "JK", from Shamokin, was forced to run out to a 10.62 on a 10.63 at 123 mph with his 409 Vega.  Scott Reichenbach was the semi-finalist.

Former Junior Dragster and High School class champion Jason Weaver solidified his lock on a probable Modified ET title with another win.  Weaver's Saxton based '81 Camaro 350 ran a 10.75 on a 10.78 at 127 mph on a solo run for the win after Middleburg's John Troxell broke before the run with his '78 Fairmont.  Ron Shrom and Bob Klock were the semi-finalists.

Dave Carpenter of Duncannon came back from a broken drive chain earlier in the weekend to run a winning 9.70 on a 9.69 at 131 mph with his '97 Ninja 1428 for the IHRA Bike title.  Chad Fultz rode his '99 CBR 600 to the runner-up, running out to an 11.51 on an 11.54 at 119 mph.  Darvin Snook was the semi-finalist.

Sandusky, OH's Michael Beard won his third Street ET title of the season with his '74 Duster 360, taking an automatic win with a 12.42 on a 12.47 at 110 mph after Dornsife's Dennis Mull red-lighted away a 12.47 on a 12.45 at 108 mph.  Dave Weaver was the semi-finalist.

In Hot Rod Trophy, points leader Shaun Steckley of Newport widened the gap with his '71 Nova 350.  Steckley ran a 13.53 on a 13.50 at 100 mph for the win, defeating the too-quick 13.57 on a 13.60 at 102 mph from #227CE. Annie Weaver was the semi-finalist.

In the Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver run-off, Jason Weaver took the win over Dave Carpenter with a 10.74 on a 10.76 at 127 mph after Carpenter fouled with a close .497, and ran a 9.71 on a 9.69 at 131 mph.

Sunday, September 3 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #16
Taking his third Top ET victory of the season was Mt. Gretna's Scott Reichenbach behind the wheel of his '91 S&W Altered 468.   Reichenbach slowed to an easy 8.58 on an 8.50 at 148 mph to defeat Bellefonte's Gary Gettig and his '71 Camaro 468, who ran a closer 9.51 on a 9.48 at 141 mph.  Bob Kauffman was the semi-finalist.

In Modified ET, Ron Settles of Fort Washington continued a tremendous roll after winning two straight in Pro Stick with his '68 Camaro 427.  Settles went on to win a double-breakout final in Modified with Bellefonte's Tory Kitchen and his '86 Mustang 351W, 11.10 on an 11.11 at 121 mph to Kitchen's 11.83 on an 11.88 at 113 mph.  Bob Klock was the semi-finalist.

IHRA Bike eliminator has found its latest superstar in Pine Grove's Derrick Rager.  Rager went back-to-back with victories aboard his '79 Suzuki 1000, this time taking on Newport's Ken Kauffman, Jr.  Rager's dead-on 9.81 at 128 mph was too much for Kauffman, whose '97 Ninja pushed to a 10.86 breakout on a 10.87 at 121 mph.  Chad Fultz and Randy Kauffman were the semi-finalists.

Cliff Weaver made his return to the Beaver a victorious one with his Williamsport based '65 Coronet 383.  Weaver took the Street title with a 13.03 on a 12.91 at 104 mph over Bellefonte's Steve Hull, who ran an off-pace 15.97 on a 15.89 at 82 mph with his '72 Camaro 350.  Dave Weaver was the semi-finalist.

In a one-off appearance, former Hot Rod Trophy champion John Sheaffer was back in action with his trusty '70 Duster 318.  Sheaffer, from Lewistown, ran a 14.79 on a 14.71 at 91 mph for the win, taking out the points leader, Shaun Steckley of Newport and his '71 Nova 350, who ran off to a 13.59 on a 13.50 at 99 mph.  Bob Civiello was the semi-finalist.

In Pro Stick, Ron Settles took his second straight, combining a killer .514 reaction time with an 11.25 on an 11.12 at 114 mph to cover the 10.32 on a 10.28 at 131 mph by Glen Burnie's Charlie Baesch in his '64 GTO 421.  Eric Kitchen and James Houston were the semi-finalists.

In the MANDRA-A Nostalgia group, Dave Hallman of Unionville took an automatic win with his '32 Ford 350, running a 10.83 on a 10.80 at 126 mph when Bear, DE's Bob Crouse red-lighted away a dead-on 9.03 at 148 mph.  Paul Majerich was the semi-finalist.

Thomas Doughty of Telford won the MANDRA-B segment with his '63 Fury 440.  Doughty's 11.47 on an 11.45 was enough to push out Carl Mease's '65 Plymouth 340 from Saylorsburg to a 12.05 on a 12.07 at 111 mph.  Ralph Eberly and Gene Droogan were the semi-finalists.

Derrick Rager back up his Sweitzer's Top Beaver win with yet another, an unprecedented third of the season.  Rager won with a 9.84 on a 9.82 at 128 mph, taking out the 11.16 on an 11.09 at 121 mph posted by Ron Settles.

Saturday, September 2 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #15
New Cumberland's Jerry Shaffer was on top of the world to kick off the Labor Day Classic weekend at Beaver Springs Dragway, and more to the point, on top of the Top ET field.  Shaffer drove his '96 S&W dragster 430 to a .503 initiated 8.19 on an 8.18 at 160 mph to defeat defending class champion John Simbeck of State College, whose '69 Cuda 340 broke out with a 9.87 on a 9.88 at 139 mph.  Tom Youtzy was the semi-finalist.

Cliff Eicher made good use of the re-entry program, coming back from a first round loss to win Modified ET with his Millmont based '69 Chevelle 355.  Eicher's 12.68 on a 12.70 at 103 mph was just good enough to eke out a double-breakout win over Beaver Springs' Doug Kline, who ran out by just one thousandth more with a 11.31 on an 11.33 at 122 mph with his '68 Roadrunner 440.  Bill Raia was the lone semi-finalist.

In IHRA Bike competition, Derrick Rager carded another win aboard his '79 Suzuki 1000 from Pine Grove.  Rager rolled out to a 9.89 on a 9.81 at 125 mph after defending champion Dave Carpenter broke a drive chain just past the 60' clocks, and was forced to coast through to a 30-sec, 14 mph pass on his Duncannon based '97 Ninja 1428.  Jon Schildt and Bill Dippery were the semi-finalists.

A pair of former champions squared off for the Street title.  Middleburg's Dale Rhoads used a great .513 reaction time to win a close double-breakout with his '66 Mustang 302, running a 12.66 on a 12.70 at 107 mph.  Michael Beard of Sandusky, OH ran even further under with a 12.46 on a 12.51 at 109 mph with his '74 Duster 360.  Steve Mertz was the semi-finalist.

In Hot Rod Trophy, Chad Hartley drove his 250cid '71 Nova from Middleburg to a winning 16.23 on a 16.19 at 83 mph over Altoona's Blase Raia.  Raia couldn't capitalize on his .515 reaction time, and ran out with an 18.59 on an 18.68 at 71 mph.  Bill Kratzer and Gene Switzer were the semi-finalists.

David Luce took a single for the Gambler's race win with his Dillsburg '99 Grand Prix 3.8L, running a 16.13 on a 16.15 at 86 mph.  Final round opponent Lou Drayer of Enola broke in his '99 Cavalier 355.  Gene Droogan was the semi-finalist.

The Pro Stick association came to play at the Beaver this weekend, and Ron Settles of Fort Washington, MD clinched their season championship with his 7th final round behind the wheel of his '68 Camaro 427.  Settles carded an 11.18 on an 11.12 at 121 mph to score over Upperco, MD's James Houston, who ran out with a 10.01 on a 10.06 at 130 mph with his '64 Fairlane 380.  Eric Kitchen and Ray Close were the semi-finalists.

The Nostalgia cars were also in town.  Bruce Thomas of Philadelphia drove his '63 Ford 460 to the MANDRA-A win in a close double-breakout with Paul Majerich's '68 Camaro 454.  Thomas ran out by .001, a 10.299 on a 10.30 at 121 mph against Majerich's 10.83 on a 10.85 at 125 mph.  Donald Wood and Bob Crouse were the semi-finalists.  Thomas went on to win out over the MANDRA-B field with a 10.24 on a 10.25 at 131 mph when Wyncote's Dave Blurton red-lighted with his '55 Chevy 350, and ran it out to an 11.97 on an 11.84 at 115 mph.  Blurton used an 11.85 on an 11.82 at 114 mph to win MANDRA-B over Clayton McKee's Felton based '56 Bel Air 396, whose 12.56 on a 12.69 at 109 mph breakout was too quick.  Ralph Eberly and Matthew Walker were the semi-finalists of MANDRA-B.

The hotly contested Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver run-off finished off the night with Bike winner Derrick Rager capturing his second Top Beaver title of the season with a 9.82 on a 9.81 at 126 mph, defeating the breakout 8.13 on an 8.15 by Top winner Jerry Shaffer.

Friday, September 1 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Rained Out

Sunday, August 27 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries
Rained out after 3rd round.

Sunday, August 20 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #14
Defending Top ET Champion found his way past mechanical problems and an early season slump to find his championship form once again and oust the Top ET field for his first victory of the season.  Simeck drove his '69 Cuda 340 from State College to a 9.78 on a 9.77 at 140 mph, beating the 9.06 on a 9.05 at 149 mph posted by Lewistown's Bob Kauffman and his '75 Camaro 432.  Brian Weaver and Dave Bratton were the semi-finalists.

In Modified, Earl Gee took a great win with his Elizabethtown '71 Demon 340, cranking out a .505 initiated 10.98 on a 10.96 at 125 mph.  Ron Reber of Annville was right behind Gee, with an excellent .515 and 10.20 on a 10.17 at 129 mph for the runner-up honors at the wheel of his '27 roadster 355.  Roy Croll was the semi-finalist.

Randy Kauffman added a win to his score in IHRA Bike with his New Buffalo '78 Kawasaki 1397.  Kauffman didn't need his close 9.40 on a 9.39 at 137 mph, as he benfited from the .489 redlight by Mifflinburg rider Tim Goff on his '99 Ninja 1428.  Goof ran it out to an 8.65 on an 8.62 at 154 mph.  Jon Schildt was the lone semi-finalist.

In a battle of the heavy-hitters, Middleburg natives Dale Rhoads and Dave Weaver squared off in the Street final.  Defending champion Rhoads drove his '66 Mustang to a 12.54 on a 12.53 at 108 mph to top Weaver's 318-powered Charger, which ran a 13.77 on a 13.75 at 101 mph.  Steve Mertz was the semi-finalist.

Brian Dubbs won Hot Rod Trophy with his '73 Duster 340 from Altoona and a 12.51 on a 12.47 at 107 mph over his opponent's 12.82 on a 12.89 at 106 mph.  Blase Raia was the semi-finalist.

Stephen Beard of Milton took the Gambler's title in a nearly heads-up race with Newport's Shaun Steckley.  Beard's starting line advantage in his '71 Duster 360 allowed his 13.57 on a 13.43 to hold on for the win, with Steckley's '71 Nova 350 carding a closer 13.48 on a 13.44 at 100 mph.

In the MOPAR Eliminator, four-speed gear-jammer Chris Shaffer drove his '66 Fury 440 from Mifflinburg to a 13.42 on a 13.45 at 106 mph victory over Huntingdon's John Jacobs, earning runner-up honors in one of his rare appearances with his '63 Polara 383, losing on a too-quick 13.85 on a 13.91 at 95 mph.

In the Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver run-off, Earl Gee held up the honor of the footbrakers to complete one of the biggest wins of his career.  He took a 10.94 on a 10.96 at 123 mph for the automatic win in the finals over a red-lighting Randy Kauffman.  Kauffman's Kawasaki recorded a 9.48 on a 9.40 at 135 mph in the effort.

Friday, August 18 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Rained Out

Sunday, August 13 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #13
The '91 S&W Altered 468 of Mt. Gretna's Scott Reichenbach made a return to the Top ET winner's circle with the final round defeat of Tom Youtzy and his Lewistown based '64 Falcon 392.  Jerry Shaffer and John Maxwell were the semi-finalists.

Aaron Smith drove his '72 Nova 406 from Three Springs to the Modified title, taking out points leader Jason Weaver of Saxton and his '81 Camaro 350.  Bill Raia and the Stover Brothers entry made it to the semi-finals.

IHRA Bike competition saw Ken Kauffman, Jr. taking another win aboard his Newport '97 ZX7R 1000.  Kauffman's 9.16 on a 9.18 at 144 mph was good enough to knock off defending champion Dave Carpenter of Duncannon, who ran it out the back door with a 9.57 on a 9.60 at 133 mph.  Chad Fultz and Ken Kauffman, Sr. were the semi-finalists.

IIn Street Eliminator, Stock Eliminator veteran Billy Nees made it back to the Beaver after a rainout at the Englishtown Federal-Mogul event to win with his '70 Nova 230.  Nees ran off to a 15.21 on a 15.09 at 87 mph, but Dauphin's Steve Mertz ran a too quick 12.62 on a 12.68 at 105 mph with his '32 Ford 440.  Larry Phillips was the semi-finalist.

In the Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver run-off, Scott Reichenbach's 8.49 on an 8.46 at 159 mph held up for the win after Aaron Smith red-lighted by the barest of margins, a .499 red negating his 9.78 on a 9.79 at 140 mph.

Saturday, August 12 - HP Engines Summer Mean Street Nationals
While the rain and stormy weather kept many street racers at home, Nescopeck's Andy Jensen once again dominated the Insane 8 field, taking out Harrisburg's Don Reem in the finals. Jensen's '67 Corvette 472 carded a 7.79 at 177 mph, finishing well ahead of the stout 9.36 at 149 mph posted by Reem's '65 GTO 535.

In a family feud, Michael Horst defeated Cory Horst for the Mean Street title.  The pair from Lebanon had a close matchup separated by less than two hundredths of a second.  Michael Horst ran an 11.56 on an 11.53 at 117 mph with his '73 Ventura 406 and a reaction time that made up the difference to allow him to take the stripe versus the dead-on 11.50 on an 11.50 at 119 mph posted by Cory Horst's '67 Firebird 455.   

Cliff Eicher's truck wheeled him from Millmont all the way to the winner's circle of the Gambler's race with an 18.20 on an 18.05 at 74 mph.  Bill Maturo of Harrisburg settled for runner-up aboard his '00 GSXR 750 and an off-pace 11.02 on a 10.85 at 135 mph.

Friday, August 11 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Pete Lankford returned to competition at Beaver Springs Dragway in style with a win in Top Street eliminator.  Lankford's Watsontown based '75 Camaro 406 ran an easy 12.93 on an 11.95 at 109 mph for the win after Mike Worthy of Mt. Union broke after the semi-finals and was unable to return with his '90 Mustang.  Charlie Klauger and Kevin Cover were the semi-finalists.

Yes, you read correctly... Terry Brouse continues his domination of Street Stick with yet another win, and virtually clinches his third straight championship with his "Wild Thing" '87 Camaro 350 from Mt. Pleasant Mills.  Brouse took the automatic win after Lisa Kumler took a shot at the tree and came up just shy with a .493 red light start.  Brouse ran his pass out to a 13.89 on a 13.70 at 100 mph, while Kumler's coasted through with her '93 Impreza 2.2L, a 23.59 on a 19.80 at 44 mph.

Another driver quickly picking up steam and making the late-season charge is New Berlin's Dave Miller.  Miller's third straight victory in Street Auto with his '89 Camaro came at the expense of another top-runner and former Hot Rod Trophy champion, Craig Poust.  Miller ran a close 14.58 on a 14.57 at 93 mph, forcing Poust to break out with a 13.19 on a 13.20 from his '78 Nova 350.  Lee Tressler was the semi-finalist.

In a battle of the heavy-hitters, the increasingly competitive Street Bike class saw Chris Sweigard of Halifax riding his '97 ZX7R to the win with a 10.71 on a 10.70 at 126 mph, taking out defending champion Greg Reeder of Mt. Union and his '00 Hayabusa 1300.  Reeder held the advantage at the starting line in the heads-up matchup, but fell short with a 10.85 on a 10.70 at 136 mph.  Don Kumler and Darvin Snook were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, August 6 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Rained Out

Friday, August 4 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
One of the faster Camaros to make its way to the Beaver recently is the '67 Camaro of Bloomsburg's Jay Trivelpiece.  That same car also found its way into the winner's circle in To Street eliminator, even though Trivelpiece ran into problems and had to roll out to an 11.46 on a 10.83 at 123 mph.  Lebanon's Cory Horst held an advantage off the starting line with his '67 Firebird 455, but a .008 second breakout ended his hopes for a win, as he lifted to a too-quick 11.41 on an 11.42 at 111.66 mph.  Brian Smith and Joe Bryson were the semi-finalists.

A new face broke through the ranks of Street Stick, with Ryan Miller showing that he too can be a force in the class.  Miller won an all-Mustang final with a 13.94 under a 13.95 at 102 mph, winning the double-breakout versus Tyrone's Chip Dillon, who ran out more with a 13.37 on a 13.47 at 97 mph.  Adam Suhr and Lon Zimmerman were the semi-finalists.

In Street Automatic, Dave Miller is on an absolute tear, terrorizing the field with another win from his '89 Camaro 355 based in New Berlin.  Miller's 14.57 on a 14.53 at 95 mph was enough to push out Lewisburg's Craig Jernigan, who broke out with an 18.36 on an 18.42 at 73 mph with his "Farm Truck", as he would call it. Craig Poust and Chris Budman were the semi-finalists.

Bill Maturo cracked back into the winner's circle in Street Bike competition, riding his new '00 GSXR 750 from Harrisburg to an easy 11.75 on a 10.99 at 91 mph to take out Richfield's Joe Stuck, aboard his '72 Harley.  Stuck ran into problems and could only muster a 13.22 on a 12.14 at 103 mph.  Andrew Hoffman was the semi-finalist.

In Outlaw Street, big Dan Swank dominated the field with his trusty '80 Malibu 355 from Sunbury.  Swank let off to an 11.37 on an 11.10 at 101 mph for the automatic win after Middleburg's Chad Hartley red-lighted his chances away on the starting line.  Hartley's '71 Nova 250 carded a 17.09 on a 16.96 at 81 mph.  Dewayne Harris was the semi-finalist.

Sunday, July 30 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #12

Lewistown's Bob Kauffman strengthened his points lead with a Top ET victory in dominating fashion.  Kauffman drilled McVeytown's Dave Bratton, Jr. with his .510, 9.06 on a 9.04 at 150 mph from his '75 Camaro, while Bratton's '70 Nova 434 ran out by one thousandth of a second to a 9.849 on a 9.85 at 137 mph.  Dave Bratton, Sr. was the semi-finalist.

Jason Weaver of Saxton returned to his winning ways in Modified ET, stomping the field down and then getting the better of Doug Kline from Beaver Springs in the finals.  Weaver's .509, and 10.74 on a 10.73 at 128 mph from his '81 Camaro 350 was nearly unbeatable, but Kline made a great effort with a .516 initiated 11.25 on an 11.26 breakout at 119 mph with his '68 Road Runner 440.  Bill Raia was the semi-finalist.

In Street Eliminator, Michael Beard of Sandusky, OH made a periodic appearance and drove his '74 Duster 360 to meet Dornsife's Dennis Mull in the final round.  Beard took an automatic win with a 12.46 on a 12.44 at 110 mph after Mull red-lighted away a 14.54 on a 14.48 at 94 mph in his Monte Carlo.  Dave Weaver was the semi-finalist.

Dave Carpenter of Duncannon made it two in a row in IHRA Bike, riding his Duncannon based '97 Ninja to a 9.60 on a 9.58 at 137 mph for an automatic win, as Pine Grove's Derrick Rager pushed the tree too hard by just .002 seconds.  Rager ran his '79 Suzuki out to a 9.70 on a 9.66 at 134 mph.  Ken Kauffman, Jr. and Ken Kauffman, Sr were the semi-finalists.

Karl Leed of Myerstown came away with the Hot Rod Trophy victory, behind the wheel of his big '84 Ford Van 351W.  Leed used a .510 reaction time to start of a dead-on 16.50 on a 16.50 run at 81 mph, leaving no room for Middleburg's Annie Weaver and her '74 Charger, who could only run a 13.73 on a 13.60 at 102 mph.  Shaun Steckley and Brian Boyle were the semi-finalists.

In the Gambler's race, Milton's Stephen Beard got back behind the wheel of his '71 Duster 360 to take the win.  Beard's dead-on 13.65 on a 13.65 at 97 mph only matched the dead-on 12.15 on a 12.15 at 108 mph posted by Newport's Samantha Smith, but a coffee-induced reaction time made the difference.  John Stover and Rich Gettle were the semi-finalists.

Spencer and Whitney Jones of Gratz duked it out for the Junior Dragster title, with Spencer coming out on top of the family feud.  Spencer ran a 9.38 on a 9.36 at 66 mph to turn back Whitney's 13.15 on a 13.16 at 45 mph.

Jason Weaver won his second Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver run-off, whacking a .504 reaction time and 10.75 on a 10.73 at 124 mph to defeat Dave Carpenter's too-quick 9.58 on a 9.60 at 137 mph.

Saturday, July 29 - Rained Out

Friday, June 28 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Rained Out

Sunday, July 23 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #11

Longtime supporter John Maxwell won his second consecutive Top ET title with his Harrisburg based '67 Camaro 355.  Maxwell's close .509 reaction time and 10.239 on a 10.24 at 133 mph was too much for New Cumberland's Jerry Shaffer, who drove his '96 S&W dragster 430 to a red-lighting .495 and too-quick 8.10 on an 8.13 at 170 mph.  Bob Kauffman and Gary Fogelman were the semi-finalists.

IIn IHRA Bike competition, defending champion Dave Carpenter added another win to his scorecard.  Carpenter, hailing from Duncannon, rode his '97 Ninja 1428 to a 9.61 on a 9.58 at 136 mph, and took the automatic win over a red-lighting Ken Kauffman, who rode his Newport based '97 Ninja ZX7R 1000 to a 9.17 on a 9.12 at 143 mph.  Chad Fultz was the semi-finalist.

Will Leitch won his second Modified Eliminator of the season, as he drove his Loganton '72 Dart 440 to a double-breakout win over Beaver Springs' Doug Kline.  Leitch carded a 10.88 on a 10.90 at 124 mph, good enough to push Kline to run a too-quick 11.04 on an 11.08 at 123 mph with his '68 Road Runner 440.  Jill Aurand was the semi-finalist.

Street Eliminator picked up a new face in the winner's circle as Dave Miller of New Berlin drove his '84 Camaro through the field to take the win.  Miller eased off to a 15.17 on a 14.54 at just 72 mph to take the automatic win after final round opponent Billy Nees of Millmont failed to stage his '70 Nova 230 in the allotted time before the Autostart activated the Compulink timing system.  Blase Raia and John Watson were the semi-finalists.

Jared Sharer took the win in Hot Rod Trophy, riding his '90 Katana 1100 from Furnace, PA to an 11.34 on an 11.25 at 121 mph, forcing his opponent to break out with a too quick 15.40 on a 15.49 at 90 mph.  Shaun Steckley was the lone semi-finalist.

Rich Powell won the Gambler's race in wife Patti's '68 Camaro 355.  Powell, from Liverpool, ran a .513 initiated 11.83 on an 11.77 at 108 mph to defeat Dauphin's Steve Mertz and his 440 Mopar powered '32 coupe.  Mertz slowed to a 12.74 on a 12.67 at 99 mph for the runner-up honors.  Cliff Eicher was the semi-finalist.

In the Top Beaver runoff, Will Leitch came out on top, taking an automatic win with a 10.90 on a 10.89 at 124 mph after Dave Carpenter red-lighted with a close .494, and ran his pass out to a 9.59 on a 9.55 at 136 mph.

Friday, June 21 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing

Newcomer Rick Crum of James Creek showed the veterans how to do it, as he took his first Top Street victory at the wheel of his '00 Mustang GT 4.6.  Crum's .502-initiated 11.89 on an 11.83 at 122 mph was too much for Mt. Unin's Mike Worthy to handle, whose '90 Mustang 351W trailed with a 10.76 on a 10.67 at 126 mph.  Andy Ney and Andy Biddle were the semi-finalists.

Wow.  Dominance.  Any other words you can think of?  Terry Brouse and Street Stick are synonymous at this point, as the Mt. Pleasant Mills one-armed bandit shifted his way to another victory.  His Z-28 350 ran a 13.88 on a 13.80 at 92 mph in the finals to down another heavy hitter, Ryan Miller of Mifflinburg, in his '89 Mustang 302.  Miller slowed to a 14.18 on a 13.90 at 101 mph for the runner-up honors.  Tom Barron and Steve Shreckengast were the semi-finalists.

New Berlin's Dave Miller is coming on strong mid-season, taking the Street Automatic win with his '89 Camaro 355.  Miller's 14.64 on a 14.67 at 95 mph hung on for the win in a double-breakout affair with 1999 Hot Rod Trophy Champion Craig Poust of Selinsgrove.  Poust's '78 Nova ran out more with a 13.06 on a 13.10 at 105 mph.  Points leader John Carper was the semi-finalist.

In Street Bike competition, two-time Century Nationals Champion Chris Sweigard returned to the winner's circle aboard his '00 YZF-R1.  The Halifax rider punched out a holeshot victory, 10.81 on a 10.75 at 136 mph to defeat defending champion Greg Reeder's 10.75 on a 10.70 at 135 mph from his '00 Hayabusa 1300, by virtue of a quicker reaction time, leaving a margin of victory of just .008 seconds.   Joshua Olat was the semi-finalist.

Bill Kratzer's Sunbury-based '71 Duster 318 defeated another Sunbury driver, Dan Swank and his '80 Malibu 355 for the Outlaw Street win, a .502-initiated holeshot assisted 13.73 on a 13.76 at 97 mph to an 11.11 on an 11.09 at 118 mph.  Sandy Mowery was the semi-finalist.

Sunday, July 16 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #10

John Maxwell benefited from the misfortune of his fellow competitors in the Top ET class this weekend, as he pulled two red-lights and a break in the finals.  Maxwell soloed in the finals, running a 10.23 on a 10.25 at 133 mph with his Harrisburg based '67 Camaro after class hitter Bob Kauffman of Lewistown was unable to start his '75 Camaro.  Dave Ricker was the semi-finalist.

For the second week in a row, Tom Chamberlin was the man to beat in Modified ET.  Chamberlin drove his '79 Monza 355 to the win over points leader Jason Weaver of Saxton, pulling just a tiny bit closer to him in the points chase.  Chamberlin ran a 10.73 on a 10.71 at 125 mph to nip Weaver's 10.77 on a 10.76 but just one thousandth of a second.  Will Leitch was the semi-finalist.

Also doubling up this week was Pine Grove's Derrick Rager, solidifying himself as a hitter in the IHRA Bike ranks.  Rager strapped a .502 light on defending champion Dave Carpenter, and ran a 9.70 on a 9.66 at 134 mph.  Carp's Duncannon based '97 Ninja 1428 ran out with a 9.50 on a 9.54 at 134 mph.  Randy Kauffman was the lone semi-finalist.

In Street Eliminator, NHRA National Record Holder Billy Nees drove his V/SA '70 Nova 230 to a solid victory.  Nees, from Millmont, defeated Bellefonte's Steve Hull in the finals, who drove his Gladiator '72 Camaro 350.  Dave Weaver and Larry Phillips were the semi-finalists.

Shannon Crum of Millersburg won Hot Rod Trophy with a 15.39 on a 15.20 at 91 mph, benefiting from the red-light start by Muncy's Dave Johnson.  Johnson ran his '67 Firebird out to a 12.01 on an 11.88 at 116 mph.  Lee Schultz was the semi-finalist.

Topping all of the cars for the second week in a row, IHRA Biker Derrick Rager took home the Top Beaver title.  Rager defeated Tom Chamberlin in the finls, 9.68 on a 9.66 at 135 mph, while Chamberlin ran out with a 10.67 on a 10.70 at 129 mph.

Friday, June 14 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Rained Out

Sunday, July 9 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #9

Gary Fogelman took his second win of the season in Top ET in fine style.  Fogelman met up with frequent low ET-setter Scott Reichenbach.  Fogelman's McAlisterville based '67 Camaro 496 got a three-hundredths of a second jump off the starting line, and held on to it for the win, a slowing 9.39 at just 140 mph.  Reichenbach's Mt. Gretna '91 S&W altered could only muster an 8.56 at 158 mph for the runner-up.  John Simbeck and Bob Kauffman were the semi-finalists.

Defending Modified ET Champion Tom Chamberlin returned to the winner's circle for the first time this season, and drove his Hollidaysburg based '79 Monza around Bellefonte's Mike Kitchen for the win.  Chamberlin carded a dead-on 10.63 at 129 mph to snag the win light after even reaction time's with Kitchen's '81 Mustang, which also ran dead-on an 11.29 at 120 mph.  The small numbers told the tale, a margin of victory of two thousandths of a second.  Aaron Smith was the semi-finalist.

Former Friday Night Street Racer Derrick Rager rode his trusty '79 Suzuki to his first big win, running a great 9.67 on a 9.66 at 134 mph.  The Pine Grove native benefited from Ken Kauffman, Sr.'s redlight start.  Kauffman rode his pass out to a 9.65 on a 9.50 at 133 mph.   Dave Carpenter was the lone semi-finalist.

In Street Eliminator, defending champion Dale Rhoads of Middleburg earned his second win of the year in his venerable '66 Mustang 302.  Rhoads used an excellent .505 light to give him room on top end to ease off to a 12.81 on a 12.72 at 97 mph against Duncannon's Ken Gabner.  Gabner's '68 Camaro 331 ran a 12.60 on a 12.55 at 111 mph for the runner-up honors.  Willis Witmer was the semi-finalist.

Just eight days after notching his second win of the season, Shane Bowersox chalked up win number three in Hot Rod Trophy.  A 14.11 on a 14.13 at 99 mph from his Selinsgrove '87 Mustang 302 was good enough force Craig Fisher's '71 Dart under more to a 14.53 on a 14.58 at 91 mph.  Jarred Mathew was the semi-finalist.

Roy Croll topped the Gambler's race field with his Linglestown based '68 Camaro, running a 10.94 on a 10.96 to win a close double-breakout with Millmont's Dean Eicher.  Eicher's19.87 under a 19.90 at 67 mph was (ironically) too fast.  Ah, bracket racing!   Bill Raia was the semi-finalist.

In the Top Beaver run-off, Derrick Rager topped Dale Rhoads, after Rhoads fouled with a .497 red-light.  Rager ran a 9.69 at 135 mph to pick up the first Top Beaver win of the season for a Biker.

Friday, June 7 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing

1999 Street Automatic champion Andy Ney has been a little quiet this season, but only because he's gone to work on his Newport-based '82 S-10 327.  Ney came out this Friday to thunder to the Top Street win, running a 12.01 on an 11.97 at 106 mph to take down Weikert's Charlie Klauger.  Klauger's off-pace 11.95 on an 11.72 at 114 mph would only allow the '87 Grand National runner-up honors.  Kevin Moncavage and Mike Worthy were the semi-finalists.

Last year's sweetheart of Street Auto returned to the winner's circle in 2000 this week, driving her '96 Camaro 5.7L from Montgomery.  Harding used a 14.13 on a 14.05 at 99 mph to defeat New Berlin's Dave Miller.  Miller cut a superb .508 light with his '89 Camaro 355, but broke out on the other end of the race track with a 14.42 on a 14.44 at 89 mph.  John Carper was the semi-finalist.

In Street Bike competition, Darvin Snook got the better of Marc Sweigard in the finals.  Kerry Inman and Bob Goss were the semi-finalists.

Ryan Miller recorded his first win to take the Street Stick title.

Sunday, July 2 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #8

Top Beaver
Tom Youtzy Lewistown, PA '64 Falcon 392 .523 10.43 10.460 132.04
Dave Weaver Middleburg, PA '70 Duster .518 14.34 14.385 84.30
Tom Youtzy Lewistown, PA '64 Falcon 392 .511 10.46 10.483 126.95
Bratton & Weaver McVeytown, PA '84 Trans Am 502 .519 8.85 8.871 156.41
Will Leitch Loganton, PA '72 Dart 440 .552 10.93 10.969 119.04
Stover Bros. Warriors Mark, PA '69 Camaro 406 .563 11.39 11.441 119.01
Ken Kauffman, Sr. New Bloomfield, PA '74 Kawasaki 1000 .502 9.50 9.536 135.99
Dave Carpenter Duncannon, PA '97 Ninja 1428 .619 9.51 9.555 130.13
Dave Weaver Middleburg, PA '71 Duster 318 .523 14.42 14.459 93.88
Michael Beard Sandusky, OH '74 Duster 360 .520 12.39 12.388 104.71
Hot Rod Trophy
James Long Fannettsburg, PA '80 Mustang 404W .544 11.27 11.535 121.80
Annie Weaver Middleburg, PA '71 Duster 318 .614 14.49 14.345 93.75
Stephen Beard Milton, PA '71 Duster 360 .667 13.56 13.588 103.91
Derrick Poorman Howard, PA '95 Mustang 302 .581 14.95 14.941 93.47


Saturday, July 1 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #8

Top Beaver
Bob Kauffman Lewistown, PA '75 Camaro 432 .576 9.13 9.148 150.47
Dave Carpenter Duncannon, PA '97 Ninja 1428 .556 9.52 9.481 138.80
Bob Kauffman Lewistown, PA '75 Camaro 432 .543 9.13 9.146 145.65
Brian Weaver Saxton, PA '84 Trans Am 502 .548 8.92 8.907 160.54
Cliff Eicher Millmont, PA '69 Chevelle 355 .524 12.65 12.683 107.48
Mike Kitchen Bellefonte, PA '81 Mustang 460 .564 11.38 11.380 121.29
Dave Carpenter Duncannon, PA '97 Ninja 1428 .541 9.46 9.490 140.58
Chad Fultz McClure, PA '99 CBR 600 .466 11.46 11.485 120.33
Joe Clark Sunbury, PA '70 Duster 318 .504 13.63 13.670 102.48
Mike Holland Shade Gap, PA '80 Fairmont 302 .532 14.04 14.008 92.78
Hot Rod Trophy
Shane Bowersox Selinsgrove, PA '87 Mustang 302 .551 14.06 14.121 96.79
Shaun Steckley Newport, PA '99 Silverado 5.3L .672 16.90 16.973 81.63
Roy Croll Linglestown, PA '68 Camaro 402 .527 10.79 10.868 116.74
Tom Houser, Jr. Mill Hall, PA '72 Dart 360 .670 12.42 12.509 108.86


Friday, June 30 - Summer Century Nationals

Summer Century Nationals Grand Champion Run-off
Jason Chronister Tyrone, PA '69 Camaro 355 .608 13.50 13.529 98.34
Steve Shreckengast Millmont, PA '85 Mustang 302 .646 13.90 14.027 102.96
Top Street (100 MPH Club)
Jim Sheaffer Newport, PA '74 Vega 383 .565 12.12 12.137 111.06
Kevin Moncavage Atlas, PA '79 Aspen 452 .597 11.30 11.298 117.15
Street Stick (100 MPH Club)
Steve Shreckengast Millmont, PA '85 Mustang 302 .700 13.90 13.986 100.28
Butch Richcreek York Haven, PA '97 Supra .703 13.00 12.964 95.81
Street Bike
Greg Reeder Mount Union, PA '00 Hayabusa 1300 .578 10.80 10.915 132.74
Bill Maturo Harrisburg, PA '00 GSXR 750 .629 11.10 11.232 131.55
Street Auto (100 MPH Club)
Jason Chronister Tyrone, PA '69 Camaro 355 .626 13.50 13.580 96.99
Dennis Snook Millmont, PA '86 Buick GN .562 13.75 14.048 104.79
Street Auto (reg)
John Carper Tyrone, PA '67 Cuda 340 .574 13.63 13.681 96.82
Jason Chronister Tyrone, PA '69 Camaro 355 .747 13.50 13.514 102.55
Street Stick (reg)
Terry Brouse Mt. Pleasant Mills '87 Z-28 350 .578 14.00 14.082 100.75
Brad Spade Northumberland, PA '90 Beretta 2.3 .731 17.20 17.171 80.38

Sunday, June 25 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries
Rained Out

Friday, June 23 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Joe Bryson of Montgomery breezed through the Top Street field, run on an eighth mile course this week.  Bryson's '69 Camaro 406 carded a 7.01 on a 6.95 at 101 mph to pick up the automatic win over a red-lighted Mike Worthy.  Worthy, from Mount Union, drove his '90 Mustang 351W to a 7.05 on a 7.00 at 97 mph.  Kevin Moncavage and Mike Alexander were the semi-finalists.

In Street Stick, the battle that everyone has been wanted to see materialized as the number one and number two runners in the Best Way points chase, defending Champion Terry Brouse and new hitter Lon Zimmerman clashed in the finals.  Brouse was rock steady on the starting line with his Mt. Pleasant Mills Z-28 Camaro 350, but ran out on the "little big end" with an 8.76 on an 8.83 at 77 mph.  The breakout did not cost him the trophy, however, as Zimmerman red-lighted away his 9.85 on a 9.91 at 72 mph from his Sunbury based Mustang.  Aaron Patterson and Tom Barron were the semi-finalists.

The popularity of the Street Bike class went through the roof this weekend with thirty motorcycles doing battle on the Beaver's quarter mile.  Dave Wolfley of Beaver Springs returned to the winner's circle aboard his trusty '98 Suzuki, defeating the '95 Vulcan of Jeff Fuess from Montgomery.  Wolfley ran a 7.81 on a 7.50 at 85 mph and breathed a sigh of relief as Fuess crossed well before him and broke out by a mere .005; a 9.31 on a 9.32 at 72 mph.  Greg Reeder and Chris Sweigard were the semi-finalists.

Fred Kerstetter picked up his first eliminator win in Street Auto, driving his '70 Nova 350 from Spring Mills.  Top runner John Carper from Tyrone wheeled his '67 'Cuda to the runner-up position, where a .495 red-light ended his day.  Kerstetter ran a 7.64 on a 7.60 at 91 mph for the win, while Carper finished his run with an 8.71 on an 8.80.  Gene Switzer chalked up another semi-final finish to his credit.

Sunday, June 18 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries
Rained Out

Saturday, June 17 - Beaver Springs Auto Parts/Parts Plus Spring Mean Street Nationals
While the rain and stormy weather kept many street racers at home, and lightning knocked out the top end sensors so that the race had to be completed on an 1/8th mile course, the BSD staff hung in there along with the racers, and nothing was going to stop Andy Jensen from destroying the Insane 8 field.  Although a 440-packin' Colt R/T seems subdued next to Jensen's Corvette, Rich Houser's victory in Mean Street was just as dominating.

Jensen, from Nescopek, drove his '67 Corvette 472 to the No. 1 qualifying position with a 5.011 at 142 mph.  He was followed by James Houston (5.499), Chuck Simpson(6.417), Mike Haas (7.096), Mike Worthy (7.104), Jim Manganell (7.241), Kevin Moncavage (7.268), and Bob Bowman (7.403).  Jensen handled Houston's Upperco, MD based '64 Fairlane 380 in the Insane 8 finals with a 4.97 at 141 mph.  Houston was in the four's as well... but only on the starting line.  He took a shot at the tree and came up just shy of a perfect reaction time, a .499 red light.  Houston ran the pass out to a 5.61 at 123 mph.  Chuck Simpson and Mike Worthy were the semi-finalists.

Mill Hall's Rich Houser nabbed the Mean Street win with his unique '74 Colt R/T 440, facing 1999 Top Street Champion Kevin Moncavage in the finals.  Houser's 8.12 on an 8.09 at 86 mph was good enough to hold off the charge of Moncavage's Atlas based '79 Aspen 452, a 7.34 on a 7.27 at 94 mph.  John Carper was the semi-finalist.

Friday, June 16 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Rained Out

Sunday, June 11 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #7
New regular for the 2000 season, Leroy Klinefelter of Centre Hall won his first Top ET race of the season, driving his '69 Camaro 496 to an easy 9.15 on a 9.08 at 150 mph.  Tough customer Jerry Shaffer of New Cumberland didn't have a chance to strut his stuff after his S&W Dragster 430 fouled with an uncharacteristic .102 red-light and did not complete the run.  Dave Bratton, Jr. and John Maxwell were the semi-finalists.

"Hell hath no fury..."  Jill Aurand bounced back from last week's race with a vengeance at the wheel of her Beaver Springs '74 Dart Sport 360 to collect the Modified ET victory.  Aurand's 11.20 on an 11.17 at 120 mph got the better of Loganton's Will Leitch, whose '72 Dart 440 broke out by .003 seconds, a 10.97 on a 10.98 at 119 mph, after even reaction times.  Points leader Jason Weaver was the lone semi-finalist.

Often mistakenly taken for granted, hitter-in-disguise Steve Hull trounced the Street ET field with his venerable "Gladiator" '72 Camaro 350.  Hull, from Bellefonte, overcame Shane Hassinger's great .519 reaction time to win a double-breakout, 15.90 on a 15.91 at 83 mph to the 13.07 on a 13.10 at 101 mph posted by Hassinger's '68 El Camino 355 from Millmont.  Tom Houser, Jr. was the semi-finalist.

Never to be left out of the winner's circle for long, defending IHRA Bike Champion Dave Carpenter was back in form with his '85 Ninja 1428.  Carpenter avenged his loss to tough street bike racer Chad Fultz of McClure with a 9.66 on a 9.50 at 125 mph, to the late 11.59 on an 11.55 at 119 mph from Fultz's '89 Honda CBR 600.  Ken Kauffman, Jr. was the semi-finalist.

Lewistown's Barry Knepp took his first win in Hot Rod Trophy.  Knepp's '80 Camaro 350 ran a 16.72 on a 16.60 at 83 mph for the automatic win when final round opponent Craig Fisher lit the red-light with a close .494 foul.  Fisher ran his '71 Dart 318 to a 15.27 on a 14.75 at 81 mph.  Paul Egli was the semi-finalist.

Jason Derr of Lewisburg has found the groove in the Gambler's race, taking another victory with his intimidating '79 Camaro 540.  Derr ran an 8.86 on an 8.80 at 156 mph for the automatic win after Roy Croll fouled on the line with a heartbreak .498.  Croll, from Linglestown, ran his '68 Camaro out to a 10.86 on a 10.94 at 123 mph.  Rich Powell was the semi-finalist.

Leroy Klinefelter went on to win Top Beaver, defeating Steve Hull in the finals with a .582 initiated 9.17 on a 9.15 at 150 mph, as Hull broke out by .006 with a .570, 15.89 on a 15.90 at 82 mph.

Saturday, June 10 - $1,000 Gambler's Race
Just when you thought he was gone...  Rich Powell is back and deadly as ever, as the Liverpool driver showed by defeating some big name electronics cars en route to the Gambler's victory.  Powell faced the '72 Opel of Carl Gerber in the finals.  A five thousandths advatange on the starting line for Powell turned into a five thousandths breakout for Gerber.  Powell, at the wheel of wife Patti's '68 Camaro ran an 11.78 on an 11.73 at 113 mph for the win against Gerber's 9.27 on a 9.28 at 146 mph.  Bob Kauffman and Brian Straub were the semi-finalists.

Friday, June 9 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Top Street competition was as tight as ever, with a full field of tough "name" racers.  Veteran Street racer Mike Worthy of Mt. Union returned to the winner's circle, knocking out Danville's Chris Riley in the finals.  Worthy carded a great .567 initiated 11.11 on an 11.09 at 123 mph with his '90 Mustang 351W, while Riley's '65 Chevelle 327 encountered problems on the quarter-mile and could only muster a 12.15 on a 10.50 dial-in at 119 mph.  Jeff Campbell and Phil Hepler were the semi-finalists.

Lon Zimmerman broke the Brouse stranglehold of the Street Stick class, but only by submitting himself as another killer racer.  Only Zimmerman has kept pace, posting consistent late round finishes at nearly every event with his Sunbury based '94 Mustang 302.  His 15.99 on a 15.50 at 69 mph was good enough to overcome John Troxell's perfect .500 reaction time, as the Middleburg Mustang had problems and was left with an off-pace 17.26 on a 15.30 at 83 mph.  Troy Long was the semi-finalist.

1998 Street Auto Champion Lee Tressler came back to limelight with a solid victory over current points leader John Carper.  Tressler's Middleburg based '87 Monte Carlo ran a 12.44 on a 12.41 at 109 mph for the automatic win after Carper hung the red-light on the tree.  The '67 Cuda 340 ran it out for a 13.84 on a 13.70 at 100 mph.  Matt Delbaugh and Craig Fisher were the semi-finalists.

Street Bike has become one of the most hotly contested classes on Friday Nights.  A pair of hitters met in the finals again this week, Darvin Snook of McClure and Halifax native Chris Sweigard.  Sweigard left with a slight advantage off the starting line, but an off-pace 11.32 on a 10.80 at 132 mph left the door open for Snook to collect the win light on his '99 YZFR1 with an easy 10.93 on a 10.48 at 135 mph.  Bill Maturo and Brian Boyle were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, June 4 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #6
After a two-race hiatus, the delay box cars regained their crown in the Sweitzer's Top Beaver race.  Scott Reichenbach of Mt. Gretna drove his '91 S&W Altered 468, one of the fastest entries in the class, to the win in Top ET to earn a berth into the Top Beaver runoff race.  Reichenbach's 8.50 on an 8.49 at 159 mph was too strong for defending Top ET Champion John Simbeck, who bounced back from exploding a powerglide in his State College based '67 Cuda 392 to reach the finals.  Simbeck held the better reaction time, but took the finish line by .007 too much, running out with a 9.78 under a 9.79 at 141 mph.  Gary Fogelman was the semi-finalist.  In the To Beaver runoff, Reichenbach's 8.50 at 159 mph covered Dale Rhoad's 12.59 at 102 mph, despite identical .512 reaction times.

In Modified, 1994 Heavy Eliminator Champion Bob Klock showed that he has lost no talent with age, backing up last week's runner-up with a win at this event.  The Sunbury native carded an 11.88 on an 11.85 at 114 mph with his '73 Challenger 440 for the automatic win after Tom Chamberlin left the starting line too soon.  Chamberlin, the defending Modified Champion left a 10.53 on the board, under his 10.55 dial-in at 130 mph, running his Hollidaysburg based '79 Monza 355.  Earl Gee and Jim Holland were the semi-finalists.

Champions abounded in this week's final rounds, as two-time class champion Dale Rhoads of Middleburg drove his '66 Mustang 302 to the Street Eliminator win.  Rhoads ran a 12.73 on a 12.60 at just 95 mph as final round opponent Rich Houser of Mill Hall broke just off the starting line.  Houser's '74 Colt 440 fell to a bad soft plug in the heads.  Mike Holland was the semi-finalist.

Ken Kauffman, Jr. took his second IHRA Bike win of the season, knocking off defending champion Dave Carpenter.  Kauffman, from Newport, ran a 9.25 at 141 mph for the automatic win aboard his '97 Ninja, after Duncannon's Carpenter red-lighted with a close .497 and a 9.41 at 141 mph.

Second generation driver William Kratzer of Sunbury took his second win of the season, driving his '75 Duster 318.  A 14.19 on a 14.09 at 89 mph was good enough for the victory, a closer run than Paul Egli's off pace 14.09 on a 13.89 at '88 Mustang 302 from Philipsburg.  Gene Switzer was the semi-finalist.

Roy Croll took the Gambler's race title with his Linglestown based '68 Camaro 402.  Croll missed his dial-in by just .002, a 10.91 on a 10.92 at 127 mph.  Samatha Smith took the runner-up honors with a 12.01 on an 11.96 at 112 mph, but red-lighted at the start.  Ernest Greshen and Bo Miller were the semi-finalists.  

Friday, May 26 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Rained out

Monday, May 29 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #5
Rookie Top ET driver Tom Zimmerman of Paxinos scored his first win, driving his '70 Nova to a close double-breakout victory over '99 Numidia Super/Pro Champ Jeff Krushinskie.  Zimmerman ran a 10.133 on a 10.14 at 132 mph, while Krushinskie's '96 Undercover dragster 355 ran a quicker 8.740 on an 8.75 at 149 mph.  Vince Shrawder was the lone semi-finalist.

Young gun Scott Smoley shot up the Modified ET field with his '73 Nova from Selinsgrove, facing '94 Heavy Champ Bob Klock in the finals.  Smoley's dead-on 10.71 at 125 mph was too much for Klock's '73 Challenger 440 to make up without breaking out, leading the Sunbury driver to an 11.85 on an 11.88 at 114 mph.  Cliff Eicher and Scott Barry were the semi-finalists.

Another rookie is making a big splash, this one in IHRA Bike.  Street bike rider Chad Fultz of McClure took the measure of '99 Champ Dave Carpenter with his '89 Honda CBR 600.  Carpenter's '85 Ninja 1428 broke out by just a fraction, handing the win over to Fultz.  Tony Julio was the semi-finalist.

In Street Eliminator, Michael Beard of Sandusky, OH drove his '85 Turismo 2.2L Stocker to a .503 initiated 15.90 on a 15.91 at 88 mph to down points leader Dan Baker from New Columbia.  Baker's '68 Firebird 455 ran out with a 13.06 on a 13.09 at 106 mph, but a red-light on the tree ended the race on the starting line.  Allen Chamberlin and Carolyn Mull were the semi-finalists.

Shaun Steckley of Newport traded in his runner-up for a win this week in his '99 Silverado.  He faced fellow Newport resident Jeremiah Smith in the finals.  Steckley ran a closer 16.92 on a 16.85 at 79 mph for the win, as Smith couldn't cover his 16.80 dial with a 17.09 at 81 mph.  Brian Boyle and Paul Egli were the semi-finalists.

In the Gambler's race, Jason Derr also went from runner-up to the winner's circle.  Derr, from Lewisburg, used an 8.67 on an 8.63 at 155 mph with his '79 Camaro 540 to win out over Ron Reber of Annville, whose '27 Roadster 355 ran off to a 10.11 on a 10.06 at 130 mph, after identical reaction times.  Roy Croll was the semi-finalist.

Michael Beard chalked up one for Street Eliminator in the Sweitzer's Top Beaver runoff, defeating Scott Smoley in the finals.  Beard used a slight holeshot to take a 15.91 ona 15.88 win at 85 mph, to Smoley's 10.71 ona 10.69 at 126 mph.  Chad Fultz and Tom Zimmerman were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, May 28 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries  - Race #4
In Top ET, Gary Fogelman stole the thunder from Rod Holtzapple, as the previous event's champ broke in the final round, shutting off due to a leaking fuel line.  Fogelman, from McAlisterville, singled to a 9.28 on a 9.27 with his '67 Camaro 427.  Holtzapple's '68 Camaro 468 from Mifflinburg was hanging tough in the semi-finals, defeating John MaxwellScott Reichenbach fell in the other semi-final pairing.

Saxton's Jason Weaver made it two in a row in Modified ET, running his '81 Camaro 350 to a 10.66 on a 10.65, on the brakes to 119 mph, good enough to cut Craig Sayre's Dallas-based '62 Nova 327 down close, 10.29 on a 10.28 at 130 mph.  Jim Holland was the lone semi-finalist.

Picking up the much needed points, Dave Weaver strung together all the rounds he needed to make his Street Eliminator wins back-to-back in his Middleburg based '71 Duster 340.  Weaver bested Mifflinburg's John Watson in the finals, running a 14.16 on a 14.14 at 98 mph, forcing Watson to drive his '67 Riviera out the back door to a too-quick 15.76 on a 15.79 at 89 mph.  Dean Eicher and Rich Houser were the semi-finalists.

In Hot Rod Trophy, Bill Kratzer of Sunbury won his first race with his '75 Duster 318.  Kratzer put together a great package in the finals, a .525 light coupled with a 14.19 on a 14.17 at 92 mph.  Gene Switzer drove from Cogan Station to make earn the runner-up honors with a too-quick 15.46 on a 15.50 at 92 mph.  Jeremiah Smith was the semi-finalist.

In the Gambler's race, transplanted racer Michael Beard based in Sandusky, OH hung onto the finishline with a 16.06 on a 16.01 at 85 mph in his '85 Turismo 2.2L as Lewisburg's Jason Derr chased after him with an 8.62 on an 8.57 at 159 mph in his '79 Camaro 540.  Ken Stover and Jerry Baney were the semi-finalists.

Gregg Grubel of Port Clinton won the MANDRA Nostalgia race in his '51 Chevy 455 with a 10.75 on a 10.41 at 127 mph after Palmerton's Ralph Eberly ran under with a too-quick 11.38 on an 11.40 at 118 mph from his '58 Chevy 454.  Mel Fox and Keith Wynn were the semi-finalists.

The Supercharged Warriors ace was Jerry Streb of Austintown, OH, who ran an 8.06 at 146 mph, beating out the loose '33 Willys 500 of Pat Ellerholtz from Brighton, MI, carding only a 10.87 at 71 mph.

In the Sweitzer's Top Beaver runoff final, Jason Weaver coupled a .520 light with a tough 10.68 on a 10.65 at 124 mph to drive around Dave Weaver's off pace 14.14 on a 14.07 at 97 mph.  Gary Fogelman and Don Kahler were the semi-finalists.

Friday, May 26 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Top Street competition at the Beaver has been getting tighter and tighter, as evidenced by another 10-sec bump spot to make the quick 8 field.  Class standout Frank Bello from Berwick, PA captured his first 2000 win, defeating the No. 1 qualifier, Garage Club member Rob Felegie.  Bello ran a close 10.52 on a 10.50 at 128 mph with his '67 Camaro 383, but his win was automatic after Felegie red-lighted on the starting line.  Felegie got loose and could "only" muster a 9.21 on a 9.10 dial at 147 mph.

Terry Brouse remains nearly unstoppable in Street Stick, tagging yet another win onto an already impressive string so early in the season.  Brouse ran a 14.05 on a 13.90 in the final round intiated by a fantastic .514 reaction time, punctuated by an easy 85 mph on the brakes in his '87 Z-28 350.  Rusty Walls made his first final with his Millmont based '88 Mustang, but fell short with a slowing 13.67 on a 13.15 at 110 mph.  Jim Stover and Chris Witmer were the semi-finalists.

In Street Automatic, Altoona's Bob Mountain got the better of Weikert native Charlie Klauger in the finals.   Mountain's '90 Mustang 351 ran an 11.94 on an 11.88 at 115 mph, while Klauger's Buick ran off to a 12.70 at 12.60 at 99 mph.  Craig Poust was the lone semi-finalist.

Northumberland's Dr. Rick Bunting made it out to the track again, not to be content with a runner-up at the last completed event.  Bunting rode his '98 Ninja ZX-6 600 to a 10.88 on a 10.75 at 128 mph, holding off the stalwart charge of McClure's Darvin Snook and his '99 YZF-R1 1000, which turned a 10.56 on a 10.48 at 137 mph.  Marc Sweigard was the semi-finalist.

Sunday, May 14 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries - race #3
It didn't take long for Rod Holtzapple to "find his legs" in his new Rinehart-built '68 Camaro 468.  The Mifflinburg driver showed no signs of having taken a year off to build this car, with a deadly combination of quick lights and consistent passes.  A .516 reaction time and a dead-on 9.38 at 147 mph was all Holtzapple needed to take out newcomer and standout Dave Ricker of Harrisburg, who broke after the launch.  Dave Bratton, Jr. was the semi-finalist.

In Modified ET, former Junior Dragster standout Jason Weaver of Saxton completed his transformation into the ranks of the "hitters" by driving his father's '81 Camaro 350 to knock off defending Modified champ Tom Chamberlin.  Weaver ran an 11.99 on an 11.94 at 112 mph, using a slight holeshot to hold of Chamberlin's 10.84 on a 10.80 at 126 mph from the Hollidaysburg '79 Monza 355.  Aaron Smith and Cliff Eicher were the semi-finalists.

While he started out with the season-opener Gambler's race as a first time finalist, Chad Fultz got his first major victory with a win in IHRA Bike competition.  Fultz, from McClure, rode his '89 Honda 600 to an 11.52 on an 11.48 at 117 mph to trailer '99 IHRA Div. 3 Race of Champions winner Dave Carpenter of Duncannon, who could only run a 9.35 on a 9.28 at 139 mph on his '85 Ninja 1428.  Johnathan Schlidt and Scott Stilo were the semi-finalists.

Points may be hard to come by for Middleburg's Dave Weaver, but Street eliminator wins certainly are not.  Although he's been a first round victim, twice this season, Weaver has put the re-entry program to good use and converted them into victories.  The 340 Duster ran a .524 r/t, 14.15 on a 14.16 at 97 mph, taking a .006 double-breakout over Stocker ace Billy Nees in his U/SA '70 Nova 230.  Nees ran out just slightly more with a .514-initiated 15.15 on a 15.17 at 86 mph.  Points leader Dan Baker was the lone semi-finalist.

Keeping it all in the family, Annie Weaver, Dave Weaver's better half, also scored a victory, her first of the season in Hot Rod Trophy.  The Terminator Cordoba ran a 14.15 on a 14.16 at 97 mph for the win after Newport's Shaun Steckley bulbed it off the starting line in his '99 Silverado 5.3L.  Steckley ran it out to a 17.05 on a 16.75 at 80 mph.  Jeremiah Smith was the semi-finalist.

Rod Holtzapple defeated Jason Weaver in the Top Beaver run-off, in a tight 9.39 on a 9.38 at 147 mph to an 11.98 on an 11.99 breakout at 112 mph.

Friday, May 12 - Best Way Pizza SuperSonic Friday!
Due to interference from the weather and the mayhem ensuing from the 200 mph Jet Kenworth of Bob Motz, only Top Street was run to completion.  Harrisburg's Ed Brady made a hard move in the points standings with a solid win from his '68 Camaro 355.  Brady ran a 9.82 on a 9.70 at 129 mph to hold of a slowing Chris Riley of Danville, who ran a 10.05 on a 9.98 at 132 mph.  Jay Trivelpiece and Derek Grubb were the semi-finalists.  Of special note, Bob Motz ran a 7.64 at 208.62 mph, and backed it up with a 7.62 @ 207.32 mph.  As always, SuperSonic Friday was a Super Show!

Sunday, May 7 - Bug Meet
Bill Edwards took the measure of the VW Super/Pro cars in the 1/8th mile event at BSD.  Edwards, from Dearborn Heights, MI ran a close 7.45 on a 7.41 at 84 mph with his '58 Bug to top Williamsburg, VA's Oliver Frey, who was right behind with a 7.22 on a 7.15 at 94 mph with his '60 Bug.  Larry Lucas of Falls Church, MD was the lone semi-finalist.

In VW Pro, Harrisburg's Matt Yergo came out on top.  Yergo carded a 9.32 on a 9.29 at 68 mph at the wheel of his dune buggy.  Kelly Westmoreland from Gainsville, VA ran too quick, breaking out with an 8.16 on an 8.25 at 83 mph.  Chuck Schneider of Hazelton, PA was the semi-finalist.

Frank Victor of Hazelton, PA drove his '92 GTI to the victory in VW Modified Street.  Victor won a close double-breakout decision with Hagerstown, MD's Joe Rule.  Victor's 9.78 on a 9.83 at 69 mph was closer than Rule's 10.69 on a 10.76 at 61 mph.  Harrisburg's Neil Hepler was the semi-finalist.

In the VW Top Dog runoff, Bill Edwards was the last man standing, with a winning 7.47 on a 7.41 at 85 mph to his credit.  Matt Yergo was on the receiving end with a 9.33 on a 9.29 at 68 mph.

Saturday, May 6 - Gambler's Race
Through eight grueling rounds, one might easily place a bet on Mifflinburg's Rod Holtzapple to card win number one for his brand new Rinehart '68 Camaro 468, but three footbrake cars stood in his way.  For the uninitiated, onlookers may have thought '98 Hot Rod Trophy champ Joe Clark of Sunbury to be the least likely to carry the winner's check home, but he did just that.  Clark showed a new poise in his newly painted 360 Duster, and both the car and driver held up under the pressure of the final round, with a great .528 initiated 13.70 on a 13.70 at 100 mph.  Holtzapple tripped the beams second with a 9.36 on a 9.34 at 147 mph.  Heavy hitter Cliff Eicher and former Division 1 Stock Champ Billy Nees were the semi-finalists.

Friday, May 5 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Bill Dye chalked up win number one of the season in his potent '82 S-10 406 pickup from Milton, PA in the Top Street category.  Dye's .538-initiated 10.84 on a 10.84 dial-in at 126 mph just held on for the win as he pushed Lebanon's Cory Horst under by .006 with an 11.61 on an 11.62 at 114 mph from his '67 Firebird 455.  Mike Worthy and Michelle McGowan were the semi-finalists.

Mt. Pleasant Mills driver Terry Brouse has a stranglehold on the Street Stick class with his '87 Z-28 350.  Brouse picked up his second straight and third season victory with a 14.16 on a 14.00 at 90 mph.  Allenwood's Rod Lynch got caught on the starting line, and was forced to run out the back door to a too-quick 14.15 on a 14.20 at 99 mph.  Shane Bowersox was the lone semi-finalist.

In Street Automatic, the hot shoe from Lititz, Mike Pesarchik dominated for his first title of the year.  Pesarchik bested '99 Hot Rod Trophy champ Craig Poust of Selinsgrove in a double-breakout, running a closer 11.89 on an 11.90 at 115 mph with his 455-powered '87 Trans Am.  Poust ran out more with a 13.26 under a 13.29 with his '78 Nova 350 at 105 mph.  '99 and '98 Street Auto Champions Andy Ney and Lee Tressler shared the semi-final honors.

In Street Bike, Bill Maturo carded his second season victory aboard his '97 GSXR 600, and at the expense of returning AMA ProStar rider Dr. Rick Bunting.  Maturo ran a 12.28 on a 12.20 at 114 mph to make up his starting line deficit, while Bunting didn't voer the dial with an 11.11 on a 10.89 aboard his Northumberland based '98 Ninja ZX-6 600.  The two stunning 9-second Street Bike entries of Brian Glunt and Kerry Inman were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, April 30 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries - race #2
Lewistown's Bob Kauffman drove his '75 Camaro to a good win in Top ET over New Cumberland's Jerry Shaffer.  Kauffman's better reaction time gave him the room on top end to hold off Shaffer's S&W dragster for the win.  John Maxwell and Tom Youtzy were the semi-finalists.

Just two weeks after debuting his brand new Chevy S-10 Extreme Super Stock truck, Joe Scott returned from a disappointing outing at the NHRA National Event at Richmond, and turned his frown into grin for the former Winston Champion.  Scott, from Sunbury, nailed down his first win with the SS/TC entry in Modified ET, and captured the points lead at the same time.   The S-10 held off the charge of Will Leitch's Ornery Cuss Dart, from Loganton.  Doug Kline was the semi-finalist.

Ken Kauffman, Jr. of Newport made his mark in IHRA Bike, riding his '97 Ninja 1000 to the win over defending track champion Dave Carpenter.  Kauffman won the double-breakout affair as Carp's '85 Ninja ran further under the dial.     Dan Blazer, Jr. was the semi-finalist on his '99 Hayabusa.

Perennial hitter Dave Weaver of Middleburg struck his first blow of the season in Street Eliminator.   Weaver used a better reaction time in his 340 Duster to give himself room on top end against Levon Currie's State College based '89 Mustang.  Dan Baker took over the points lead on his semi-final showing, and Ken Thomas was the other semi-finalist.

In Hot Rod Trophy, Shane Bowersox was not going to take another runner-up, as he had settled for on Friday Night's race.  This time, the Selinsgrove native drove his '87 Mustang all the way to the stripe for the win light, taking out the '86 Capri of Altoona's Jamie Miller.  Annie Weaver was the semi-finalist.

Friday, April 28 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
Silencing any critics (like anyone could ever criticize the loveable guy), Derek Grubb smoked the competition once again in Top Street for his second season victory at the wheel of his '73 Datsun 240Z, powered by a turbo 3.8L Buick GN.  Grubb put away former class champion Ed Brady in the final round, thus definitely earning his laurels!  '99 Street Auto champ Andy Ney and '99 Top Street champ Kevin Moncavage were the semi-finalists.

The one-armed bandit of Street Stick also chalked up number two in the 2000 season.  Terry Brouse used a 'gate job' with his '87 Z-28 to put away challenger Shane Bowersox and his '87 Mustang.   Dustin Pauling collected the semi-finalist honors.

Mathew Norman earned his first Street Auto victory, against hot shoe Dave Miller from New Berlin.  The pair of '84 Camaros both left the starting line early, but Miller commited the first foul, leaving Norman with the win.   Points leader John Carper and Kris Kurzurs were the semi-finalists.

In Street Bike competition, Greg Reeder regained his points lead in his title defense by carding his second win of the season.  Reeder rode his new '00 GSXR to its first win, defeating a red-lighting Halifax rider Chris Sweigard.  Brandon Stacey was the lone semi-finalist.

Friday, April 21 & Sunday, April 23 -- Rained Out

Sunday, April 16 - IHRA Summit SuperSeries Opener
Young hot-shoe Jeff Krushinskie of Shamokin showed why he's a track champion, running his dragster down to the finals of Top ET in the season points opener of the IHRA Summit SuperSeries.   Krushinskie faced former track champion Jim Zimmerman's '70 Nova 468, and came out on top with an 8.82 on an 8.77 at 143 mph to Zimmerman's 10.16 on a 10.08 at 133 mph.  Stacey Shrawder fell in the semi-finals.

In Modified ET, Scott Smoley of Selinsgrove made his maiden voyage with his refurbished '73 Nova a rewarding one with a victory.  Smoley faced Sunbury's Bob Klock, the 1994 Heavy Champion in his 73 Challenger.  The Nova ran close enough to the dial-in with a 10.85 on a 10.80 at 125 mph, just enough to force Klock to run under by one thousandth of a second, an 11.949 on an 11.95 at 107 mph.  Roy Croll and Jason Derr were the semi-finalists.

Another set former champions faced off for a duel in the Street Eliminator finals.  Sunbury's Craig Poust, the '99 Hot Rod Trophy Champion took a double-breakout win with a 13.08 on a 13.10 at 106 mph from his '78 Nova 350.  Transplanted racer Michael Beard from Sandusky, OH drove through fuel problems with his '71 Duster 360 to reach his third consecutive final round and blast through the finish line at a too-quick 14.36 on a 14.40 at 75 mph.  Dale Rhoads and Jim Holland were the semi-finalists.

A full field of IHRA Bike competitors took the stage for the season opener on Sunday, but it was the same one who stole the show last year who cinched a win in 2000.  Defending Champion Dave Carpenter of Duncannon drove his '85 Ninja 1428 to a closer 9.31 on a 9.29 at 136 mph to make up the ground lost due to a great holeshot on the starting line by Beaver Springs' Dale "Shorty" Reichenbach.  dale did come up short, however, as his '78 Suzuki 1000 could only mustera 9.20 on a 9.09 at 140 mph.   Ken Kauffman, Jr and Jonathan Schlidt were the semi-finalists.

In Hot Rod Trophy, Pete Kane drove his sleek '87 Corvette 350 to a tough 12.76 on a 12.71 at 102 mph for the win over Cogan Station's Gene Switzer, who drove his '94 Firebird to a slowing 15.20 on a 14.95 at 95 mph.  Chris Warner was the lone semi-finalist.

In the first Sweitzer's Top Beaver showdown, featuring the winners of Top, Mod, Street, and Bike, Jeff Krushinskie came out on top, carding a .511 initiated 8.88 on an 8.75 at 154 mph to push Scott Smoley's Nova under to a 10.72 under a 10.78 at 126 mph.

Friday, April 14 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
While the field was still a stout one, it was the qualifiers on the bottom end of the Top Street contingent that were left in the final round of competition.  No. 7 qualifier Bud Buck of Muncy drove his '68 Chevelle 468 to a convincing win, carding a holeshot 11.00 on a 10.98 dial-in at 124 mph to take out defending Top Street Champion Kevin Moncavage of Atlas.  The 452 powered Aspen of Moncavage (No. 8 Qualifier) tripped the traps with a dead-on 11.28 at 120 mph, but was left behind on the starting line.  Todd Stiger and Ed Brady were the semi-finalists.

In Street Stick, frequent front-runner Lon Zimmerman did more than make his presence felt; He left with both his first win and the points lead.   Lon's Sunbury based '94 Mustang ran a 15.17 on a 15.10 at 93 mph, good enough to fend off another Street Stick hitter, Steve Shreckengast of Laurelton.  The other half of the all-Mustang battle posted a 14.08 on a 14.00 on the scoreboards at 102 mph for the runner-up honors.  Kristin Showers was the semi-finalist.

1999 Hot Rod Trophy Driver of the Year Brian Boyle didn't wait long to make his mark this season, marking a win under the Street Automatic column on Friday Night.  Boyle drove both ends of the track with a better reaction time and a .01-over 14.24 on a 14.23 at 88 mph by his '76 Cordoba from Middleburg.  Tony's Smith's Northumberland '93 Dakota V6 was on the receiving end, running a 17.39 on a 17.36 at 77 mph.

The Street Bike points shuffled around once again, this time at the hands of McClure's Darvin Snook.   Snook's '99 YZF-R1 1000 missed the dial-in with a 10.52 on a 10.38 at 138 mph, but it was close enough to force Marc Sweigard's bike from Halifax to run under with a 12.57 on a 12.80 dial at 103 mph.  Lee Worthy and Daryl Walter were the semi-finalists.

Friday, April 7 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
It may seem like a long time between wins, but Derek Grubb couldn't be happier.  The Huntingdon native drove his sleeper '73 Datsun 240Z, powered by a turbo Buick Grand National engine to the win in Top Street, in only the second race of the season.   Grubb ran close to his dial with a 10.66 on a 10.65 at 127 mph, leaving Hughesville's Todd Stiger with no room to drive his '86 Mustang 460 around him on top end.   Stiger did not cover his dial-in, running a 10.60 on a 10.50 at 132 mph.   Brian Smith and Rob Felegie were the semi-finalists.  Grubb leaves in a tie for first place with Smith in the early-going of the points battle.  Once again, the Top Street field was a stout one, with only one car qualifying outside of the 10-second zone, that of defending class Champion, Kevin Moncavage.

The one arm bandit strikes again!  It did not take long for two-time Street Stick Champion Terry Brouse of Mt. Pleasant Mills to find his stride and shift his way to his first 2000 win, single-handedly (literally!).  Brouse has consistently earned the respect of his peers, and this night he showed the Street Stick field the way to the winner's circle with a 13.86 on a 13.80 at 92 mph from his '87 Z-28 350.  John Marencic, the brother of last week's winner, drove his Hummelstown '95 Nissan 240SX 148 to a 16.69 on a 16.55 at 84 mph.  Lon Zimmerman made his strong semi-final showing two in a row.

Craig Jernigan sidelined his race-prepped Ranger for once, and drove his "farm truck" '84 Ranger 351W to his first eliminator win in Street Automatic.  The Lewisburg driver fought his way through a hoard of faster entries, and came out on top with an 18.10 on a 17.99 at 65 mph to defeat Shamokin Dam's Kevin Sholly. The 17.41 on a 17.03 at 77 mph posted by Sholly's '84 Thunderbird 302 took runner-up honors.  Josh Luther and Gene Switzer were the semi-finalists.

Harrisburg rider Bill Maturo was doing double-duty this Friday night, competing in both Street Auto and Street Bike.  While he fell in the first round with his truck in Street Auto, he took the measure of the Street Bike field to capture his first win of the season aboard his GSXR 600.    Scott Sizer of Beaver Springs took the runner-up honors with his '99 Kawasaki 900, leaving Brandon Stacey and Darvin Snook to collect the semi-finalist positions.

Friday, March 31 - Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
The inaugural Top Street field for the season held a high 10-second bump spot for the eight quickest street doorslammers, a stout field with many nearly heads-up matches.  In the end, Brian Smith of Muncy Valley held off the charge of Harrisburg's Ed Brady, the 1998 Top Street Champion.  Smith drove his '81 Monte Carlo 468 to a 10.75 on a 10.60 dial-in at 130 mph, and used a better reaction time to force Brady's '68 Camaro 355 under with a 10.32 on a 10.34 at 133 mph.   Joe Bryson and Derek Grubb were the semi-finalists.

First time finalist Scott Marencic of Hummelstown parked his Skylark in favor of his daily driver 122 cubic inch Colt Vista, and shifted his way to an 18.96 on an 18.95 dial at 70 mph for the Street Stick victory.  Marencic's better reaction time left no room for the State College based '98 Altima driven of Jason Lewis, who ran out with a 17.23 on a 17.52 at 81 mph.   Lon Zimmerman was the semi-finalist.

In Street Auto, a pair of stark white entries from the sixties looked right at home.  Montgomery's Elwood Bartlett wasted no time getting his '69 Impala 350 off the starting line and off to a winning 16.74 on a 16.90 at 84 mph, defeating Tyrone's John Carper in a double-breakout contest.  Carper ran his '67 Cuda 340 out to a 13.68 on a 13.85 at 103 mph.  Michael Fisher was the semi-finalist.

Picking up right where they left off last season, the two titans of Street Bike squared off in the final round.  Defending Street Bike Champion Greg Reeder began his title defense in fine fashion, using an 11.29 on an 11.30 at 123 mph from his Mount Union based '94 GSXR 1100 to hold off two-time Century Nationals Champion Chris Sweigard of Halifax.  Sweigard rode his '99 YZF-R1 1000 to a too-quick 10.84 on a 10.90 at 124 mph for the runner-up honors.  Bill Maturo was the semi-finalist.

Sunday, March 26 - All-run Gambler's Race #2
Two weekends of test and tune sessions and all-run Gambler's races are in the books.  Next weekend kicks off the Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing Series as well as the IHRA Summit Super Series points chase.  Michael Beard of Mifflinburg backed up last week's win with another victory, this time driving his '74 Duster 360.   Beard carded a 12.37 on a 12.36 at 100 mph for the win, letting Harrisburg's John Maxwell drive his '67 Camaro 355 around to a too quick 10.18 on a 10.21 at 132 mph.  Maxwell was the last remaining delay box car in the field, who won a close decision in the semi-finals against Bellefonte's Mike KitchenKen Kauffman, Jr. of Newport was the last remaining Bike entry, who lasted until the quarter-finals.

Sunday, March 19 - Opening Day, Gambler's Race
Beaver Springs Dragway kicked off the 2000 season with an all-run format Gambler's Race, with delay box, non-delay, and motorcycles running separately as long as possible.  The race features a $10 re-entry program, and $10 Loser's Insurance, which is good for re-entry up to the money rounds.  This format allows drivers to get a lot of runs on the track before the IHRA Summit Super Series starts the BSD points series in April.

Michael Beard from Mifflinburg, PA (in one of his few appearances before dashing off for Norwalk, Ohio) drove his father's new combination '71 Duster 360 to the Gambler's win through eight rounds of stiff competition.  Beard carded a 13.27 on a 13.25 dial-in at 100 mph to hold off sharp rider Chad Fultz, who rode his McClure, PA based '83 Suzuki 550 to a too-quick 11.12 on an 11.20 at 128 mph.   Middleburg, PA's Dave Weaver ran his new 340 Duster to a strong semi-final showing.   Carl Gerber's '72 Opel 355 was the last remaining delay box car, which fell in the 1/4-finals.

Reported by Michael Beard

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