BSD General rules


Eliminator                  Class              Dial-In           Comments

Top ET                      TOP               0.00-11.99                Electronics

Modified ET                MOD              0.00-13.99                Trans Brake, 2 step

Street ET                  ST                12.00-19.99               Footbrake

Bike ET                     BIKE              0.00-14.99                2 Step

Hot Rod Trophy            HRT               11.00-22.99               Footbrake

JR Dragster                JR                7.90&Slower               1/8 Mile

ATV                        ATV               10.00&Slower              1/8 Mile

TCR                        TCR               10.00&Slower              1/8 Mile

BYE RUN:        First round is awarded to the competitor that records the lowest Reaction Time R/T in the final round of time trails. That driver must have recorded an ET that is within the Eliminator parameters on the qualifying run. If no bye run is available then that person has lane choice.

DIAL-IN:        BIKES- Required to be on a Dial-In plate. CARS- Required to be on both side windows and windshield. Dragsters and altered must be on a visible body panel. Please do no place Dial-In on tires. The Dial-In will be displayed on the scoreboards. Verify the correct Dial-In is the sole responsibility of the competitor If the Dial-In is incorrect do NOT stage. Simply point to the scoreboard and the starter will notify the tower correct your dial-in. Please take the time to write legibly. What we see is what you get. Note: Dial in must be finalized before the car moves to the front position in the staging lanes. Drivers, be Sportsmen, No game playing with Dial-Ins.

EXCESSIVE BRAKING: As stated in the IHRA rulebook, a participant is subject to disqualifications for any condition considered unsafe, unfair of out of order in the inters of safety, if any track official perceives that a driver has intentionally engaged in excessive braking in order to avoid running under, that driver will be disqualified. Excessive braking will be defined by, but not limited to, locking the brakes, smoking the tires, and swerving due to braking on top end. Dial your car correctly and run a safe race.

LANE CHOICE: Lane choice is determined by coin toss between the drivers before entering the water box. The only exception to this is in the first round of eliminations. Holders of low R/T from the final qualifying time trails have the right to lane choice if no bye run was available. Remember Sportsman at all times.

PAIRINGS: All eliminators will be paired at 8 cars or less based on R/T as much as possible. Any eliminator that has less than 8 cars will be paired for the first round of eliminations. Pairings will be based on your R/T in the previous round. Bikes are paired for the first round of competition based on their R/T from the final round of time trails. If you missed the final round of time trails, notify the tower to be put on the pairing sheet. It is a driver’s responsibility to make sure they are on the pairing sheet. Failure to do so is not grounds for re-instatement. BSD reserves the right to change pairings procedures when necessary.

POINTS: A driver must stage their vehicle under its own power to earn any points.

Points are issued as follows:

100 Points for first round

200 Points for first round win

100 Points for each additional round won

50 Points bonus for Low R/T in qualifying

1 Points for an eliminator win

POINTS SYSTEM: Hot Rod Trophy, JR Dragster and ATV will earn points in a season long points chase. Top, Modified, Street, Bike and JR will earn points in each of 2 separate series plus the overall series towards a place on the Bracket Finals team.

Series 1 May 3 – June 30

Series 2 July 7 – October 25

SBRA             May 5 – September 15

Number of qualifiers in each series

Series 1 4 Top             4 Mod            2 Street 2 Bike

Series 2 4 Top             4 Mod            2 Street 2 Bike

Overall  5 Top             5 Mod            3 Street 4 Bikes  2 JR

Total Quali       13 Top  5 Mod            3 Street 8 Bikes  2JR

The 2 alternates will be the top non-qualified points earner from IHRA cars, bikes and JR.

RAIN OUT POLICY: When a rain out occurs, spectators and crew members must exchange their tickets or arm band at the Goodie Booth for BSD rain check. Racers rain checks are found on the right of the tech card. Rain Checks expired at the end of the year.

RACERS REFUND: We know that there is nothing more frustrating than breaking your car at the drags. At the “Beaver” we extend a helping hand in the form of BSD Complimentary Pass the system for issuance is as follows:

*Entry breaks during time shot, driver receives difference between race and crew fee.

* There is no charge if a driver breaks and switches to a backup car.

* No refunds for crew members.

* All passes will be issued at the Goodie Booth.


IHRA Eliminators           $50

Friday Night Racers        $50

Team BSD membership is required of all entries to receive points.

TECH INSPECTIONS: All entries that are not Team BSD members must go through tech and safety inspection at each event. TEAM BSD members will visit tech the first race of each month. Mr. Tech will certify each car for safety. If changes are mandated you will be given a deadline to meet, failure to comply with safety regulations will disqualify a driver from competition for the event.

VACATION WAIVER: Four waivers will be issues to each member of Team Beaver. The waivers may be used two in each points series. Drivers may use the waivers to take a day off, visit another track or if your car breaks on a race day. Each wavier is worth 100 points. If you do not use a wavier in a series, it is VOID. All waivers must be turned in within 2 weeks after the claimed race. A waiver may not be used after the final day of the points in that series. NOTE: Even though HRT, JR and ATV are ran season long, you can claim waivers in series.

*Super Seniors, 70 Years of age and older receive a $10 discounted entry fee. 

LITTLE BEAVER: Following the second round eliminations we open the lane for the Little Beaver race. It is open to all IHRA Classes. The race is ET format all run style.

Racers Services:  To accommodate our racers we offer the following services.

  • Resident Race Car (at gate)              $50
  • Reserve Parking Space          $100
  • Reserve space with trailer                $200
  • Camper with 2 parking spaces   $300
  • Camper with trailer or car                $400

Electric:  Available at selected locations:  $20/day, $50/month or $300/annual

Septic Services:  Provided by Richards. Purchase a dump ticket at the Goodie Booth.

NOTE: Campers and trailers may have to be moved on special events.

Pit Vehicles: ATV’s, golf carts, mini bikes and others. All pit support vehicles must be registered. There will be a $15.00 registration fee. NO ONE WITHOUT A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE WILL BE PERMITTED TO OPERATE A TWO-WHEELER, GOLF CAR OR ATV. Any pit support vehicle driven by a non-licensed driver or in dangerous manner will result in the racecar he or she is with being disqualified and eject from the Dragway. You must register your pit support vehicle at the Goodie Booth. You will be issued an ID sticker for the vehicle. We will monitor this closely during the season. This applies to everyone, no exceptions. The owner of the pit vehicle takes full responsibility for injury or damage cause by his/her pit vehicle.

All vehicles competing for Bracket Finals: Must have the official IHRA number that displayed on the car at the beginning of the season, any competitor without that IHRA number will not qualify to compete in the Bracket Finals.