Beaver Blast




The IHRA Iron Man Championship was on the line with 15-17 age group champion, Megan Culbert, facing Sammy Miller, the 13-14 age group champ.
In the “Ladies only” finals it was Megan taking the win with a 7.955 on a 7.90 at 80.21 MPH to Sammy’s 7.987 on a 7.90 at 81.78 MPH.

Megan Culbert the 2014 Beaver Blast JR Dragster Champion

The TCR IHRA Iron Tree run off pitted Saturday Champion Collin Hoerr in his Silverado against Kyle Kohr in his Mopar. Collin had the tree, .002 to .070, but took too much stripe running out with a 10.899 on a 10.94 to Kyle’s winning¬† 10.057 on a 10.00 at 69.38 MPH.

Kyle Kohr the 2014 Beaver Blast TCR Champion

The overall ATV Championship had Sunday’s Champ, Brandon Paone on his mini bike taking on Saturday champ Ronnie Webb. Ronnie was on his game taking the title with a 10.215 on a 10.00 at 48.33 MPH to Brandon’s 14.354 on a 14.20 at 38.35 MPH.

Ronnie Webb JR the 2014 Beaver Blast ATV Champion.

The finals in the 15-17 age group came down to Megan Culbert in her “Girls Rock” entry verses Bailey Harp. Megan had the tree and took the stripe with a 7.961 on a 7.90 at 78.32 MPH to Bailey’s 8.028 on a 8.01 at 79.46 MPH.

The Mind Bender” of Sammy Miller took the 13-14 age group title over a red lighting Landon Palmer. Sammy ran a right on 7.933 on her 7.93 dial at 82.56 mph to Landon’s 8.001 on a 7.94 at 75.79 MPH.

Thomas Oates in his Royal Purple entry took the 10-12 age group over Jesse Marshell. Tom took the title with a dead on 8.900 on an 8.90 at 73.31 MPH to Jesse’s run out 8.900 on an 8.93 at 71.40 M PH.

The finals in Sunday’s TCR eliminator came down to Sarah Danner in her Dodge verses Kyle Kohr in his Plymouth. It was over at the tree when Sarah went red handing the win to Kyle who ran a 9.933 on a 10.00 at 70.67.

Anthony Capirose won the Lil Beaver title in his Punisher entry over Tre Brown. Anthony took the title with a 7.897 on a 7.90 after Tre went red.

At the Beaver, we always have time for some special request to make a pass.

Jamie Porter, near, stopped JP Lenker in round 4 of Lil Beaver.

Mike Dunkleberger

Michelle Bongiovanni verses Bailey Harp in the semi’s of 15-17 age group.

Another close one.

Josh Wilson took a runner up in the JR Outlaws finals with a 4.325.

Ty Kasper took the JR Outlaw title with a blast of 4.290

Megan Culbert ended her JR Dragster career on a high note for sure winning her 15-17 age group and then going on to take the overall IHRA Iron Man.

Kyle Kohr won the IHRA Iron Man for the overall TCR Championship.

Ronnie Webb took the overall ATV title.

Bailey Harp was the runner up in the 15-17 age group.

Sammy Miller won the IHRA Iron Tree in the 13-14 age group.

Landon Palmer was runner up in Sunday’s 13-14 age group.

Thomas Oats won the IHRA Iron Tree in the 10-12 age group.

Todd Kasper won the IHRA Iron Tree in the 8-9 age group.

Justin Hanwerk was the runner up in the 8-9 age group.

Sarah Danner took a runner up in Sunday’s TCR race

Brandon Paone took the ATV title in Sunday’s event.

Shannon Fordyce took a runner up in Sunday’s ATV final.

Anthony Capirose took the Lil Beaver title in Sunday’s action

Tre Brown was the runner up in Lil Beaver.


Skyler Stump was the Quick 32 Champion.

Vincent Romaniello took the All Run title.

Taylor Iacono was on fire taking a runner up in the Quick 32 and yet another runner up in the All Run race. She’s a chip off the old block.

Collin Hoerr won the TCR title in his big Chevy.

Lauren Fordyce was the runner up in Saturday’s TCR race.

Ronnie Webb was hot also winning the ATV title.

Cory Ream was the runner up in ATV. The kid can ride!

Ronnie Webb was recipient of the Best Appearing Car.

Kiersten Cocuzza won the Best Reaction Time award.

The Best Appearing Team went to Brady Kile.