100 MPH Club

100 MPH CLUB: Are you fast enough  for the famous BSD 100 MPH Club roster?  Prove it! Entries must be licensed, inspected, on DOT tires, and through the mufflers.   There are three levels:   WHITE=100+ MPH 1/4-mile.  SILVER=100+ MPH 1/8th-mile.  GOLD=150+ MPH 1/4-mile.  If you qualify, bring your time slip to the tower for verification and receive exclusive club decals, and your name on the elite leaderboard!  The very best earn 100 MPH Club jackets at the banquet!

Licensed, Inspected, DOT Street Tires,
and through the mufflers.
Think you’re BAD?   Prove it!
= 150+ MPH
= 100+ MPH (1/8th mile)