2015 SBRA Points


2015 Final Points Standings:

Qualifiers: 18 from Super Pro, 25 from Foot Brake, 7 from Bike, 5 from JR


 Top 5 in Super Pro qualify for Race of Champions


 Top 5 in Foot Brake qualify for Race of Champions.

Aug. 28 OFFICIAL UPDATE Five (5) cars tied at 700 points for last 2 spots. Tie breaker determined by which 2 have the highest points in IHRA overall points as of the last SBRA event of August 23rd. It breaks down as follows; LX39 = Will Leitch @ 4401, WX48 =  Dennis Mull @ 3700, will qualify.


 Top 2 in Bike qualify for Race of Champions


OFFICIAL NOTE: In the event a qualified driver chooses not to attend the SBRA finals, the next driver in line will fill that spot. In the event of a tie, overall IHRA points will make the final determination.