Beaver Springs Dragway



  1. Driver must be a N.E.T.O. member in good standing
  2. A $60.00 annual competition fee must be paid prior to competing in an eliminator.
  3. Membership dues are $ 40.00 per year, due in January. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed after April 1st on late renewal dues.
  4. Immediate family members may form a race team; any member of the team may race and accumulate points for the team. All rules for a team are the same as for an individual driver. Team members must inform the points director that they are racing for the team prior to racing.
  5. Two eliminators will be run at all point events.
  • Competition, 9.80 and faster in .10 second increments dial  on a handicap .400 pro tree.
  • Nostalgia, 10.00 (6.31 for eighth mile) and slower any dial on a handicap .500 full tree.
  1. Points will be awarded as follows:
  2. A.50 to sign in at a race event with a race ready car
    B. 50 for breaking stage beam on first round.
    C.   50 to the winner of each round.
    D.   25 to the driver with the best reaction time in each eliminator during eliminations. Driver must present time slip to the race coordinator on race day. NO EXCEPTIONS will be allowed.
    E.   50 to those attending a N.E.T.O. supported non-race point event, with a race car, or an approved non-NETO event which is in conflict with a NETO event.
  1. Total points will be your best eight races run, plus 6A and 6E.
  2. A race ready car is one that has paid the entry fee and passed track tech inspection.
  3. In case of a tie, positions will be decided by the total number of rounds won for the year.  After that the tie stands.
  4. All race cars will be inspected yearly by the Competition committee & then stickered for competition.
  5. The Competition Committee must approve any changes to a stickered car prior to its racing.
  6. Anyone found with an illegal device during a race event will be disqualified from the event and lose ½ of their accumulated points to date on the first offense; all points will be forfeited on subsequent violations.
  7. Concerns over rules or cars in competition will be presented to the Competition Committee for their review and decision.
  8. Points cannot be carried over from one eliminator to another.
  9. Rain dates will be first possible date rescheduled by track, if NETO agrees.
  10. There will be no show up points to any racer on inclement weather days when scheduled race/event is canceled prior to sign in.
  11. A sign-in sheet will be posted at a designated location; you must sign in before competing. All drivers must check in with the race director before 2nd round of time trials. At that time draw a number…The ladder will be made as numbers are drawn. Listen for your class to be called. Find your opponent so when the 1st round is called so you can proceed to the staging lane together. Anyone signing in after the ladder is created may run one additional time trial at the end of round one of eliminations, and receive 50 sign in points and 50 “ break the beam” points, maximum for the day.
  12. Race cars must have a car number, preceded by C, or N to designate class. The official white N.E.T.O. stickers must be affixed to the race car on both left & right side for the timing tower to see and the front for staging lane. Also, on the tow vehicle.
  13. If you are not able to make 1st round notify the Race Director IMMEDIATELY so the ladder can be adjusted.  The ladder will be set 10 minutes after the final time trial.
  14. If there are only 3 cars left in the class and one breaks, the two remaining cars will race each other for the final. You will receive 50 points each for that round, plus the winner will receive 50 points for the win.
  15. Only one bye run per competitor per event. Bye runs are determined by position on the ladder based on number drawn at sign in.
  16. A “Competition Break Run” is not considered a “Bye Run”
  17. In Nostalgia eliminator, only cars without front brakes may burn past the starting line.
  18. A driver may race any car but must race all rounds of the car he raced in round one.
  19. If your dial-in is not correct on the score board DON’T STAGE!!!, back out and let starter know, but DON’T STAGE!!!


  1. Cars must be 1979 and older to be eligible for competition. Exceptional cars may be voted in at a scheduled club meeting or by Competition Committee vote during the season, to be confirmed later at a scheduled meeting. All cars must fit the look and feel of race cars through the 1970’s era.
  2. All cars have to pass N.H.R.A. or I.H.R.A. racetrack tech inspection.
  3. Cars must make a good appearance
  4. Any size slick will be allowed.
  5. No cubic inch limit.
  6. A trans brake is allowed.
  7. Shift lights will be allowed.
  8. Line locks will be allowed.
  9. Nitrous will be allowed only when activated by a single pole type switch such as a throttle or push button switch.
  10. Electronic or CO2 shifting devices allowed only when manually operated by driver.
  11. Comp eliminator cars required to have an approved lower engine oil retention device. It is also recommended forNostalgia eliminator cars.
  12. All cars allowed 3-step rev limiters or CO2 launch control operated by the trans-brake, clutch, or throttle.
  13. 9.99 and faster cars must have braided steel lines to the trans cooler.
  14. If a driver feels a car may have illegal electronic devices in use the driver may have the Competition Committee inspect the race car in question that day
  15. Delay boxes and Electronic Throttle Stops are not permitted. They must be non-functional prior to competition.
  16. The intent of these rules is governed by the discretion of the Competition Committee.
  17. These rules and regulations have been up dated for the 2019 competition year.


  1. Tech Card- fill out- “Class”- NETO/N or NETO/C “Car #”- use NETO assigned #
  2. Look for NETO table, try to pit in the same area.
  3. Go to track tech.
  4. Sign in at NETO table. Draw number to establish ladder. Low number will establish bye run in first round, if there is an odd number of competitors.
  5. Lane choice is determined by a flip of a coin for the first round and then by best reaction time in the previous round for all other rounds.
  6. Courtesy Stage: Both competitors must activate their Pre-Stage light before either may advance into the Stage Beam.
  7. After each round return to NETO table. If you win, fill in ladder for next round. If you lose, put your points in the Race Sign in Book & sign your name. If you think you may have best reaction time for the day during the eliminations write it in the book.
  8. BYE runs are determined by position on the ladder based on the number drawn at sign in.  Competition break run does not count as a bye run.
  9. All track rules and procedures should be followed.  Any complaints; Please see NETO club officer. Don’t go to tower or track official.
  10. Listen to track radio station and speakers for call to staging lanes.


May 29 2022


8:00 am