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Beaver Springs Dragway is well known for being the home of some of the toughest racers in the Northeast Division, especially our Heavy hitters and killer Bikers. Come match up with the best!

See all the 1999 winners in the Eliminator Club, and don't forget to check the points standings for all classes, linked from the main page!   For photos and more information check out the Driver ProFiles section!

Sunday, October 31 - Jensen's Fall Mean Street Nationals
presented by Bodwalk's Service Center

Outlaw Pro Street may have seemed like a moot point, as race sponsor Andy Jensen covered the field with a stunning 7.84 @ 176.92 mph qualifying effort from his Nescopek based '67 Corvette 472 for the heads-up, .500 Pro Tree eliminations, but Jensen's dominance ended there, halted by a redlight in the opening round versus (#5) Ron Bodwalk's '70 Chevelle 500.  Instead, #3 qualifier James Houston of Upperco, MD took the win behind the wheel of his '64 Fairlane 380.  Houston drove to an 8.72 @ 155 mph win after Tim Horney (#4) of Lebanon redlighted with his '67 Camaro 432.  The remaining qualifiers were Ryan Finch (#2, 8.49), John Lumadue (#6, 9.57), Ed Brady (#7, 9.72), and Mark Brown holding down the bubble at a 9.809.  Finch and Bodwalk were the semi-finalists.

In the .500 Pro Tree handicap start Mean Street category, Lewistown's Tom Youtzy drove his '84 F150 350 pickup to an almost dominating victory, carding a 15.35 on a 15.34 at 89 mph in the final round.   Youtzy defeated Lebanon's Michael Horst, who ran his '73 Ventura 406 out to an 11.68 on an 11.60 at 116 mph.  Rich Houser and Tom Houseweart were the semi-finalists.

In the Gambler's race, Chris Sweigard showed his hot shoe isn't just on his bike, as he drove his Halifax based Mustang 5.0L to a great .504 initiated 13.13 on a 13.07 at 105 mph.  Sweigard's run was good enough to push out Sunbury's Jim Stover, who ran a too quick 12.44 under a 12.65 dial at 94 mph with his '66 Mustang 356.  Mike Capello was the lone semi-finalist.

Friday, October 28 - Final Friday Night Street Race

The drama ended early in the Top Street points battle as Newport's Michelle McGowan held off last year's champion Ed Brady in round one, giving the Top Street Championship to Kevin Moncavage of Atlas.  McGowan wasn't done, however, as she drove her '70 Sport Satellite 440 around Moncavage in the final, posting a double-breakout win with an 11.44 on an 11.49 at 119 mph, while Moncavage ran out more with an 11.19 on an 11.25 at 120 mph from his '79 Aspen 440.  Derek Grubb and Gary Orner were the semi-finalists.

There's no better way to bookend a season than with a second points championship, and a win on the final points day, and that's just what Terry Brouse did.  Brouse, affectionately known as the One Armed Bandit, proved that driving his stickshift '87 Z-28 Camaro 350 to one championship was no fluke, as he claimed his eighth eliminator win of the season.   Brouse used a 13.75 on a 13.70 at 101 mph to down John Troxell's Middleburg based 5.0 Mustang, who ran out with a 15.93 on a 16.14 at 82 mph.  Chris Shaffer was the lone semi-finalist.

In Street Automatic, Todd Hauser claimed his second win of the season with his Williamsport based '91 Mustang 302, running a close 13.08 on a 13.06 at 103 mph.  Hauser run was good enough to hold off the breakout pass by Mill Hall's Rich Houser, who carded a too-quick 12.45 on a 12.48 at 108 mph from his '74 Colt 440.  John Mishefski and Shane Arnsparger were the semi-finalists.

The juggernaut continued to roll in Street Bike, as Halifax native Chris Sweigard knocked down his stunning eighth win with his '99 YZF R-1 1000.   Sweigard ran a 10.76 on a 10.70 at 136 mph for the automatic win after McClure's Brandon Stacey redlighted aboard his '99 YZF R6 600, rand ran an 11.58 on an 11.45 at 119 mph.  Dave Wolfey and Street Bike Champion Greg Reeder were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, October 24

This Sunday was just a test-n-tune day, but we did hold a Gambler's Race for those in attendance.  For those you who are curious, Bike Champion Dave Carpenter from Duncannon won the race, defeating Terry White's Newport based Monte Carlo in the finals.

Friday, October 22 - rained out

Sunday, October 17 - All VW's "Bug Meet" - 1/8th mile

In the Top Dog eliminator, Gene Cook of Clear Spring, MD wheeled his '72 Bug 1835 to an 8.39 on an 8.08 victory at 71 mph after Bruce Ridgeway of Nokesville, VA rolled through the beams with his '72 Sedan 2160 and redlighted, negating a coasting 14.13 on a 6.90 dial.  Carl Kotch of Hazelton was the lone semi-finalist with his '88 Scirocco.

Bruce Ridgeway made his way into Top Dog by eliminating the Super Pro contingent, running a 7.41 on a 6.90 in the finals at just 72 mph after Larry Westmoreland of Gainesville, VA rolled through the beams to redlight with his '62 Bug, and ran a 6.87 on a 6.83 at 98 mph.  #1 Qualifier David Grayson of Middleburg, VA was the semi-finalist in his mid 5-sec '98 Dragster 2300.

Gene Cook had to tangle with a large field of Pro Eliminator cars to make the Top Dog race.  Cook took the Pro win with an 8.12 on an 8.08 at 78 mph, topping the 7.80 on a 7.70 posted by Elkridge, MD's Fred Sartwell and his '65 Bug 2388.  James Boone of Clinton, MD was the semi-finalist with his '68 Bug 2332.

Modified Street was won by Carl Kotch and his Hazelton based '88 Scirocco.  Kotch ran a 10.76 on a 10.80 at 65 mph, good enough to force a breakout by Grinsby, OH's Dave French, who carded a too-quick 9.96 under a 10.00 at 65 mph.  703LB was the semi-finalist.

The VW Gambler's race was won by James Sartwell II of Severn, MD.  Sartwell drove his '64 Bug to an 8.95 on an 8.80 victory at 72 mph, taking out Philadelphia's Cephus Acolatse, who ran off with a 7.55 on a 6.99 at 93 mph with his '66 Bug.  Sean Dowdle of Seabrook, MD and Tim Vinkuns of Binghamton, NY were the semi-finalists.

Friday, October 15

Steve Nye broke through the tough Top Street field with his Newburg based '67 Camaro 355 for a good win.  Nye ran a 10.94 on a 10.81 at 122 mph to take out Harrisburg's Art Rhodes and his '80 Camaro 350, who ran out with a 10.61 under a 10.88 at 130 mph.  Kevin Moncavage and Jay Trivelpiece were the semi-finalists.

Jeremy Hoffmaster could be the next hot ticket in Street Stick.  The Millmont youngster made another final round with his '88 Mustang 5.0L, and stuck a win in his column with a double-breakout 13.94 on a 13.95 at 96 mph.   Hoffmaster defeated another multi-time finalist, Mike Rowe of Selinsgrove and his '87 Mustang 302, running out to a 15.09 on a 15.18 at 91 mph.  Linn Braniff and Gary Orner were the semi-finalists.

In Street Bike competition, Greg Reeder returned to the winner's circle.  Reeder rode his '94 GSXR 1100 to an 11.31 on an 11.20 at 124 mph, defeating Wesley Campbell's Duncannon based '98 Katana, who ran a 14.13 on a 14.00 at 99 mph.  Jerry Harris and Marc Sweigard were the semi-finalists.

Williamsport's Todd Hauser took the Street Automatic title, driving his '91 Mustang 302 to a 13.08 on a 12.96 with a great .516 reaction time.   Tom Brady gave the win up at the starting line with a redlight and off-pace 12.28 on an 11.95 at 112 mph  Bill Silks and Andy Ney were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, October 3 -
Sweitzer's Performance Top Gun
Gemini Enterprises Bosch .500 Club

In the all-run $1,000 Eliminator, Jill Aurand of Beaver Springs continued her hot streak at the wheel of her '74 Dart Sport 360, once again facing Ron Shrom of Bowmansville in the finals.  Aurand's .509 and 10.85 on a 10.83 at 124 mph was too much for Shrom's East End Speed '75 Monza 383, running a 10.13 on a 10.08 after a redlight start.  Jason Waldron was the semi-finalist.

Heavy Eliminator Champion Dale Rhoads of Middleburg added another .500 Club Championship to his string of accomplishments as he faced New Columbia's Jeff Edinger in the finals of the Bosch Eliminator.  Rhoads ran a dead-on 12.50 at 109 mph with his trusty '66 Mustang 302, taking Edinger's 12.00 on an 11.99 at 108 mph from his '70 Dart 360 through the finish line by just a .003 margin of victory.  John Maxwell and Dave Weaver were the semi-finalists.

Mifflinburg's Michael Beard won an unprecedented third Sweitzer's Top Gun Championship, meeting Super Eliminator Champion John Simbeck in the finals.  Beard slowed to a 12.28 on a 12.23 at 106 mph with his '74 Duster 360 to beat out Simbeck's '69 Cuda 340, which ran a 9.80 on a 9.77 at 135 mph for a .005 margin of victory.  Jeff Edinger and Tom Chamberlin were the semi-finalists.

Friday, October 1 - Fall Century Nationals

Ed Brady of Harrisburg captured the win in Top Street, behind the wheel of his hot '67 Camaro 355, carding a holeshot 10.39 on a 10.34 at 123 mph.   Brady's run was too much for Shane Brehm's Hollidaysburg based '69 Nova 350, who ran a closer 11.64 on an 11.60 at 117 mph.  Jay Trivelpiece and Bill Dye were the semi-finalists.

Terry Brouse won Street Stick among the Century Nationals qualifiers, running a 13.90 on a 13.85 at 94 mph in his Mt. Pleasant Mills '87 Z-28 350.   Brouse defeated the 14.01 on a 13.93 at 102 mph turned in by Millmont's Jeremy Hoffmaster and his '88 Mustang 5.0L.  Jim Stover was the semi-finalist.

In a battle of the titans, Jim Bower knocked off Andy Nye in 100 MPH Club Street Automatic, driving his '84 Mustang 355 to a 13.98 on a 13.92 at 100 mph, taking down the 13.39 on a a13.28 at 104 mph posted by Nye's '82 S-10 327.   Bruce Dunlap was the semi-finalist.

Chris Sweigard was the class of the field on his Halifax based '97 ZX7R 750, using consecutive .505, .508, and .509 reaction times and an 11.01 on a 10.96 at 115 mph in the finals to capture the Street Bike win.  Greg Reeder of Mt. Union rode his '94 GSXR 1100 to an 11.45 on an 11.40 at 123 mph for runner-up honors.   Dave Wolfley was the semi-finalist.

The Century Nationals Champion was determined by a runoff among the four 100 MPH Club Eliminator winners.  Chris Sweigard downed Ed Brady in the opening round while Jim Bower won a tight race with Terry Brouse, leading to a Street Bike and Street Auto matchup.  Sweigard defended his Summer Century Nationals title with a .499 initiated 11.02 on a 10.96 at 130 mph after Bower left first with a .470 redlight to waste a 13.95 on a 13.92 at 100 mph.

In the non-qualifiers Street Stick category, Tony Wells won with his '91 Mustang 302 and Jeff Campbell won Street Auto non-qualifiers with his '70 El Camino.

Friday, September 24

Jim Stover crushed the Top Street field with his stickshift '66 Mustang from Sunbury.  Stover ran a dead-on 11.79 at 118 mph to dispose of Bud Buck's game 10.62 on a 10.60 at 130 mph from his Muncy based '68 Chevelle 468.  Kevin Moncavage was the semi-finalist.

Defending Street Stick Champion Terry Brouse of Mt. Pleasant Mills returned to the winner's circle, driving his trusty '87 Z-28 350 to a close 13.99 under a 14.00 at 98 mph.  Brouse picked up the automatic win after Selinsgrove's Mike Rowe redlighted with his '87 Mustang 302.  Rowe ran his pass out to a 15.67 on a 15.35 at 92 mph.  Jeremy Hoffmaster was the semi-finalist.

Mark James of Mt. Union nailed down a win in Street Bike with a killer .505 light to back up his 10.78 on a 10.70 dial at 135 mph aboard his '99 Ninja 900.  Chris Sweigard of Halifax handed James the win at the start with a .490 redlight, and ran out to a 10.67 on a 10.70 at 135 mph.  Brandon Stacey was the lone semi-finalist.

(Sorry... Street Automatic results sheets were garbled... After round 3, Jim Bower, Dave Miller, Andy Ney and Jeff Campbell were left in competition... if you have the final outcome of these matchups, please e-mail me at  Thanks!)

Sunday, September 19 - Final IHRA ET Series Points

The battle came down to the titans, as any good story should end.  Bob Kauffman of Lewistown won the battle with a 9.21 on his 9.20 dial at 148 mph from his '75 Camaro 432, but State College's John Simbeck won the war with his runner-up effort, good enough to successfully stave off the competition and claim his first Super Eliminator Championship.  Simbeck ran under with a 9.81 on a 9.82 at 138 mph with his '69 Cuda 340.  John Maxwell was the semi-finalist.

Beaver Springs' Jill Aurand earned her first win with her '74 Dart Sport 360 in Pro ET, using a close 10.94 on a 10.93 at 122 mph to push under Bowmansville's Ron Shrom to a 10.13 on a 10.15 at 132 mph at the wheel of his '75 Monza 383.  John Iacavone and T136 were the semi-finalists.

In Heavy Eliminator, Jeff Edinger ended the points season with a victory from his New Columbia "Hare Raising" '70 Dart 340.  Dinger ran a .505 initiated 12.17 on a 12.12 at 108 mph to defeat first time finalist Stephen Beard of Milton.  Beard carded a dead-on 14.65 with his '67 Sport Fury 440 for the runner-up honors.  Billy Nees and Michael Beard were the semi-finalists.

Dave Carpenter earned the IHRA Bike Championship by punctuating the points chase end with a win aboard his Duncannon '85 Ninja 1428.   Carp ran a 9.67 on a 9.57 at 117 mph for the win as Duncannon's Bob Rhoades slowed to a 9.74 on a 9.46 at 136 mph on his '90 Ninja 1428.  Jonathan Schlidt was the lone semi-finalist.

In Hot Rod Trophy, John Watson of Mifflinburg drove his '87 Grand National 231 to a winning 15.63 on a 15.58 at 91 mph.  Watson defeated hot driver Clint Struble of Millmont in his '72 Cuda 340 after he redlighted away a 14.38 on a 14.35 at 97 mph.  Larry Shelow was the semi-finalist.

In the IHRA Gambler's competition, Montgomery's Brian Vollman wheeled his hard-leaving '47 Taunus 351 to the win, ripping off a .508 initiated 10.21 on a 10.14 at 129 mph to turn back the 10.93 on a 10.84 at 126 mph posted by Linglestown's Roy Croll and his '68 Camaro 402.  Dean Mowery was the semi-finalist.

Blase Raia of Altoona took a single for the Junior Dragster win with an 11.02 on a 10.63 at 57 mph

Friday, September 17

Frequent Top Street qualifier Bill Dye of Milton drove his '82 S-10 400 to a good win, taking out last week's runner up, Derek Grubb of Huntingdon.   Dye carded an 11.01 on a 10.89 at 123 mph with a psychic .509 reaction time, while Grubb redlighted away an 11.05 on a 10.95 at 126 mph with his '73 Datsun 240Z 3.8L.   Joe Bryson and Frank Bello were the semi-finalists.

In what seemed to be the "Mustang Eliminator", Jeremy Hoffmaster came out on top to claim the Street Stick trophy, driving his Millmont based '88 Mustang 5.0L  Hoffmaster tripped the traps with a 13.99 on a 13.95 at 96 mph, good enough to hold off hitter Tony Wells' 14.40 on a 14.30 at 95 mph from his Sunbury '91 Mustang 302.  Bryan Klinger and Ryan Noss were the semi-finalists.

Last week's big names were back again in Street Automatic, this time with Millmont's Clint Struble taking the win with his '72 Cuda 340.   Struble ran a close 14.37 on a 14.36 dial at 97 mph to force New Berlin's Dave Miller to run under with a 14.44 on a 14.49 at 92 mph from his '84 Camaro 355.  Tom Wagner was the semi-finalist.

Chris Sweigard continues to make his presence felt in Street Bike as he knocked down another win aboard his Halifax based '97 ZX7R 750.  Sweigard ran a 10.96 on a 10.95 at 130 mph to take the automatic win after Chad Fultz redlighted aboard his McClure '83 Suzuki 550, and ran off with an 11.71 on an 11.32 at 116 mph.   Darvin Snook was the lone semi-finalist.

Sunday, September 12

The Bratton and Weaver team scored a victory in Super Eliminator with their '71 Nova 502, carding a great 9.50 on a 9.49 at 146 mph.  Gary Fogelman of McAlisterville took runner-up honors with a 9.90 breakout at 138 mph under his 9.95 dial with his '67 Camaro 427.  Scott Reichenbach was the semi-finalist.

Roy Croll left his mark on the Pro ET field with a killer dead-on 10.88 at 123 mph from his Linglestown based '68 Camaro 402.  Ken Stover made a good run for the money with his '72 Nova 350, but came up short with an 11.46 on an 11.43 at 119 mph.  Mike Kitchen was the lone semi-finalist.

Millmont's Cliff Eicher made a great late-season charge in the points, helped by a convincing win in Heavy Eliminator with his '69 Chevelle 355.   Eicher ran a 12.39 on a 12.38 at 110 mph to defeat Mifflinburg's Michael Beard, whose .497 redlight negated an off-pace 15.97 on a 15.89 at 87 mph from his '85 Turismo 2.2L.  Rich Houser was the semi-finalist.

In IHRA Bike competition, Bill Dippery of Lewistown took the measure of Duncannon's Dave Carpenter.  Dippery ran a fantastic .519 initiated 9.51 on a 9.50 at 134 mph.  Carpenter ran out the back door with a 9.49 on a 9.57 at 138 mph.  Bob Rhoades was the semi-finalist.

Dave Weaver of Middleburg drove his Mixed Emotions '71 Charger 360 to the Gambler's title over Dauphin's Scott Mertz, running a 13.13 on a 12.90 to the red-lighting 12.62 on a 12.58 from Mertz's '32 Coupe 440.  Jason Weaver was the semi-finalist.

In Hot Rod Trophy, Mike "Pipes" Alexander of Lewistown drove his Plymouth Satellite to an 11.51 over an 11.46 victory at 120 mph, topping the 15.07 on a 15.10 at 91 mph laid down by Middleburg's Brian Boyle.  Ken Thomas was the semi-finalist.

Friday, September 10

Chalk one up for Huntingdon's Derek Grubb!  Derek's super-sleeper '73 Datsun 240Z 3.8L took the Top Street title with a solid 11.15 on an 11.10 at 113 mph, taking out Newburg's Steve Nye and his '67 Camaro 355, who covered his dial-in with an 11.01 on a 10.95 at 125 mph.  Ed Brady and Frank Bello were the semi-finalists.

Top runner in Street Bike Dave Wolfley of Beaver Springs added a win to his column aboard his '98 Suzuki 1000.  Wolfley used a 12.24 on a 12.14 at 109 mph to down Dalmatia's Wayne Wiest, who ran under with an 11.26 on an 11.58 at 113 mph aboard his '96 GSXR 1100.  Chris Sweigard and Chad Fultz were the semi-finalists.

While he just missed the bump in Top Street, that wasn't going to stop Sunbury's Jim Stover from taking home a trophy.  Stover drove his cool '66 Mustang 356 to the victory in Street Stick with an 11.82 on an 11.75 at 115 mph.   Tony Wells of Sunbury gave the race to Stover at the start with a close .495 redlight, and a 14.35 on a 14.30 at 97 mph with his '91 Mustang 302.  Alisa Gemberling and Chris Shaffer were the semi-finalists.

Killer up-and-comer Jim Bower powered his way to another victory in Street Automatic, driving his 355 Chevy backed '84 Mustang.  Bower won the double breakout with a closer 13.88 on a 13.92 at 101 mph, while Millmont's Clint Struble ran under more with a 14.44 on a 14.53 at 96 mph from his '72 Cuda 340.  Dave Miller and Willis Witmer were the semi-finalists.

Sunday & Monday (Sept. 5-6) rained out

Saturday, September 4

Visiting racer Buddy Wilson made his trip from Monrovia, MD all worthwhile by scoring the win in Super Eliminator.  Wilson trimmed the tree with a .519 light and ran a dead-on 9.43 at 142 mph, good enough to hold of the 9.87 on a 9.84 at 139 mph charge by points leader John Simbeck of State College in his '69 Barracuda 340.  Tom Youtzy and John Maxwell were the semi-finalists.

In Pro Eliminator, Ron Shrom chalked up another win at the wheel of his East End Speed '75 Monza 383.  The Bowmansville driver ran a 10.19 on a 10.16 at 128 mph to defeat Green Castle's Bill Smith, who ran out with a 10.03 on a 10.04 at 134 mph with his '68 Camaro 468.  Roy Croll was the semi-finalist.

Dave Weaver made the biggest move of the weekend, winning Heavy Eliminator with a .518 initiated dead-on 12.87 at 105 mph from his Middleburg based '71 Charger 360.  Benton's Tom Houseweart fouled in the finals, easing through to a 12.63 on a 12.52 at 99 mph at the wheel of his '73 Nova 350.  Ron Delcamp was the semi-finalist.   Weaver completed his bid for the $1,000 Footbrake Nationals title by taking a red-light victory of Ron Shrom in the Pro-Heavy Shootout.

Wallestown native Steve Francisko took home the check in the Hot Rod Trophy, driving his '78 Trans Am 400 to a 14.81 on a 14.68 at 86 mph.  New Columbia's Dan Baker red-lighted in the finals, and his '68 Firebird slowed to an easy 13.88 on a 13.32 at 75 mph.  Jim Bower and 920SN were the semi-finalists.

Blaise Raia of Altoona won the Junior Dragster title with an 11.10 on a 10.84 at 49 mph, taking out the 12.53 on a 12.23 of JR#257.

Veteran racer Nick Nash of Coal Township won the MANDRA Nostalgia race with a 10.27 on a 10.10 at 125 mph from his venerable '23 Ford roadster 355, defeating the 10.55 on a 10.56 run-under at 128 mph by Gregg Grubel's Port Clinton based '51 Chevy 455.  Carl Mease was the semi-finalist in his '65 Plymouth 340.

Tim Riggleman took the win in Pro Stick with his awesome 405 small block '91 Daytona from Berkley, VA.  Riggleman ran an 8.47 on an 8.42 at 163 mph to turn back Eric Kitchen's too quick 10.15 on a 10.16 at 133 mph from his 478 powered '69 Chevelle.  Howard Almony and James Houston were the semi-finalists.

Friday, September 3

Beaver Springs Dragway kicked off the Labor Nationals weekend with a stellar field of Friday Night Street Racers, including a tough field of Top Street entries with a mid 11-sec. bump spot.  When the dust settled, it was Berwick's Frank Bello who came away with top honors, winning a double-breakout with a 10.52 on a 10.54 at 129 mph from his '67 Camaro.  Ed Brady made a good move in the points with his '68 Camaro 355, seettling for runner-up with a 10.40 on a 10.45 at 134 mph.  Kevin Moncavage and Dan Mosey were the semi-finalists.

Steve Shreckengast broke through for his first Street Stick win with his '85 Mustang 302.  The Millmont driver carded a 15.01 on a 14.80 at 85 mph to defeat top runner Tony Wells of Sunbuury, who ran a 15.09 on a 14.60 at 95 mph with his '91 Mustang 302.  Jim Stover was the semi-finalist.

In Street Automatic, Jim Bower bumps into the Top 5 in points with his second victory of the season with his 355 powered '84 Mustang from Williamsport.   Bower ran a close 13.89 on a 13.90 at 101 mph, taking the automatic win after James Long of Fannettsburg red-lighted with his 351W '80 Mustang, and ran out with a 12.35 on a 12.70 at 111 mph.  Bob Mountain and Andy Ney were the semi-finalists.

Taking his second straight win of the season was McClure's Darvin Snook riding his '99 FZR 1000.  Snook ran a 10.76 on a 10.60 at just 117 mph to defeat Beaver Springs' Scott Sizer, who ran off with an 11.88 on an 11.73 at 114 mph.   Dave Wolfley and Greg Reeder were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, August 29

Brian Weaver continued his hot streak from last week with a win in the Scott's Transmission Fast 4 series, carding a killer .503 initiated 9.49 over a 9.48 at 142 mph from the Bratton & Weaver '71 Nova 502.  Bob Kauffman was on the receiving end, but had a close .491 foul and dead-on 9.27 at 146 mph for the runner-up honors.  Scott Reichenbach and Andrew Charcalla were the semi-finalists.

John Maxwell of Harrisburg stopped Weaver's charge in the Super Eliminator finals, however, running a 10.22 on a 10.18 at 131 mph for the win after Weaver fouled away a 9.59 on a 9.49 at 141 mph.  Tom Youtzy was the semi-finalist.

Fast-rising Doug Kline of Beaver Springs drove his street-legal '68 Roadrunner to a close victory over series Pro ET points leader Tom Chamberlin of Hollidaysburg.  With .510 and .512 respective reaction times, Kline took the victory with an 11.13 on an 11.12 at 123 mph, forcing Chamberlin under by .002 with an 11.00 on an 11.01 at 123 mph from his '79 Monza 355.  Roy Croll and Will Leitch were the semi-finalists.

John Troxell of Middleburg returned to the winner's circle soon after returning to Beaver Springs Dragway, wheeling his '78 Fairmont 302 to a 13.12 on a 13.15 at 101 mph double-breakout victory over Cliff Eicher of Millmont.  Eicher red-lighted with a .491 at the start, and run under with a 12.51 on a 12.56 at 108 mph.   Dale Rhoads was the lone semi-finalist.  In the Pro-Heavy Shootout, Troxell took the automatic win once again after Kline fouled at the start.

Long-time BSD supporter John Watson captured the Hot Rod Trophy title with his Mifflinburg based Buick, running a close 15.72 on a 15.70 at 90 mph to defeat points leader Craig Poust.  Poust ran his '78 Nova 350 from Selinsgrove to a 13.42 on a 13.50 at 100 mph, but fouled at the start.  Michelle McGowan was the semi-finalist.

In IHRA Gambler's competition, Ken Stover took the win with an 11.88 on an 11.83 at 113 mph from his Warrior's Mark '72 Nova 350 after Middleburg's Dave Weaver fouled with his '71 Charger 360.  Weaver ran his pass out to a 12.95 on a 12.93 at 104 mph.

Saturday, August 28 - Jensen's Summer Mean Street Nationals

It couldn't be more fitting for this race than to have its founder and the Master of Going Faster himself, Andy Jensen bring home the big trophy.   Jensen drove his new for this season '67 Corvette 472 to a 7.86 at 176 mph in the Outlaw Pro Street final, downing Smithmill's Ryan Finch and his impressive '69 Camaro 572, which carded an 8.63 at 138 mph.  Tim Horney and Jeff Bitting were the semi-finalists.  Jensen qualified #1 with a 7.86 (with ET's only varying one hundredth during eliminations!), followed by Ryan Finch, Jake Brennemen, Tim Horney, Jeff Bitting, Tim Deitrich, Dan Mosey and Ron Bodwalk rounding out the Quick 8 with a 9.89 bump spot.

In the Mean Street field, veteran Friday Night Street Racer Charlie Klauger drove his Weikert based Buick to a convincing win, turning in a .514 initiated 12.73 on a 12.68 at 105 mph, defeating Summer Century Nationals Champion Chris Sweigard

Friday, August 27

Although he had to wait through two weeks of inclement weather causing rainouts, Ed Brady won races back to back, this one his fourth of the season in Top Street Eliminator.  Brady ran his Harrisburg based '68 Camaro 355 to a 10.70 on a 10.58 at 120 mph to pull within four rounds of the points leader Kevin Moncavage, defeating Montgomery's Joe Bryson in the finals.  Bryson ran a 10.86 on a 10.80 at 115 mph.  Charlie Klauger of Weikert was the semi-finalist.

In Street Stick competition, Port Royal's Colby Piper impressed with his second victory of the season with his '89 Daytona 2.5L to shoot up into the Top 10.  Piper used a 19.35 on a 19.30 at 71 mph to down points leader and defending champion Terry Brouse, who could only muster a 14.16 on a 13.90 at 100 mph from his Mt. Pleasant Mills '87 Z-28 350.  Chris Wagner and Jason McGreary were the semi-finalists.

David Ricker of Harrisburg is a new name to the winner's scorecard in Street Automatic.  Ricker's '66 Chevy II 358 ran an 11.74 on an 11.55 at 117 mph for the win after points leader Andy Ney red-lighted with his '82 S-10 327.   Gene Switzer was the semi-finalist.

Although he's solidly in 2nd place in Street Bike points, it's surprising to note that this weekend counts as Darvin Snook's first eliminator win of 1999.  Snook road his McClure based '99 YZF-R1 to a winning 10.62 over a 10.60 at 136 mph, as Brandon Stacey fouled away an 11.41 on an 11.38 at 125 mph, riding his McClure '84 Honda 500.  Chad Fultz was the semi-finalist.

Sunday, August 22

The Bratton and Weaver team picked up the Super Eliminator win with their '71 Nova 502 from McVeytown, gunning down class ace Bob Kauffman of Lewistown.  Weaver carded a 9.50 on a 9.49 at 136 mph to holeshot the 9.38 on a 9.37 at 147 mph laid down by Kauffman's '75 Camaro 432.  Tom Youtzy was the semi-finalist.

Ron Shrom made good use of the re-entry program, piloting his Bowmansville based '75 Monza 383 to the victory in Pro ET.  Shrom used consectuive lights of a perfect .500 and then a .501 in the final against Bellefonte's Mike Kitchen.  Shrom turned a 10.21 on a 10.18 at 130 mph for the win against the closer 11.41 on an 11.40 at 120 mph by Kitchen's '81 Mustang 460.  Doug Kline was the semi-finalist.

Two of the top heavy hitters met in the Heavy Eliminator final, #3 ranked Dave Weaver and likely champion Dale Rhoads, both of Middleburg.  The two left with only two thousandths of a second separating them at the starting line, and ended with only one thousandth at the finish!   Weaver ran a closer 12.815 on a 12.82 at 105 mph with his '71 Charger 360, while the '66 Mustang 302 of Rhoads ran out more with a 12.664 on a 12.67 at 109 mph.   Mulit-time Heavy Champion Brad Adams made his return to the Beaver with a semi-final showing.

Don Kahler topped the IHRA Bike field with his Sunbury based '81 Suzuki 1238, using an 11.44 on a 11.38 at 113 mph to take out Herndon's Tony Julio, who ran a 10.15 on a 9.83 at 134 mph with his '78 Suzuki 1238.  Scott Stilo was the semi-finalist.

In Hot Rod Trophy, Dan Baker broke through for his first class win of the a season, running a 13.33 on a 13.23 at 96 mph with his '68 Firebird 455.  John Willis of McClure took runner-up honors with an off-pace 13.26 on a 12.56 at 103 mph from his '85 S-10 383.  Craig Poust was the semi-finalist.

In Junior Dragster competition, Samantha Ressler got the best of her brother Nick Ressler, running an 11.02 on an 11.10 at 65 mph for the win.   Nick red-lighted at the start, and ran his pass out to an 18.13 on an 18.20 at 32 mph.

Michael Beard won his second Gambler's title of the year with his '74 Duster 360 from Mifflinburg, running a 12.39 on a 12.36 at 105 mph.  Ken Stover of Warriors Mark took the runner-up honors with an 11.74 on an 11.73 at 115 mph from his '72 Nova 350.  Jim Holland was the semi-finalist.

In the Mopar Eliminator, Michelle McGowan of Newport took her first big win with the '70 Satellite 440, carding an 11.71 on an 11.63 at 118 mph, defeating Rich Schultz of St. Mary's when he red-lighted with his '68 Dart 520.  Schultz ran his pass out to an 11.02 on a 10.95 at 123 mph.

Sunday, August 15

The string has finally been broken.  Points leader John Simbeck took out Bob Kauffman in round two of the J&D Trucking/Class 1 Transport BAD 8 series.  Simbeck was then downed by eventual Super Eliminator winner Gary Gettig, with a losing .506 and .019 off 9.84 at 136 mph to Gettig's .512 and .011 over at 133 mph.   Kauffman and Dave Bratton, Sr. were the semi-finalists of BAD 8.  Gettig drove his Bellefonte based '71 Camaro 468 to a .02-over 10.12 at 133 mph to defeat Mt. Gretna's Scott Reichenbach and his '91 S&W altered 468, who redlighted away an 8.43 on an 8.40 at 159 mph.  Wes McCracken was the semi-finalist.

Pro ET points leader Tom Chamberlin helped his cause with his sixth season victory at the wheel of his Hollidaysburg '79 Monza 355.  Chamberlin carded a dead-on 10.990 on a 10.99 at 124 mph to force Loganton's Will Leitch (#2 in Pro points) under with a 10.83 on a 10.86 at 125 mph.  Tim Brumbaugh and Faron Rhoads were the semi-finalists.

Michael Beard of Mifflinburg made it two in a row in Heavy Eliminator, driving his '74 Duster 360.  Billy Nees and Cliff Eicher were the semi-finalists, as Dave Weaver of Middleburg battled Pro winner Chamberlin for runner-up honors with a .03 off 12.91 to Chamberlin's 11.01 on a 10.99.  Beard advanced on an earned bye to meet Chamberlin in the Pro-Heavy shootout final.  Chamberlin nailed a .510 and 11.03 on an 11.01 at 124 mph, while Beard let the Monza take the win light by .001 with a .523 initiated 12.40 on a 12.39 at 107 mph.

Ron Shrom scored in Gambler's, running a 10.17 on a 10.18 at 131 mph with his Bowmansville '75 Monza 383, taking out Beaver Springs' Doug Kline, who carded an 11.22 on an 11.17 at 124 mph with his '68 Roadrunner 440.  John Breon and Jim Holland were the semi-finalists.

Bill Dye defeated former Street Eliminator Champion John Sheaffer in Hot Rod Trophy, and Don Kahler picked up the win in IHRA Bike over a red-lighting Tony Julio.

Friday, August 13 - rainout

Sunday, August 8 - rainout

Friday, August 6

Last year's Top Street Champion Ed Brady has not given up the chase with points leader Kevin Moncavage.  Brady won this Friday Night's event with his '68 Camaro 355 from Harrisburg. while Moncavage missed the quick bump spot by just a few hundredths of second.  Brady used a 9.70 on a 9.65 at 142 mph to defeat Tyrone's Bruce Dunlap, who red-lighted his chances away, negating an 11.72 on an 11.68 at 117 mph from his '73 Vega 355  Joe Bryson and Mike McCracken were the semi-finalists.

In Street Stick, Mike Cunningham of Altoona won the all-Ford battle, driving his '79 Fairmont to a 14.68 on a 14.70 at 96 mph. Top contender Shane Bowersox of Selinsgrove had to settle for a runner-up in his '87 Mustang, losing the double-breakout with a too quick 14.24 on a 14.27 at 98 mph.  Doug Stringer was the semi-finalist.

Dave Miller worked his way through a huge field of Street Automatic cars for a great win from his New Berlin based '84 Camaro 355.  Miller carded a 14.79 on a 14.75 at 93 mph to take down another '84 Camaro 355, that of Ron Rowe from Hummels Warf, who ran an off pace 13.42 on a 13.30 at 106 mph  Jim Bower was the semi-finalist.

McClure native Chad Fultz made good in the Street Bike category, taking a close win over Altoona's Brian Glunt in the final round.  Fultz rode his '83 Suzuki 550 to a 15.14 on a 15.10 at 93 mph to hold off Glunt, who ran a 10.44 on a 10.34 at 137 mph on his GSXR.  Jerry Harris and Darvin Snook were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, August 1

Oh,... that Bob Kauf.... what, again?  Although a .498 redeye broke his round win streak, Bob Kauffman's Lewistown based Camaro carried on through the re-entry program to notch his fourth consecutive Super eliminator title, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since Harv Philaumlee's streak in the 1980's.   Kauffman used a 9.38 on a 9.34 at 140 mph to turn back the holeshot but off-pace 10.61 on a 10.54 at 129 mph carded by Lewistown's Tom Youtzy in his '64 Falcon 392.   151D and John Simbeck were the semi-finalists.

A new face graced the winner's circle in Pro ET, that of hot shoe Bill Smith of Green Castle.  Smith ran dead-on his 10.26 dial at 127 mph at the wheel of his '68 Camaro 468, taking out Ron Shrom's '75 Monza 383, whose holeshot advantage was erased by a slowing 10.32 on a 10.26 at 129 mph.  Tom Chamberlin was the semi-finalist.

In Heavy Eliminator, Michael Beard of Mifflinburg chalked up his fifth season victory with his '74 Duster 360, running a 12.47 on a 12.51 at 110 mph.   Middleburg's Dale Rhoads red-lighted with his '66 Mustang 302, wasting a 12.80 on a 12.79 at 107 mph.  Rich Houser and Bill Raia were the semi-finalists.  Beard won the Pro-Heavy shootout with Bill Smith, with both drivers running dead-on their 12.47 and 10.23 respective dials.

Tony Julio of Herndon rode his '78 Suzuki GS to the win in IHRA Bike with a 10.04 on a 10.00 at 133 mph, while Dennis Dreisbach fouled away an 11.11 on a 10.98 at 120 mph with his Millmont based '98 Bandit.  Don Kahler was the semi-finalist.

Joe Jentile took top honors in Hot Rod Trophy, driving his '70 Cutlass 468.  Jentile ran a great 12.89 on a 12.88 at 104 mph to take a close one over Alan Ducasse from Hastings and his '80 Monte Carlo, turning a 12.68 on a 12.65 at 109 mph.  John Watson was the semi-finalist.

Blaise Raia took a single for the Junior Dragster title with a 10.74 on a 10.53 at 60 mph.

Gary Fogelman won the Gambler's race with his '67 Camaro 427, parlaying a .515 light with a 10.31 on a 10.19 dial at 124 mph to defeat Jill Aurand of Beaver Springs, who carded an 11.13 on an 11.09 at 121 mph from her '74 Dart Sport 360.   Brian Boyle and Roy Croll were the semi-finalists. 

Friday, July 30 - rained out

Sunday, July 25

Oh,... that Bob Kauffman hot streak?  Have I said this before?  Chalk up number five for the season folks, and a springboard into the second position in points with a 9.35 on a 9.32 at 143 mph from his '75 Camaro 432, defeating the points leader John Simbeck, who carded a 10.00 on a 9.95 at 137 mph with his State College based '69 Barracuda 340.

Pro ET points leader Tom Chamberlin bounced back with his Hollidaysburg '79 Monza 355, using a dead-on 11.13 at 123 mph initiated by a .519 to pick up his fifth season victory.  Chamberlin's run stopped Linglestown's Roy Croll and his '68 Camaro 402, who had a very good .524 and 11.06 on an 11.05 at 126 mph.

After going winless for most of the season, projected Heavy champ Dale Rhoads scored his second straight win with his Middleburg '66 Mustang 302.   Rhoads carded a 12.80 on a 12.79 at 107 mph to beat out Jeff Edinger's '70 Dart 360 from New Columbia, running off to a 12.46 on a 12.42 at 105 mph.  Dennis Mull and John Mishefski were the semi-finalists.

In Hot Rod Trophy, Banks Miller picked up another win with his Lewistown based '69 Buick GS 400, running a dead-on 14.07 at 95 mph to defeeat Brian Witkop's '67 Impala 327 from Selinsgrove, who ran under to a 15.96 on a 15.98 at 89 mph.   Tony Hughes was the semi-finalist.

Another double-up!  Brian Boyle made it two-for-two in the Gambler's Race with his '76 Cordoba 360.  Boyle ran a great .524 start to finish out with a 15.22 on 15.15 at 90 mph, forcing Ron Reber's '27 Ford Roadster 355 under to a 10.54 on a 10.55 at 122 mph.  Chris Guyer was the semi-finalist.

Saturday, July 24

Oh... that Bob Kauffman hot streak?  It's not over, and don't look for it to simmer down any time soon.  The Lewistown native drove his '75 Camaro 432 to his fourth season victory with a 9.26 on a 9.25 at 147 mph.  Kauffman defeated early season's leader John Maxwell and his '67 Camaro 355 when the latter red-lighted his chances away and ran out to a 10.20 on a 10.23 at 132 mph.  Jason Waldron and Brian Vollman were the semi-finalists.

In the Pro ET battle of the big block Mopars, Will Leitch of Loganton won out with his '72 Dart 440, running a 10.94 on a 10.93 at 124 mph.   Leitch's run was good enough to force under Tim Brumbaugh of Duncansville to an 11.91 on an 11.94 at 113  mph from his '70 Roadrunner 440.  Ken Stover and Steve Miller were the semi-finalists.

Dale Rhoads started his weekend roll with a big win in Heavy Eliminator, topping fellow former champion Bob Klock.  Rhoads' '66 Mustang 302 ran a 12.78 on a 12.75 at 106 mph, with Klock tailing him with his '73 Challenger 440 at a 12.37 on a 12.34 at 106 mph.  175BD and Dave Weaver were the semi-finalists.  In the Pro-Heavy shootout, Rhoads defeated Leitch with a 12.75 on a 12.77 at 102 mph to the 10.91 on a 10.94 run under at 124 mph by Leitch.

Don Kahler won IHRA Bike on his trusty '81 Suzuki GS 1238 from Sunbury, coming out on the better half of a double breakout contest with Millmont's Dennis Dreisbach.  Kahler carded a closer 11.57 on an 11.58 at 112 mph to Dreisbach's 11.14 on an 11.18 at 107 mph.  Tony Julio was the lone semi-finalist.

In Hot Rod Trophy, Shane Bowersox brought his experience from Friday Night Street Racing to bear, culminating with a win.  Bowersox's '87 Mustang 302 ran a close 14.40 on a 14.37 at 95 mph to defeat Howard's Bill McClain at the wheel of his '66 Comet 352, who ran under with a 14.66 on a 14.68 at 92 mph.  Craig Poust was the semi-finalist.

In the Gambler's race, Brian Boyle took the measure of the other classes, and came out victorious.  His '76 Cordoba 360 ran an quick 15.23 on a 15.30 at 90 mph to pick up the win light after his opponent red-lighted away a 15.84 on a 15.80 at 84 mph.  Rusty Miller was the semi-finalist.

Blaise Raia took a single for the Junior Dragster title, and ran a 10.86 on a 10.75 at 58 mph for the win.

Friday, July 23

Marking his second straight final, Altoona's Shane Arnsparger punctuated another #1 Qualifier night with a deadly .523 initiated dead-on 10.500 on his 10.50 dial at 132 mph.  #2 Qualifier Bill Dye put up a game .495 redlight, and ran a 10.96 on a 10.89 at 125 mph.  Jim Stover and Kevin Moncavage were the semi-finalists.

Two first round finalist of the season met in the Street Stick final, with Port Royal's Colby Piper and his '89 Daytona 2.5L squaring off with Chad Ferster's Northumberland based '86 Mustang 302.  Piper collected the win with a way-under 19.44 on a 19.90 at 70 mph after Ferster redlighted away a 14.01 on a 14.03 at 98 mph.  Mike Rowe and Chris Shaffer were the semi-finalists.

Jim Bower continues to flex his bowtie muscles with his Williamsport '84 Mustang 355, taking another big win in Street Automatic.  Bower used a great .505 and 14.57 on a 14.55 at 93 mph to put away Tom Youtzy's full size Ford pickup, who ran out with a 15.52 on a 15.53 at 88 mph.  Jared Mangle and Rich Houser were the semi-finalists.

In Street Bike competition, Chris Sweigard charged to the front of the pack aboard his '99 YZF R-1 1000 from Halifax, running an 11.05 on a 10.89 at 132 mph for the win.  Winfield's John Royer took runner-up honors with a breakout pass of a 13.90 on a 13.95 at 89 mph aboard his '89 Kawasaki 500.

Sunday, July 18

Bob Kauffman continued his hot streak this weekend with a win in the J&D Trucking/ CLass 1 Transport BAD 8 series.  Kauffman used a .525 and 9.31 on a 9.30 at 142 mph to sneak by for the win light with his Lewistown '75 Camaro 432.   Another Lewistown driver, Tom Youtzy, was on the receiving end with his '64 Falcon 392, running a good .515 initiated 10.56 on a 10.52 at 130 mph.  Gary Fogelman and John Maxwell were the semi-finalists.

Scott Reichenbach took another eliminator win with his Mt. Gretna based '91 S&W altered 468, finding his 8.46 dial in with an 8.48 at 158 mph, holding on for the win after Bellefonte's Gary Gettig ran under by .008 on his 10.24 dial at 130 mph at the wheel of his '71 Camaro 468.  John Simbeck was the lone semi-finalist.

Earl Gee was the class of the field in Pro Eliminator, driving his '71 Demon 360.  Gee's 11.08 on an 11.07 at 124 mph was just enough to hold off Bill Smith's 10.19 on a 10.17 at 136 mph from his Camaro.  Doug Kline was the lone semi-finalist.

Just one day after hearing the wedding bells chime, Dave Weaver was seeing win lights for a fairytale victory.  Weaver ran his '71 Charger 360 to a dominant win in Heavy Eliminator, using a 13.03 on a 13.05 at 104 mph to get the nod in a double-breakout final with Newport's Mike Richard and his '71 Barracuda 340, which ran out more with a 14.53 on a 14.58 at 97 mph.  Weaver went on to defeat Gee in the Pro-Heavy Shootout to take home one last wedding present.

Brian Boyle notched another victory in Hot Rod Trophy with his Middleburg '76 Cordoba 360.

Dennis Dreisbach took a single for the Bike title, running an 11.08 on a 10.95 at 121 mph with his Millmont based '98 Bandit 1200.

Samantha Smith of Newport scored a convincing win in the Gambler's race, running consistent all the way through the finals, where she took a close double-breakout win over Harry Houser's Nova.  Smith ran a 12.91 on a 12.92 at 105 mph, while Houser ran a 14.61 on a 14.64 at 93 mph.  Dennis Dreisbach and Roy Croll were the semi-finalists.

Friday, July 16

Driving his '84 Mustang 351W from the #1 Qualifying spot all the way to the winner's circle in Top Street was Altoona's Shane Arnsparger.  The Ford driver took an easy 11.01 lap on his 10.77 dial at 109 mph to take the win over another Altoona driver, Tom Lauver and his '79 Camaro 350.  Lauver carded an off-pace 12.26 on a 12.00 at 110 mph for runner-up honors.  Eddie Kreuz and Derek Grubb were the semi-finalists.

Street Automatic found tree-killer Jeff Miller standing, with his tough '77 Caprice 305.  The Montgomery based machine turned a 16.84 on a 16.79 at 81 mph, started off with Miller's near-perfect .501 reaction time to force Mike Hostler of Belwood to run under with his '96 Trans Am 350 to a 14.68 on a 14.72 at 97 mph.   Kevin Sanner and Andy Ney were the semi-finalists.

With no easy task set before him, Ed Miller of Newton Hamilton won Street Bike competition over the points leader Greg Reeder of Mt. Union.   Miller used a great 11.10 on an 11.09 at 117 mph and even reaction times with Reeder to hold off his challenger's 11.68 on an 11.50 at 121 mph.  Scott Hocker was the semi-finalist.

Brian Parson came out on top in Street Stick in another all-Altoona final.  Parson ran a 15.18 on a 15.19 at 90 mph with his '70 Torino 429, picking up the win over Mike Cunningham's '79 Fairmont when the latter fouled at the start, wasting his 14.49 on a 14.40 at 97 mph.  Paul Snook and Andrew Hoover were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, July 11

Scott's Transmission is the sponsor of the Fast 4 events at BSD, and owner Scott Reichenbach is deeply involved.  Reichenbach qualified #1, won the Fast 4 with a dead-on 8.44  at 158 mph to beat out Mark Shreckengast's '83 Mustang 460 and 9.57 on a 9.52 pass at 139 mph, but he then also went on to win Super Eliminator with his '91 S&W altered 468, tagging an 8.46 on an 8.44 at 149 mph to knock out the Bratton & Weaver entry, wich could only muster a 9.62 on a 9.59 at 140 mph.  Jason Waldron and Bob Kauffman were the semi-finalists in Fast 4, while Tom Youtzy was the lone semi-finalist in Super.  Reichenbach's recent string of late rounds finds him just one round out of second place.

Although it's hard to imagine a huge orange '68 Roadrunner sneaking up on anybody, that's just what Doug Kline has done, leaping into the second place in points in Pro ET with his first season victory.   Kline displaced Will Leitch by a single point after he bested him in the Pro finals, using a dead-on 11.16 at 125 mph to make up for Leitch's great .503 holeshot but slowing 10.91 on a 10.84 at 121 mph.  Earl Gee was the semi-finalist.  Kline went on to win the Pro-Heavy shootout against Edinger with an 11.19 on an 11.16 at 125 mph, while Edinger ran out with a 12.19 on a 12.21 at 107 mph.

Jeff Edinger has also been making leaps and bounds, in Heavy Eliminator.  He ran in his third straight final, and faced Dale Rhoads for the second time.  He emerged the winner again with another dead-on 12.23 at 107 mph, while Rhoads ran out to a 12.59 on a 12.61 at 108 mph.  Frank Reed and Ron Delcamp were the semi-finalists.  Rhoads re-captured the points lead with his two consecutive final rounds, while Edinger moved up to the #4 slot.

In Hot Rod Trophy, Craig Poust shot back with a solid win, moving his points lead back out a couple notches.  Poust ran out with a 13.71 on a 13.73 at 105 mph with his '78 Nova 350, but it was after Banks Miller fouled in his second straight final at the wheel of his '69 Buick GS 400, carding a 14.03 on a 14.00 at 86 mph.

Nick Ressler won the Junior Dragster race with a 10.58 on a 10.55 at 60 mph, beating out Blase Raia's close run under with a 10.58 on a 10.59 at 60 mph.

In the 1/4-mile Gambler's race, Michael Beard picked up the win with his '74 Duster 360, turning a 12.17 on a 12.08 at 103 mph to defeat Jeremiah Smith's '72 Nova 355, which ran an 11.93 on an 11.90 at 114 mph.   Ron Reber was the semi-finalist.

Friday, July 9

Jim Bower made it two in row, although not in the same class.   After taking the Street Auto title last week, Bower moved up through the ranks to win Top Street with his '84 Mustang 355.  Bower won a close double-breakout with a 14.11 on a 14.12 at 94 mph, narrowly getting the win light from Rich Houser's 12.70 on a 12.72 from his '66 Datsun 440 powered pickup.  Bob Mountain was the semi-finalist.

In Street Automatic, Gene Switzer broke through for his first season victory, driving his '94 Firebird 350 to a 14.91 on a 14.80 at 97 mph, beating out Todd Hauser's '91 Mustang 302, who slowed to a 14.16 on a 14.00 at 102 mph.  Tom Beaver and Tony Smith were the semi-finalists.

Shane Bowersox shifted his way to the Street Stick title, winning an all Mustang final.  Both Bowersox and his opponent Andrew Hoover red-lighted in the finals, but Hoover left first with his 14.90 dial-in (ran a 15.03 at 94 mph), leaving Bowersox to leave with the win light already on for his 14.64 on a 14.57 at 97 mph pass.  Michael Fisher and Chad Stonerood were the semi-finalists.

Lucky number seven was the magic number for Greg Reeder on this night, picking up his impressive seventh win with his '94 GSXR 1100.  Reeder nailed a .503 light to run an easy 11.63 on an 11.50 at only 112 mph, good enough to force Jerry Harris to run out to a 12.29 on a 12.30 at 109 mph aboard his '86 Yamaha.  Brandon Stacey was the semi-finalist.

Sunday, July 4

In a repeat of the previous day's final round matchup, John Simbeck avenged his loss with a great .519 initiated 10.08 on a 10.07 at 136 mph to hold off the hard charge of Scott Reichenbach's 8.53 on an 8.51 at 154 mph.   Jason Ewing and Dick Goodman were the semi-finalists.

Showing how well the fast no-electronics footbrake class of Pro ET works, the late-round cars were all Super Stock entries.  Former Super Stock World Champion Joe Scott won the race with his GT/GA '86 Camaro 350 and a close 10.97 on a 10.95 at 123 mph, taking out rookie Travis Chappel, driving semi-finalist's Steve Sweitzer's old GT/FA '86 Camaro sporting a 355 bracket motor.  Chappel red-lighted at the start, and ran the pass out to a 10.90 on a 10.93 at 125 mph.

Jeff Edinger cleaned house in Heavy Eliminator using a killer .500 and 12.322 on a 12.32 at 109 mph to defeat Dale Rhoads' '66 Mustang, who fouled with a close .498 but off-pace 12.91 on a 12.84 at 105 mph.  Cliff Eicher was the semi-finalist.  Edinger went on to cut down a red-lighting Joe Scott in the Pro-Heavy shootout for the Footbrake Nationals title.

Tension showed in the Hot Rod Trophy final, as Brian Witkop chalked up another win in search of his first season championship behind the wheel of his '67 Impala 327.  Witkop ran a 15.94 on a 15.98 at 89 mph, but won after Banks Miller red-lighted with his '69 Buick GS 400, running a 14.37 on a 14.10 at 95 mph.  Brian Boyle was the semi-finalist.

Saturday, July 3

Scott Reichenbach knocked down another win with his '91 S&W altered 468, meeting points leader John Simbeck in the finals.  Reichenbach ran an 8.49 on an 8.46 at 150 mph for the nod over Simbeck's 340 powered '69 Barracuda, running a 10.02 on a 9.99 at 137 mph.  Wilbur Wellar and Rich Dunkelberger were the semi-finalists.

In IHRA Bike, Dave Carpenter chalked up another win to extend his points lead.  Carp rode his Ninja to a 9.71 on a 9.65 at 128 mph, overcoming the reaction time advantage layed down by Danny Boyer on his '72 Kawasaki, who then ran an off pace 9.85 on a 9.74 at 131 mph.  Don Kahler and Ed Bobb were the semi-finalists.

The Pro ET points leader, Tom Chamberlin, punctuated his great string of performances with another class win from his '79 Monza 355, this time taking the measure of Ron Reber and his '27 Ford roadster 355.  Earl Gee was the semi-finalist.  Michael Beard took the Heavy Eliminator honors with his '74 Duster 360, using a 12.16 on a 12.12 at 109 mph to squeak by Jeff Edinger's holeshot-assisted 12.30 on a 12.22 at 109 mph.  Dave Weaver and Mike Zimmerman were the semi-finalists.  Beard then red-lighted away the Pro-Heavy shootout to Chamberlin.

Craig Poust heads the leaderboard, helped along by his Hot Rod Trophy victory with his '78 Nova 350.  Poust ran a 13.72 on a 13.64 at 98 mph, good enough to cover Terry Nichols' '87 Monte Carlo, running off to a 15.52 on a 15.45 at 89 mph.  Steve Francisko and Brian Boyle were the semi-finalists.

Friday, July 2 - The Garage Club Summer Century Nationals

The Summer Century Nationals, presented by The Garage Club, features the BSD 100 MPH Club Shootout.  Entries were kept separate in Top Street, Street Stick, Street Automatic and Street Bike as usual, but all runs were made on DOT Tires and through the mufflers -- real street racing!  Non-qualifiers for the 100 MPH Club and those running slicks ran a class designated All Street.

The final round in Top Street came down to the #1 and #2 qualifiers, the 9-second entries of Ed Brady and Dan Mosey.  Mosey ran the quickest in eliminations, a 9.82 @ 139 mph, but he took the win with his Altoona based ragtop '84 Mustang 351W at a slowing 10.08 on a 9.80 at 131 mph after Brady red-lighted at the wheel of his Harrisburg '68 Camaro 383, wasting a 9.88 on a 9.80 at 142 mph.  Kevin Moncavage of Atlas was the semi-finalist.

Jeremy Hoffmaster took Street Stick with his '88 Mustang 5.0L with a holeshot 14.02 on a 13.98 at 101 mph, downing points leader Terry Brouse and his '87 Z-28 350, who ran a closer 13.82 on a 13.80 at 100 mph.  Shane Bowersox was the semi-finalist.

In Street Automatic, Jim Bower came out on top at the wheel of his 355 Chevy powered '84 Mustang.  Bower ran a 14.06 on a 13.95 at 101 mph to defeat the '82 S-10 327 of Andrew Ney, who ran off to a 13.95 on a 13.78 at 97 mph.   Steve Hollenbach was the semi-finalist.

Chris Sweigard knocked out all the top competitors in Street Bike, riding his '99 YZF R-1.  Sweigard ran a closer 10.91 on a 10.85 at 129 mph to take down Brian Glunt's GSXR 1100, which didn't cover with a 10.99 on a 10.90 at 132 mph.   Sweigard went on to defeat the other 100 MPH Club Shootout winners for the overall title of Summer Century Nationals Champion.

In All Street competition, Bruce Dunlap was the class of the field with his '73 Vega 355, using an 11.96 on an 11.99 at 116 mph to top Clint Struble's '92 Camaro 305, which ran under with a 17.24 on a 17.48 at 80 mph.  Tom Beaver and Mike Worthy were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, June 27

John Simbeck extended his points lead in Super Eliminator with his second win of the season.  Simbeck ran a 9.96 on a 9.98 at 138 mph with his State College based '69 Barracuda 340, putting a momentary halt to the meterioric rise to now #3 ranked Bob Kauffman of Lewistown and his '75 Camaro 432, who ran out more with a 9.31 on a 9.33 at 143 mph.  Gary Fogelman of McAlisterville was the lone semi-finalist.

In IHRA Bike, Don Kahler of Sunbury took the measure of Tony Julio of Herndon.  Kahler coasted through for the win on his '81 Suzuki GS 1238 after Julio bulbed it and ran out to a 9.95 on a 9.99 at 134 mph.

The skies opened up to end the rest of eliminations, but Doug Kline, Ron Shrom, and Ron Reber were left in Pro ET, Jeff Edinger, Mike Richard, and Jim Holland in Heavy, and John Watson, Craig Poust, and Brian Witkop were left in Hot Rod Trophy.

Friday, June 25

Eliminations were not completed.  A massive oildown during eliminations put us up against a major cleanup, making it impossible to complete the race before curfew. 

Sunday, June 20

Bob Kauffman continues his impressive streak in Super Eliminator at the wheel of his Lewistown based '75 Camaro 432, chalking up yet another win.  Kauffman ran a 9.20 on a 9.19 at 148 mph to defeat a red-lighting Rich Dunkelberger from Middleburg, driving his '86 Tempo 355.  Scott Reichenbach of Mt. Gretna and Jason Waldron of Milton were the semi-finalists.

In Pro ET, Tom Chamberlin notched his third season victory with his Hollidaysburg based '79 Monza 355.  Chamberlin nailed a .504 reaction to start out a 10.58 on a 10.54 at 129 mph to defeat Loganton's Will Leitch and his '72 Dart, who ran a closer 10.68 on a 10.66 at 126 mph.  Tory Kitchen of Bellefonte was the semi-finalist.

Bob Klock of Sunbury drove his street-legal '73 Challenger 440 to his second win in Heavy Eliminator, taking out Middleburg's Dale Rhoads in his '66 Mustang 302.  Rhoads left first with a .498, then Klock with a .497 a half second later.  Klock's winning run was a 12.07 on a 12.05 at 112 mph, while Rhoads ran his pass out to a 12.49 on a 12.42 at 109 mph.  Rich Houser of Mill Hall was the semi-finalist.

Hot Rod Trophy honors went to Brian Boyle of Middleburg, driving his '76 Cordoba 360 to a 15.11 on a 15.00 at 91 mph.  John Watson of Mifflinburg fouled in the finals, wasting a 15.65 on a 15.60 at 90 mph.  Craig Poust of Selinsgrove and Mike Alexander of Lewistown were the semi-finalists.

Friday, June 18

Chris Whipple of Hughesville was the class of the field in Top Street this Friday, driving his sharp '65 GTO 455.  Whipple carded an 11.40 on an 11.35 at 120 mph to take down Muncy's Bud Buck, who ran off to a 10.56 on a 10.41 at 131 mph at the wheel of his '68 Chevelle 468.  Mike Worthy of Mt. Union and Kevin Moncavage of Atlas were the semi-finalists.

In Street Automatic, one of last year's hitters picked up his first season victory.  Andrew Ney of Newport drove his 327-powered '82 S-10 pickup to the win, despite an off-pace 14.00 on a 13.70 dial at 98 mph when Sunbury's Troy long broke out with a 15.92 on a 15.93 at 84 mph from his '84 Mustang 302.  Terry Bartlett of Montgomery and Ron Rowe of Hummels Wharf were the semi-finalists.

Michael Fisher of Allenwood made a big leap in the Street Stick points standings with his first win from his '76 Camaro 350.  Fisher took the automatic win with a 14.86 on a 14.80 at 92 mph after Williamsport's Eric Weigel red-lighted his chaces away.  Weigel completed his run with a 13.42 on a 13.40 at 106 mph  Jeremy Hoffmaster of Millmont was the semi-finalist.

Like the song says, "you can't keep a good man down"...  Street Bike points leader Greg Reeder returned to the winner's circle aboard his '94 GSXR 1100, carding an 11.38 on an 11.30 at 121 mph for the win.   Reeder defeated Darvin Snook's McClure based '99 YZF-R1 1000, who ran off to a 10.76 on a 10.65 at 135 mph.  Chris Sweigard and Jon Miller, both of Halifax, were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, June 13

Lewistown's Bob Kauffman scored in the J&D Trucking/Class 1 Transport BAD 8 series with his '75 Camaro 432.  Kauffman ran a 9.30 on a 9.27 at 139 mph to defeat State College's John Simbeck, whose '69 Cuda 340 lost on a slight holeshot with a 9.87 on a 9.86 at 138 mph.  Gary Fogelman of McAlisterville and Gary Gettig of Bellefonte were the semi-finalists.  Scott Reichenbach of Mt. Gretna finished out Super Eliminator eliminations with the victory.

In the battle of brothers in Pro ET, Tory Kitchen defeated Mike Kitchen for the top honors.  Tory carded an 11.70 on an 11.62 at 108 mph   with his '86 Mustang 351W to take down Mike's off-pace 11.62 on an 11.52 at 117 mph from his '81 Mustang 460.  Doug Kline was the semi-finalist.

Dave Weaver scored his second victory of the season in Heavy Eliminator with his Middleburg based '71 Charger 360.  Weaver used a great .518 initiated right-on 12.87 on a 12.87 at 102 mph to nip Michael Beard's '74 Duster 360 from Mifflinburg, running a 12.04 on a 12.02 at 114 mph.  Dale Rhoads of Middleburg was the semi-finalist.

Friday, June 11

Sporting a new paint job on his '87 Trans Am 455, Mike Pesarchik of Lititz returned to Beaver Springs with a convincing win in Top Street.   Although he took an automatic win again points leader Kevin Moncavage of Atlas when the red-light came on for Moncavage, negating his 11.40 on an 11.55 dial at 120 mph, Pesarchik was right on the money with a great .507 reaction time and close 11.97 on an 11.99 at 115 mph.  Harrisburg's Ed Brady and Shane Arnsparger of Altoona were the semi-finalists.

Dave Shaw's '85 Astro 4.3L van continued its hot streak with a strong win in Street Automatic.  In the double-breakout final round, Shaw's van ran an 18.58 on an 18.60 at 71 mph, while Willis Witmer went even faster with an 11.93 on a 12.02 at 107 mph with his '75 Buick.  Lee Tressler of Selinsgrove was the lone semi-finalist.

Defending Street Stick Champion Terry Brouse made it two in a row with his Mt. Pleassant Mills based '87 Z-28 350.  Brouse used a great 13.46 on a 13.45 at 101 mph to knock off challenger Mike Rowe in his Selinsgrove '87 Mustang 302, who was right there with a 15.31 on a 15.30 at 92 mph.  Chris Hume of Wellsboro and Tony Wells of Sunbury were the semi-finalists.

In Street Bike, Chris Sweigard marched through the field aboard his '99 YXF R-1 from Halifax.  Sweigard ran an 11.06 on a 10.75 at 126 mph to defeat Michael Swartz, who could only muster an 11.21 on a 10.90 at 131 mph.  Greg Reeder of Mt. Union was the semi-finalist.

Sunday, June 6

For the second straight week, Super Eliminator was a war of attrition.  Bob Kauffman of Lewistown outlasted the field and took a single for the win, carding a 9.36 on a 9.34 at 142 mph as Mt. Gretna's Scott Reichenbach could not return for the finals due to a cracked oil pan.  Kauffman advanced to the finals after defeating Dave Bratton, Sr. in the Scott's Transmission Fast Four final, 9.47 on a 9.31 at 130 mph to Bratton's 9.70 on a 9.65 at 139 mph.  Reichenbach and Muncy's Missy O' Neill were the other Fast Four qualifiers.  Rich Dunkelberger of Middleburg and Gary Fogelman of McAlisterville were the Super semi-finalists.

In Pro Eliminator, Tom Chamberlin won his second of the year, facing off with Beaver Springs' Doug Kline in the finals.  Chamberlin drove his '79 Monza to a right-on 10.64 at 129 mph, good enough to push out Kline's '68 Roadrunner 440 to an 11.22 on an 11.24 at 117 mph.  Mike Kitchen of Bellefonte and Joe Scott of Sunbury were the semi-finalists.

Defending Heavy Champion Michael Beard of Mifflinburg used his third season victory to move into the points lead with his '74 Duster 360.  Beard ran a 12.07 on a 12.05 at 111 mph to hold off the dead-on 12.12 at 111 mph from Jim Holland's '70 GTO 430 from Shade Gap.  Ron Delcamp of Mifflinburg was the semi-finalist.

Don Kahler of Sunbury won IHRA Bike with his '81 Suzuki GS 1238, running an 11.40 on an 11.36 at 116 mph, good enough to push out Dave Carpenter's Ninja from Duncannon to a 9.56 on a 9.60 at 128 mph.  Bob Rhoades of Duncannon was the semi-finalist.

Long time supporter Banks Miller of Lewistown drove his '69 Buick GS 400 to the win in Hot Rod Trophy, running a 13.91 on a 13.83 at 96 mph, after Selinsgrove's Brian Witkop fouled by .007 seconds, wasting a 15.73 on a 15.71 at 89 mph from his '67 Impala 327.  Craig Poust of Selinsgrove and Jason Weaver of Saxton were the semi-finalists.

Samantha Ressler of Bainbridge took a single for the Junior Dragster title, running a 10.88 on a 10.81 at 58 mph.

Matt Stover of Warrior's Mark won the IHRA Gambler's Race with his Stover-built 406 '69 Camaro.  Although Stover ran off to an 11.02 on a 10.90 at 124 mph, it was good enough to force Jeremiah Smith under with a 12.18 on a 12.20 at 111 mph from his Newport '72 Nova 355.

Friday, June 4

Brian Smith of Muncy Valley took his new Monte Carlo to his first Top Street victory, holding Kevin Moncavage to his third straight runner-up.   Smith won a close double-breakout contest with an 11.57 on an 11.58 at 117 mph, while Moncavage ran out more with his Atlas based '79 Duster 452 to an 11.54 on an 11.56 at 113 mph.  Rich Houser of Mill Hall and Jim Stover of Sunbury were the semi-finalists.

Don't pack it in just yet folks, but you might start making plans to.... defending Street Stick Champion Terry Brouse is running away with the points with yet another win from his Wild Thang '87 Z-28 350 from Mt. Pleasant Mills.   Brouse used a 13.64 on a 13.50 at 93 mph to take out front runner Tony Wells and his Sunbury '91 Mustang 302, who couldn't cover with just a 14.89 on a 14.50 at 94 mph.   Jeremy Hoffmaster of Millmont and Matt Auman of Bellefonte were the semi-finalists.

Street Auto found Josh Hakes to be the top dog, as he drove his '86 Z-28 305 from South Williamsport to deny the '69 Wildcat 455 of Montoursville's Tom Wagner.  Hakes won a close double-breakout race, turning in a 15.61 on a 15.62 at 88 mph, while Wagner ran quicker to a 13.46 on a 13.49 at 102 mph.  Dave Shaw of Milesburg was the lone semi-finalist.

A new face graced the winner's circle in Street Bike, that of State College's Scott Chapman.  Chapman rode his '87 Yamaha to an 11.88 on an 11.90 at 122 mph automatic win as runner-up Darvin Snook red-lighted with his McClure '99 YZFR1 1000, and ran off to a 10.89 on a 10.66 at 136 mph.  Greg Reeder of Mt. Union was the semi-finalist.

Monday, May 31

Before you even put the pen down, put another mark in the win column for Jason Waldron.  The Milton driver went back-to-back in Super Eliminator with his 454 dragster during the last two days of the Memorial Day Nationals at Beaver Springs Dragway.  Although John Barton of State College broke for the final round, Waldron was right there with a .516 and 8.826 on his 8.82 dial at 153 mph on his solo pass to make the win official.

Just one day after brother Tory won Pro ET, Mike Kitchen drove his 460 Mustang to a win as well.  Kitchen ran an 11.98 on an 11.90 at 119 mph, while Loganton's Will Leitch red-lighted in his '72 Dart 440, and ran out to a 10.85 on a 10.88 at 124 mph.  Doug Kline of Beaver Springs was the semi-finalist.

In Heavy Eliminator, Cliff Eicher of Millmont returned the winner's circle, running a 12.52 on a 12.50 at 108 mph with his '69 Chevelle 355.  Eicher's run was good enough to hold off Mifflinburg's Michael Beard and his '74 Duster 360, which slowed to a 12.13 on a 12.06 at 107 mph.  Dave Weaver of Middleburg and Bob Klock of Sunbury were the semi-finalists.

Hot Rod Trophy was taken by Grampion's Clay Wrigglesworth, piloting his impressive '72 Caprice 355.  Wrigglesworth ran a 13.72 on a 13.70 at 101 mph, downing Terry Nichols' '87 Monte Carlo 305 in the finals, who ran out with a 15.92 on a 15.95 at 87 mph  Brian Boyle of Middleburg and Travis King of Beaver Springs were the semi-finalists.

Dan Dietrich ran away with the Glick Fire Equipment Junior Dragster Seeies bonus day with a big win from his '99 Half Scale dragster.  Dietrich ran a 9.73 on a 9.74 at 65 mph for the automatic win after Marty Flegal of Lititz red-lighted away a 10.06 on a 10.04 at 64 mph.  Blaise Raia of Altoona and Frank Markward of Leola were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, May 30

On to day two of IHRA Summit ET Racing Series from the Memorial weekend...  Jason Waldron turned in a stellar performance to capture the Super Eliminator title at the wheel of his Milton based 454 dragster.  Waldron carded an 8.83 on an 8.81 at 153 mph to top visiting racer Michele Gaberiel from Camillus, NY and her '96 S&W dragster 468, who ran out by .003 on her 8.50 dial at 155 mph.  Bob Kauffman of Lewistown and Gary Crowell of Monticello, NY were the semi-finalists.

In Pro ET, 1991 NHRA Div. 1 Heavy Champion Tory Kitchen returned to the winner's circle after a year-long drought.  Kitchen drove his Bellefonte '86 Mustang 351W to the win with an 11.73 on an 11.68 at 112 mph, defeating one of the classes' top contenders, Faron Rhoads of Selinsgrove.  Rhoads' street legal '68 Mustang 390 ran off to an 11.42 on an 11.28 at 121 mph.  Kevin Whitmer of Sunbury was the semi-finalist.

Defending Heavy Eliminator Champion Michael Beard ended up with a victory, drawing four red-lights along the way, including one in the finals from Newport's Terry White.  Beard's '74 Duster 360 from Mifflinburg suffered a flat slick earlier in eliminations unknown by his opponents, and the finals were run on a street tire, a gamble which paid off.  White ran a 12.69 on a 12.71 at 107 mph, while Beard coasted through to a 15.76 on a 12.11 at 65 mph.  Mike Richards of Julian and Dave Weaver of Middleburg were the semi-finalists.

Tony Julio of Herndon picked up another win in IHRA Bike, aboard his '78 Suzuki GS 1238, taking on Don Kahler's '81 Suzuki GS 1238 from Sunbury.   Julio won the double breakout contest with a 9.88 on an 9.95 at 134 mph, while Kahler ran further under with an 11.36 on an 11.43 at 117 mph.

In Hot Rod Trophy, points leader Brian Witkop scored another important victory with his 327 powered '67 Impala from Selinsgrove.  Witkop's 16.09 on a 15.90 at 89 mph was good enough to hold off the breakout run from Lloyd Heckman's '73 Chevelle 350 from Highspire, turning in a 16.68 on a 16.78 at 84 mph.  Mark Shannon of New Bloomfield was the semi-finalist.

Junior Dragster competition found Frank Markward chalking up another win with his '98 Half Scale dragster from Leola.  With the unlimited IHRA field, Markward ran an 8.69 on an 8.64 at 72 mph.  Brelnigsville's Dan Dietrich lost the close final with a 9.66 on a 9.62 at 65 mph.  Dylan Myers of Mechanicsburg was the semi-finalist.

Stock and Super Stock cars made a stop at the Beaver for a $1,000 shootout.  Stock racers came out on top with Balitmore's Mark Dickerson taking home the top prize with his F/SA '70 Duster 340, and a close 11.53 on an 11.52 at 117 mph.   Local racer Billy Nees of Millmont was the runner-up driving his V/SA '70 Nova 230, giving up a mere .008 seconds at the stripe with an equally close 15.18 on a 15.17 at 87 mph.  Fred Reich of Baltimore, MD and Hot Rod Lightner of Altoona were the semi-finalists.

Saturday, May 29

Rich Dunkelberger returned to the Super Eliminator winner's circle during the first of the three day holiday extravaganza.  Dunkelberger drove his Middleburg based '86 Tempo 355 to a 9.76 on a 9.75 at 137 mph to defeat Gary Gettig's Bellefonte '71 Camaro 468 which ran off to a 10.09 on a 10.03 at 130 mph.  Dave Bratton, Sr. of McVeytown was the lone semi-finalist.

Dave Carpenter was the class of the IHRA Bike field, downing Dave Daniels in the finals.  Carp ran a 9.65 on a 9.60 at 127 mph to Daniel's 9.20 on a 9.13 at 136 mph.  Tony Julio of Herndon and Don Kahler of Sunbury were the semi-finalists.

The overall champion in the $1,000 Footbrake Nationals was Pro ET's winner Tom Chamberlin of Hollidaysburg at the wheel of his '79 Monza 355.   Chamberlin squared off with Elizabethtown's Earl Gee in the Pro final, and won the double-redlight contest as Gee left first with his '71 Demon 360, running out to a 10.94 on a 10.95 at 125, while Chamberlin collected the win light with a 10.59 on a 10.62 at 129 mph.  Dan Swank of Paxinos was the lone semi-finalist.

Dennis Mull won the street car battle in Heavy Eliminator, picking up the win with his Dornsife based Monte Carlo SS 350.  Mull turned in a 14.64 on a 14.59 at 93 mph to defeat Mike Hostler's 76 Monte Carlo 355, which couldn't cover his 14.35 dial with only a 14.51 at 95 mph.  Steve Hull of Bellefonte was the semi-finalist.

Andy Thorp of State College won the Hot Rod Trophy class with a 14.27 on a 14.15 at 85 mph from his 351 powered '69 Fairlane.  Ken Morgan of Pitman settled for runner-up with an off-pace 14.65 on a 13.48 at 96 mph.  Lee Tressler and Craig Poust were the semi-finalists.

In Junior Dragster, Blaise Raia of Altoona took the measure of Li'l Bear Pritchett's Sterling, VA entry in the finals.  Raia ran a 10.99 on a 10.86 at 58 mph to top Pritchett's 10.67 on a 10.57 at 59 mph.  Dylan Myers and Travis Bires were the semi-finalists.

In Outlaw Pro Street, Nitrous John Gosson of Camillus, NY won a close one with Morrisdale's Doug Sones.  Gossen made up a slight starting line deficit with an 8.07 at 163 mph with his '96 Lumina 572, while Sones tried to chase him down with a 168 mph top end charge from his '67 Corvette 460, falling short with an 8.22 ET.  Andy Jensen of Nescopek was the semi-finalist.

Friday, May 28

For the third straight race, Ed Brady and Kevin Moncavage squared off for the Top Street title.  Although Moncavage holds onto the points lead, this tie breaker went to Brady, who used a 10.55 on a 10.48 at 131 mph to force Moncavage under to an 11.57 on an 11.59 at 119 mph.  Dan Mosey of Altoona and Bill Dye of Milton were the semi-finalists.

Tony Wells avenged himself of his runner-up from the previous race by winning this week's Street Stick matchup with Eric Hess in the finals.  Wells won the battle between the pair of 5.0L Mustangs with a 14.96 on a 14.90 at 95 mph to the run under 15.44 on a 15.50 at 91 mph from Hess.

In Street Automatic, heavey hitter Dennis Mull of Dornsife marched through the field with his Monte Carlo SS 350, meeting up with South Williamsport's Joe Cardone.  Mull ran a 14.61 on a 14.59 at 93 mph to defeat Cardone's red-lighting '84 Mustang, running just a 19.20 on an 18.35 at 66 mph.  Lee Tressler of Selinsgrove and Clint Struble of Millmont were the semi-finalists.

Much to the despair of the Street Bike field, Mt. Union's Greg Reeder is back on top of things.  Reeder ran an 11.48 on an 11.30 at 109 mph on his '94 GSXR 1100 to take down Darvin Snook of McClure and his '99 YZFR 1000, who ran off with an 11.46 on a 10.79 at 130 mph.  Jeff Stahl of Mifflinburg was the semi-finalist.

Friday, May 21

In a rematch between small block Camaro of Ed Brady and the big block Mopar of Kevin Moncavage from last week's Top Street showdown, Brady came out on top.  The Harrisburg driver wheeled his 355 '68 Camaro to a .511 initiated 10.63 on a 10.48 at 117 mph to top Moncavage's later 11.52 on an 11.48 at 119 mph.  Derek Grubb of Huntingdon was the semi-finalist.

In Street Stick competition, Daryl Kippe of Sunbury drove his '88 CRX to the win, coasting through to a 21.52 at 48 mph on his 16.52 dial-in.  Tony Wells, also of Sunbury, red-lighted away his 16.08 on a 15.00 at 68 mph with his '91 Mustang 302..  Bill Maturo of Harrisburg and Terry Brouse of Mt. Pleasant Mills were the semi-finalists.

Lee Cross went home with the Street Automatic title, behind the wheel of his Montgomery based '68 Camaro 454.  Cross turned in a 12.71 on a 12.35 at 110 mph for the win while Harrisburg's Tom Evanoff wasted a great .509 reaction time with a too-quick 12.26 on a 12.30 at 106 mph.  Randall Stauffer of Liverpool and Wes Springman of Montgomery were the semi-finalists.

Street Bike found Dalmatia's Wayne Weist taking on Darvin Snook's '99 YZFR from McClure.  Weist rode his '88 Ninja ZX-6 600 to the automatic win and a 12.53 on a 12.10 at 108 mph after Snook fouled away an 11.12 on a 10.76 at 132 mph.  Brandon Stacey of McClure was the lone semi-finalist.

Sunday, May 16

In the first of the J&D Trucking/Class 1 Transport BAD 8 Series, Millmont's Mark Shreckengast took his '83 Mustang to the win, carding a 9.60 on a 9.54 at 134 mph to defeat Phillipsburg's Jimmy Bires and his '73 Vega, who ran off to a 9.10 on an 8.96 at 152 mph.  Shreckengast then advanced into the Super Eliminator ranks to square off his Elysburg's Gary Swank and his Novation Sensation '66 Nova 427.   Swank ran a deadly .502 initiated 10.01 on a 10.03 at 137 mph to take out Shreckengast's game 9.52 on a 9.54 at 145 mph.  Keith Beaver of Selinsgrove and Pat Myers of Dover, PA were the semi-finalists.

Visiting racer Larry Jewell made his trip well worth it with a great driving job to get through the Pro ET ranks with his '67 Corvette 427 from East Bangor, PA.  Jewell met up with Hollidaysburg's Tom Chamberlin in the finals, and used a perfect .500 and .04-over 11.40 at 119 mph to put out the 10.59 on a 10.56 at 130 mph posted by Chamberlin's '79 Monza 355.  Dan Swank of Paxinos was the sem-finalist.

Bob Klock outlasted the Heavy Eliminator field with his Sunbury based '73 Challenger 440.  Klock met another hitter in the finals, Millmont's Cliff Eicher, and used a 12.13 on a 12.10 at 108 mph to beat Eicher's 12.45 on a 12.42 at 108 mph from his '69 Chevelle 355.  Lori Jewell of Bangor was the semi-finalist.

Tony Julio scored another win in IHRA Bike aboard his Herndon '78 Suzuki GS 1238, using a 9.98 on a 9.80 at 130 mph to turn back Don Kahler's 11.59 on an 11.25 at 109 mph with his Sunbury based '81 Suzuki GS 1238.

Hot Rod Trophy found Brian Boyle of Middleburg taking the win with his '76 Cordoba 360, turning a close 15.00 on a 14.98 at 92 mph.  Strong-running Brian Witkop ran out with a 15.43 on a 15.50 from his '67 Impala 327 from Selinsgrove.   Aaron Armstrong of McClure drove his new '99 Dakota to a semi-final finish.

Ron Mellinger drove his Blue Ball '74 Nova 391 to the win in IHRA Gamblers, winning a double-breakout contest with New Columbia's Jeff Edinger and his '70 Dart 360.  Mellinger ran an 11.02 on an 11.04 at 125 mph, closer than Edinger's 12.09 on a 12.11 at 110 mph.  Samantha and Jeremiah Smith, both of Newport, were the semi-finalists.

Friday, May 14

In this Friday Night Street Racing event, Kevin Moncavage of Atlas broke through to a big win in Top Street competition with his 452 cid Duster.   Moncavage ran a close 11.52 on an 11.50 at 119 mph to fend of last year's series champion, Ed Brady of Harrisburg at the wheel of his '68 Camaro 355.  Brady fell just shy with a 10.43 on a 10.41 at 131 mph.  Bud Buck of Muncy and #1 Qualifier Rob Felegie of Danville were the semi-finalists.

Terry Brouse solidified his lead in Street Stick, and punctuated last year's championship with a perfect .500 reaction time in the finals against Sunbury's Jim Stover.  Stover red-lighted and coasted through, and Brouse eased it on through as well after seeing his win light already on with his Mt. Pleasant Mills '87 Z-28 350.  Bradley Spade of Liverpool was the semi-finalist.

In Street Automatic, Tory Long of Sunbury scored win number one with his 5.0L '84 Mustang, running a good 15.94 on a 15.91 at 84 mph.  Long's win was an automatic one after Steve Girton of Bloomsburg turned on the red-light by four thousandths of a second.  Girton coasted his '88 Ranger 3.0L through to complete the run.  Greg Boone of Castanea was the semi-finalist.

It was no surprise to find Greg Reeder on the top of the heap in Street Bike, after a near-dominating role out of the motorcycles last season.   Reeder took an automatic win abooard his '94 GSXR 1100, running it out to an 11.28 on an 11.30 at 122 mph, defeating a red-lighting Jeff Fucss, riding his '85 Kawasaki 454 to a 15.51 on a 15.00 at 85 mph.  Ben Musenheimer of Hanover was the semi-finalist.

Sunday, May 9

Bellefonte's Gary Gettig made it two in a row in Super Eliminator with his '71 Camaro 468.  Gettig won the double-breeakout affair with John Simbeck, turning a 10.06 on a 10.08 at 132 mph, while Simbeck's State College '69 Cuda 340 ran a 9.85 on a 9.88 at 139 mph.  John Maxwell of Harrisburg was the semi-finalist.   Simbeck advanced to the finals after wading through the Scott's Transmissions Fast Four field.  Simbeck ran a dead-on 9.87 at 138 mph in the Fast Four finals, coupled with a .508 reaction time, taking down Dave Bratton Sr's '71 Nova 502, who ran out with a 9.53 on a 9.55 at 141 mph.

Steve Sweitzer of Jersey Shore outlasted the Pro ET field with his Super Stock GT Firebird 350, defeating Will Leitch of Loganton with a dead-on 10.37 to Leitch's 10.80 on a 10.78.  He advanced to the footbrake finals to take on Michael Beard of Mifflinburg.  Beard won the double breakout contest with a 12.00 on a 12.02 at 113 mph from his '74 Duster 360, while Sweitzer broke out more with 10.34 on a 10.37 at 127 mph.  Billy Nees of Millmont was the semi-finalist.

In IHRA Bike, Tony Julio emereged victorious with his Hernodon based '78 Suzuki GS 1238.  Julio ran a 10.11 on a 9.90 at 131 mph to defeat Dennis Dreisbach and his Millmont '98 Bandit 1200, who ran off to a 12.39 on a 12.20 at 97 mph.  Don Kahler of Sunbury was the semi-finalist.

Banks Miller made it two straight in Hot Rod Trophy, driving his '69 Buick GS 400 to a dead-on 14.00 at 90 mph, while Saxton's Jason Weaver also ran dead-on with a a16.93at 82 mph, but fouled with a .499 redlight.  Brian Witkop was the semi-finalist.

Nick Ressler beat sister Samantha Ressler of Bainbridge for the Junior Dragster title, taking a double-breakout win with a 10.66 on a 10.69 at 58 mph to an 11.13 on an 11.18 at 56 mph.

Dave Weaver made out in the Gambler's Race, taking an easy win with his Middleburg '71 Charger 360, running a 13.16 on a 12.84 at 86 mph to turn back Ben Heimbach's 14.97 on a 14.68 at 92 mph from his Mifflinburg based '77 Astra 400.

Tammy Getz earned the title of Top Mom in the Mother's Day race, taking her '92 Park Ave. from Lewistown to the win, turning an 18.50 on an 18.24 at 68 mph, while Rebecca Satterfield ran out with an 18.40 on an 18.50 at 72 mph with her 83 Audi CP GT.  Nancy Youtzy was the semi-finalist.

Friday, May 7

"The Mangler" drove his Sunbury based '80 Malibu to the win in Top Street with a strong series of consistent passes  (within .010 all through eliminations!).  Mangle's .508 initiated 12.17 on a 12.17 at 112 mph looked unbeatable enough, but final round opponent Kevin Moncavage of Atlas turned in a great effort of his own with a .497 redlight and a -.008 under 11.60 at 119 mph from his '79 Duster 452.  Mike Worthy of Mt. Union and Jim Stover of Sunbury were the semi-finalists.

Terry Brouse notched win number two for the season, extending his points lead in defense of his 1998 Street Stick title.  Brouse ran his Mt. Pleasant Mills '87 Z-28 to a 13.90 on a 13.60 at 88 mph to defeat the '98 Volkswagen GTI V6 of State College's Etienne Bourgeois, who ran off with a 15.88 on a 15.40 at 90 mph.   Tony Wells of Sunbury was the lone semi-finalist.

Buy on Monday, race on Friday?  That might be Chevrolet's new moniker, as Harrisburg's Doug Fortney drove his new '99 Monte Carlo 3.8L to the Street Auto win with a 16.39 on a 16.30 at 85 mph.  Lee Tressler of Selinsgrove took runner-up honors with his '86 Monte Carlo 383 at a 12.67 on a 12.60 at 110 mph.  Bryce Yeager of Berwick and Dave Brenneman of Duncansville.

In Street Bike, Michael Moyer of Selinsgrove rode his '92 Suzuki 750 to the win with an easy 13.20 on a 12.80 at 109 mph after Darvin Snook of McClure red-lighted aboard his '99 Yamaha R-1 1000.  Snook ran the pass out to a 10.77 on a 10.69 at 135 mph.

Friday, April 30 Winners:  Top Street: Bruce Dunlop... Street/Auto: Lee Tressler... Street/Stick: Daniel Jensen... Street/Bike... Greg Reeder

Sunday, April 25

State College native 'Gemini' John Simbeck drove his new fast combination Timekeeper '69 Barracuda to its first win in Super Eliminator this Sunday, the second of his career.  Simbeck used a 9.82 on a 9.80 at 139 mph to push out Denny Shaw's Howard based '68 Camaro, running a 10.63 on a 10.64 at 129 mph.  Bob Kauffman of Lewistown and John Maxwell of Harrisburg were the semi-finalists.

In Pro ET, Roy Croll made great use of the re-entry program to take his first footbrake win in 1999 at the controls of his '68 Camaro 402.  The Linglestown driver ran a 10.81 on a 10.77 at 122 mph to hold off the 11.12 on an 11.07 at 120 mph posted by John Iacavone's '70 Camaro 454 from Hershey.  Dave Bassler of Williamsport and Steve Sweitzer of Jersey Shore claimed semi-final honors.

Jim Holland worked his way through a tough Heavy field for his second victory this season.  The Shade Gap driver wheeled his '70 GTO 430 to an excellent .506 initiated 12.01 on a 12.00 at 112 mph to defeat another top contender, Dale Rhoads of Middleburg.  Rhoads carded a 12.55 on a 12.57 at 105 mph breakout for the runner-up, while Tom Wagner of Montoursville made it to the semi-finals.

In IHRA Bike, Bill Dippery of Lewistown captured the title with his '76 Kawasaki 1428.  Dippery's 9.63 on a 9.53 at 127 mph was good enough to hold off the 11.37 on an 11.32 from Don Kahler's Sunbury based '81 Suzuki GS 1238.   Dennis Dreisbach and Bob Rhoades were the semi-finalists.

Alvin Camp won Hot Rod Trophy with a dead-on 19.69 at 69 mph from his six-cylinder '79 Phoenix, topping the '66 Nova 427 of Keith Lehman.  The Harrisburg driver couldn't cover with an 11.35 on an 11.27 at 124 mph.

Samantha Ressler of Bainbridge took the Junior Dragster title with an 11.01 on an 11.06 at 55 mph when Bloomsburg's Jeremy Campbell red-lighted away a 9.21 on a 9.15 at 69 mph.

Cliff Eicher captured the Gambler's race title with a 12.45 on a 12.44 at 108 mph from his Millmont based '69 Chevelle 355 over Dave Camp's Mifflinburg '83 Cutlass 350, turning in a 15.62 on a 15.71 at 88 mph. 

Sunday, April 18

The IHRA Summit ET Racing Series event this weekend was won by Dale Rhoads of Middleburg, driving his sleek '66 Mustang 302.  Rhoads ran a 12.61 on a 12.60 at 106 mph to take out John Simbeck's State College based Timekeeper '69 Barracuda 340, which ran under with a 9.83 on a 9.84 at 136 mph.  Michael Beard of Mifflinburg was the semi-finalist.

Friday, April 16

Top 5 finisher in Top Street last year, Mike Worthy ran off with his second consecutive win for the 1999 season with his Mount Union based '90 Mustang 351W.   Worthy met another 351W Mustang in the final round, but this one was a 1966 model, a stick shift entry driven by Sunbury's Jim Stover.  Worthy took the win light by .012 margin of victory with an 11.19 on an 11.13 at 122 mph to Stover's 12.15 on a 12.05 at 115 mph.  Randy Danish of Mount Union and Bill Dye of Milton were the semi-finalists.

Derek Grubb of Huntingdon had to trailer his high 10-sec Datsun after a 128 mph blast and some lifter noise... but that didn't stop him from borrowing a friend's daily driver and carding his second career victory.  Grubb won a double breakout contest with a 17.26 on a 17.30 at 80 mph versus the 17.57 on a 17.65 posted by Muncy's Donnie Babb and his '98 Ranger.  Terry Brouse of Mt. Pleasant Mills was the lone semi-finalist.

In a re-match of opening day's Street Bike final, Mount Union natives Greg Reeder and John Greenawalt duked it out again, this time with Reeder picking up the win.  Reeder ran an 11.33 on an 11.30 at 119 mph with his '94 GSXR 1100 to top Greenawalt's 14.17 on a 14.30 breakout at 83 mph with his '96 Ninja 500.  Chris Sweigart was the semi-finalist.

Paul Hicks took the Street Auto title with a 16.84 on a 16.75 at 76 mph with his Huntingdon based pickup, after Milroy's Paul Snook broke out with a 16.01 on a 16.03 at 86 mph.  Brett Schadel of Herndon was the semi-finalist.

Saturday, April 3

Rich O'Neill of Pennsdale made his return to Super Eliminator action this weekend, and did so in a big way.  O'Neill took home the victory with his '93 Lumina 406, with a 9.03 on a 9.01 at 152 mph.  Harrisburg's John Maxwell made it two straight finals, but a .497 red-light kept him from doubling up.  Maxwell's '67 Camaro 355 ran dead-on with a 10.23 at 133 mph.  Tom Youtzy was the lone semi-finalist.

In IHRA Bike, Danny Boyer took his first win, riding his York based '72 Kawasaki.  Boyer ran a 9.67 on a 9.60 at 133 mph to defeat Dave Carpenter's '85 Ninja, which ran under with a 9.42 on a 9.44 at 131 mph.  Tony Julio was the semi-finalist.

Faron Rhoads was the class of the Pro ET field, carding an 11.17 on an 11.13 at 124 mph with his '68 Mustang 390 from Selinsgrove.  Visiting racer Jeff Jewell ran out with a 10.79 on a 10.82 at 123 mph at the wheel of his '67 Corvette 427 from Bangor.  The Dan's Service Center duo of Dan Swank and Dave Brassington were semi-finalists.

In Heavy Eliminator, Jim Holland took the win with a right-on 12.07 at 112 mph with his Shade Gap based '70 GTO 430.  Middleburg's Dale Rhoads settled for runner-up after a .484 red-light negated his 12.65 on a 12.63 at 107 mph pass.   Dennis Mull and Cliff Eicher were the semi-finalists.

Hot Rod Trophy was won by Selinsgrove's Brian Witkop, who drove his '67 Impala 327 to a close 15.77 on a 15.78 at 88 mph, good enough to defeat Selinsgrove's Craig Poust and his '78 Nova 350, which ran under more with a 13.28 on a 13.30 at 105 mph.  Banks Miller and Ryan Weyant were the semi-finalists.

Williamsport's Bryan Hicks won the Gambler's race with his '72 Ventura 350, turning in a great 10.91 on a 10.90 at 122 mpg.  Loganton's Troy Geyer red-lighted with his '73 Nova 383, and couldn't cover the 11.65 dial with an 11.77 at 115 mph.  Marty Flegal and Jim Zimmerman were the semi-finalists.

Frank Marward of Leola won a quick Junior Dragster final with an 8.72 on an 8.71 at 70 mph to top Marty Flegal Jr's 9.95 on a 9.97 at 65 mph.

Friday, April 2

Friday Night Street Racing kicked off with a band at BSD with in the neighborhood of 100 street cars making the show.  100 MPH Club President Tom Larnard took over where he left off with his '68 Camaro, qualifying #1 in Top Street with a 10.44.  It was Mike Worthy of Mt. Union, however, that took home the trophy, scoring the win from the #2 position.  Worthy's 351W powered '90 Mustang used an 11.23 on an 11.14 at 121 mph to push out #6 qualifier Jim Rodarmel's '83 Monte Carlo 355, a very quick 11.98 under a 12.15 at 108 mph.  Brian Smith and Jared Mangle were the semi-finalists.

Street Stick Points Champion Terry Brouse blasted on the scene in 1999 with a win right out of the box.  The one-armed bandit from Mt. Pleasant Mills shifted his way through the field with his Wild Thing Z-28 Camaro.   Brouse won the double-breakout affiar with a closer 13.73 on a 13.75 @ 101.63 mph to stop Mike Gray's '69 GTO from Hughesville, which ran out with a 14.83 on a 15.10 at 95.70.  Dave Johnson and Nick Carter lasted to the semi's.

Look for him in the Top Street winner's bracket later this season, but for now, Milton's Bill Dye settled for a deserved win in Street Automatic at the wheel of his '82 S-10 400.  Dye's .518-initiated 10.90 on a 10.61 at 131 mph took the win light as Montoursville's Wildcat Tom Wagner red-lighted away a quick 13.59 on a 13.75 at 100 mph.  Jeff Miller was the lone semi-finalist.

Street Bike found Mt. Union's John Greenawalt taking the win with his '96 Ninja 500, and a quick 14.31 on a 14.70 at 95 mph.  Top contender Greg Reeder took runner-up honors with an 11.93 on an 11.30 at 114 mph from his '94 GSXR 1100, after a red-light start.  Clint Harshbarger and Max Wiser were the semi-finalists.

Sunday, March 28 -- Opening Day!

The management of BSD, as well as the racers, were all well pleased with our first outing under the IHRA sanction.  The classes were split fairly even in terms of car count, and we saw a lot of new faces and returning racers to help support the addition of a very popular Pro ET class.

One might think that former Super Eliminator Champion John Maxwell would take the opportunity afforded by the new Pro ET class to go back to his footbraking roots, but not so.  Maxwell, from Harrisburg, said he's comfortable behind the wheel of his '67 Camaro 355 with the electronics, and is going to make it work... and he did.   John posted a convincing 10.19 on a 10.17 @ 134 mph victory in the finals, initiated by a great .510 reaction time to take out returning racer Racin' Jason Ewing of McClure in his 355 powered Monte Carlo, which turned in a too quick 10.09 on a 10.11 at 129 mph.  Another hitter from the '98 season made his presence felt, as Milton's Jason Waldron made it to the semi-finals in one of his first races at the wheel of the former Bryan Sorce dragster.

The new Pro ET class proved to be very popular with the fast footbraking crowd.  Hershey's John Iacavone drove his newly repainted '70 Camaro to the win with an 11.23 on an 11.16 at 111 mph as opponent Tom Chamberlin slowed to an 11.69 on an 11.38 with his Hollidaysburg '79 Monza.   Sunbury's Kevin Whitmer carded a semi-final finish with his Acoustic Kleen '68 Camaro.

Heavy Eliminator returns to a 12.00 class break, and the competition was tight as a result.  Dave Weaver of Middleburg emerged victorious at the wheel of his '71 Charger with a 12.71 on a 12.68 at 104 mph after Newport's Terry White red-lighted with his Monte Carlo.  White ran it out for a 12.87 on a 12.72 at 106 mph.  Cliff Eicher rounded out the top three with a sem-final finish from his Millmont based '69 Chevelle.

Dave Carpenter turned out to be the class of the field in IHRA Bike, taking the win on the re-entry program.  Carp's Duncannon '90 Ninja entry broke out by .001 on his 9.41 dial at 136 mph, good enough to hold off Lewistown's Bill Dippery, who ran further under with a 9.50 on a 9.53 at 136 mph.  Hot Rod Bob Rhoades of Duncannon and Big Daddy Don Kahler of Sunbury were the semi-finalists.

The beautiful '87 Corvette driven by Alden's Pete Kane took top honors in Hot Rod Trophy.  Kane ran a close 12.34 on a 12.35 at 112 mph to defeat Selinsgrove's Matt Delbaugh, who red-lighted at the wheel of his '86 Mustang, and ran out the pass to a 16.39 on a 16.40 at 83 mph.  Wildcat Tom Wagner made his return to racing action with a '69 Buick 455 from Montoursville, and posted a semi-final finish for his efforts.

In Junior Dragster, Spencer Jones of Gratz won with a 10.98 on a 10.85 at 56 mph.  Blase Raia of Altoona fouled at the start to hand Jones the win, and ran an 11.07 on a 10.78 at 58 mph.

With the switch to a 1/4-mile Gamblers Race, the winner was Jeff Krushinskie of Paxinos, running an 11.220 dead on the dial, at 122 mph.  Shane Hassinger bulbed it away on what may have been a very tight race, as he ran out by a mere .002 with a 12.89 on a 12.90 at 105 mph.

Reported by Michael Beard

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