44th Annual Banquet was a great time again.


2015 CHAMPIONS: Front; Trenton Seitz-IHRA ATV, Evan Renninger-Hot Rod, Liberti Ferster-JR, Weston Hoffman-Fri. ATV, Back; Brian Snyder-Sport Bike, Don Shissler True Street, Jim Sheaffer-Top Street, Mike Crisswell-Outlaw Street, Dennis Henry-Modified Street, Justin Badman-Top ET, Daryl Walter-IHRA Bike.


2015 ALL STAR TEAM: front; Tim Armstrong-SBRA Super Pro, Jeff Flick-Most Improved Top ET, Don Shissler-Fri. Driver of the Year, Wyditte Buck (for Bud) 100 MPH Club President and Best Appearing Car (Friday), Sarah Cisney-JR Driver of the year, Liberti Ferster-Best Appearing JR, Back; Brian Snyder-Yocum Memorial Champ, Rich Poorman-Most Improved Modified, Brian Pecht-Top Beaver Champion, Steve Lenig-IHRA Sportsman of the year & SBRA Super Pro Champ, Dave Weaver-Gemini Triple .000 Club Champion, Dale Rhoads-Best Appearing Street Elim., Sam Ficarra-Biker of the year & Most Improved Biker, Sam Koonsman-Best Appearing Bike, Kevin Little-Best Appearing Top ET, Mike Harpster-Best Appearing Modified & SBRA Foot Brake Champ, Mike Holland-Most Improved Street Eliminator.


Jason Weaver was the Modified Champion. He missed the group photo for a good reason.


This is the reason: Brian and Jason Weaver talk with legend Dick Goodman.

Track employees

The Beaver Staff of 2015

ATV champs

Brian’s Trailer Sales IHRA ATV Top Five: Trenton Seitz-Champion, Isiah Lohr-2nd, Michael Houser-3rd, Haley Trader-4th and Torque Zimmerman-5th.

Trenton speech

Trenton gives thanks to the people that helped him in winning the ATV Championship.

HRT top 5

Brian’s Trailer Sales: Hot Rod Trophy Top 5: L-R; Eric Witmer-5th, Dave Fetter-4th, Tyler Wildsmith-3rd, Kyle Poorman-2nd and Evan “Captain E” Renninger-Champion.


The “Big E” thanks his family for all their support.


Highland Harley Davidson JR Dragster Top 10: L-R, Aiden Mackert-10th, Charlotte, for Brandon Flick-4th, Anastazia Barchefski-9th, Lane Kahley-3rd, Aiden Cisney-8th, Sarah Cisney-2nd, Liberti Ferster-Champion, Clay Leitzel-6th, Kadin Ferster-5th.


Aiden thanks his family. Do you think that he’s a happy kid!!


Nye’s Body Shop Street Eliminator Top 10: L-R, Tom Houser-8th, Dale Rhoads-6th, Denise Poorman-5th, Justin Badman-4th, Dave Weaver-3rd, Mike Holland-2nd and Bob Klock-Champion.


Highland Harley Davidson IHRA-Bike Top 10: Tyler Zimmerman-10th, Don Zimmerman-8th, Billy Maturo-6th, Sam Koonsman-6th, Dave Carpenter-4th, Sam Ficarra-3rd, Brian Snyder-2nd and Daryl Walter-Champion.


Whitmer Fuels Modified Top 10: L-R, Steve Lenig-10th, Rich Poorman-9th, Dave Gramley-8th, Rich Powell-7th, Kevin Whitmer-5th, Lou Drayer-3rd, Mike Harpster-2nd and Jason Weaver-Champion.


Jason Weaver thanking his sponsors and his dad for building a great car.DSC_0043

Class 1 Transport Top 10; L-R, April Derr-10th, Andrew Feltman-9th, Denny Shaw-8th, Tim Armstrong-7th, Jeff Flick-6th, John Simbeck-5th, Tom Youtzy-4th, Kevin Little-3rd, Steve Lenig-2nd and Justin Badman-Champion.


Summit Super Series Champions, Bob Klock in Foot Brake and Justin Badman in Super Pro.


Annie and Dave Weaver present Justin Badman with his plaque for winning the Brian Boyle Memorial Race.


Two legends, Dick Goodman and Dave Carpenter, reminisce about all the good times at the Beaver.


Yocum Motorsports ATV Top 5: Ben Charles, 4th, Mekenzi Kuhn-3rd and Weston Hoffman-Champion.


Pyle’s Garage Door True Street Top 5: L-R, Jeff Golden-5th, Les Spade-4th, Brian Michael-3rd, Leah Shaffer-2nd and Don Shissler-Champion.


Marks Auto Sales Outlaw Street Top 5: L-R Tom Houser for Leon Peasley-5th, Les Spade Jr-4th, Moses Spade-3rd, Jeff Steltzer-2nd and Mike Crisswell-Champion.


Highland Harley Davidson Sport Bike Top 5: Mekenzi Kuhn for Ken Gabner-4th, Sam Koonsman-2nd and Brian Snyder-Champion.


G-Force Transmissions Modified Street Top 5: Bob Reeder-5th, Wyatt Hoffman-4th, Ty Bergenstock-3rd, Tim Kocher-2nd, Dennis Henry-Champion and sponsor Leonard Long.DSC_0061

HP Engines Top Street Top 5: Frank Reaser-5th, Mike McGowan-4th, Chris Shaffer-3rd, Dennis Henry-2nd and points Champion-Jim Sheaffer.


Dennis and Jim congratulate each other in a great series won by 1 point.


“Mel Mouth” Thomas gives Donna Marie and Beaver Bob a special gift.


Oh yea, they’re right!


Seth’s Racing Engines 100 MPH Club: Brian Acri-7th, Bob Reeder for Brian Smith-6th, Wally Null’s stand in-4th, Mike Sheets-3rd and Wyditte Buck for husband Bud, the President at 160.22 MPH.


The 2015 SBRA Dominaters: L-R, Tim Armstrong-Super Pro and $5000 High Rollers Champ, Joey Krushinski-Super Pro Gamblers Champ, Mike Harpster-SBRA Points Champ, Jeff Flick-Super runner up, Steve Lenig-SBRA Points Champ and Bracket Finals finalist, Billy Maturo Bike Gamblers runner up, Liberti Ferster-SBRA Points Champ and Sam Ficarra-Bike Gamblers Champion.


Joey always has the funniest comments. Can’t wait to have the Krushinski brothers run with us on our SBRA days.


Billy Maturo adds his two cents on the final round against Sam.


Best Appearing JR went to Liberti Ferster.


Let’s get this shot Teri.


Beat Appearing Street Car was Dale Rhoads in his `66 Mustang.


Mike “Fabio” Holland earned the Most Improved Street driver.


Mike Harpster garnered the Best appearing Modified car with his `66 Mustang.


Most Improved Modified driver was Rich Poorman in his Mustang.


 Sam “The Cruiser” Koonsman won the Best Appearing Bike. Sam thanks his sponsors who did a great job. Sam also won Best Appearing at the IHRA Bracket Finals.


Sam “Guido” Ficarra won the Most Improved Biker award.


Top ET’s Best Appearing car was Kevin Little’s Willys.


Top ET’s Most Improved Driver was Jeff Flick.


Lenny Yocum Memorial Points Chase Top 10: L-R, Don Zimmerman-8th, Daryl Walter-7th, Billy Maturo-6th, Sponsor-Lenny Yocum, Dave Carpenter-5th, Brian Snyder-Champion, Sam Koonsman-4th Sam Ficarra-2nd.


Beaver Bob thanks Lenny for all his support as we celebrated our 10th year.


Lenny Yocum Memorial Points Chase Champion, Brian Snyder with Bob Newton and Lenny.


Gemini Triple .000 Club: Jason Derr-semi, Dave Miller-semi, Kevin Whitmer-runner up, Dave Weaver-Champion and Hemi John Simbeck sponsor.


Top Beaver: Bob Klock-semi, Jeff Flick-semi and Brian Pecht-Champion. (Dave Bratton was runner-up)


Bud Buck won the Best appearing Friday Street Racer.


Don Shissler was the Friday Street Racer Driver of the year.


Friday Sportsman of the Year: Dave Snook


JR Dragster Driver of the Year: Sarah Cisney


IHRA Driver of the Year: Bob Klock in his Challenger


IHRA Sportsman of the Year: Steve Lenig


 Beaver Bob’s Beauties – Mandy Lynn and Donna Marie






Tentative 2016 Schedule


Beaver’s First Family: Donna Marie and Beaver Bob

Entering our 45th Anniversary season, we at Beaver Springs Dragway are proud to release our tentative 2016 Schedule, featuring the IHRA Summit Super Series, Southern Bracket Racing Association, and Vegas Fuel Friday Street Racing programs you know and love, along with tried and true specialty shows like the FE Race & Reunion, York Nostalgia Nationals, Flashback Friday, Mean Street Nationals, Jalopy Showdown Drags, Beaver Blast. Plus our famous Holiday Weekends with the families.

In addition to the exciting announcement of the infamous Street Outlaws Kye Kelley and Daddy Dave invading the Beaver on July 1st, BSD has a few more surprises in store for you for the coming season, so stay tuned!  Nobody Does It Better!

Click to view the 2016 Schedule

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