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Test N Tune Early 10-3+ Williamsport Circuit Day Race #3 / Test N Tune Late 4-8, with Heavy X Race #2

July 18, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 11:30 pm


the specialty races will be run within the test and tune.


HEAVY X RULES PER JOE JENSEN: Contact Joe for any questions regarding rules

Heavy X Rule Package The purpose of this rule package is to attempt a class following for an amateur type street legal radial tire drag competition. The original thought was a x275 street legal 3000 lb minimum class(Turbo cars must weight 3,200lbs) so to make it simple we came up with Heavy X. Rules are as follows. Engine: Turbo: 450ci max (Turbo cars must weight 3,200lbs) Blower: 496ci max Nitrous combo: 565ci max Na combo max: 632 max Trans: Preferably no Lenco or Liberty type, but as long as vehicle weighs 3000 lbs not a deal breaker. Thought here was cost. Axle: No aluminum housings Brakes: All vehicles will have a brake system at every corner. Dual calipers whatever. Power adders: Turbo combination: Twins will be 78mm max with T4 flanges . Single Turbo T6 Flange will be the max but limited to a 95mm (Turbo cars must weight 3,200lbs) Blower combination: Can be up to an F2s procharger , and other blowers will be decided upon as we collect more data. Positive displacement blower limited to a 10-71. Nitrous combination: Single kit Vehicle type: Goal is to have some of everything. (Not looking to have another class of fox body hence the weight rule) Chassis: (Turbo cars must weight 3,200lbs) Body: Preferably all steel, but at the max fiberglass front end, no lift off doors, trunk lid, factory floor firewall to firewall, trunk mods allowed Interior: must have stock appearing dash. Carpet and stock appearing door panels are a must. Back seat is optional(Some cars with 7.50 certs can’t install rear seats) No advantage to not running them. Again 3000 lbs. (Turbo cars must weight 3,200lbs) Suspension: Must have stock style front and rear. NO EXCEPTION! Refer to the Heavy X video for more information. Suspension component locations on the front side of the rear axle attaching to the car have to remain stock. example: a 1970 Camaro will have A frames in the front and leaf spring in the rear. Shocks: anything goes. Fuel: Alcohol can be used to supplement a primary fuel only no straight M1. Purpose is to try and keep the big power under control a bit. Tires: Any front is fine. Rear tire will be some type of 275 radial. Race Day Would like it to be an unlimited field. No bump. That being said cars will drive by themselves to and from the lanes and will drive back the return road. It will have to be a streamlined process to get through the size of the anticipated field of cars. Drivers will stage themselves quickly and will not have a regiment of buddies to line them up. Another event that will be decided upon at random is the Avery Joy Ride. What this will be to test the legitity of your street car, it is a random drive around town. If your car cant survive 10 plus mile drive around town well then it isn’t a street car. Or its a turd and breaks down and we are all guilty of that from time to time. The Joy ride won’t be every Heavy X event just when the hot dogs need purging.


July 18, 2020
9:00 am - 11:30 pm