All races will be OFF the trailer, No test hits

Exclusively At Beaver Springs Sat. June 22

NO PREP , Think you’re fast… COME PROVE IT

  • No Prep surface, 1/8 mile, heads up, off the trailer, Instant Green light start  Absolutely NO TIMES, NO SLIPS 
  • Two Competition Classes (small tire and big tire) winner takes all in each class.   
  • Grudge Racing between rounds. 


Drivers Meeting at 12 noon

Races Start at 1pm


  • Competition Racers – $125 due in advance via PayPal to Lock-In, $125 in cash prior to start of any race activities. 
  • Grudge Racers – $50 at gate. 
  • Spectators – $15 at the gate. 

Race Rules 

  • All vehicles must pass Safety Inspection.  (Dated belts, all cars must be caged, caged cars must run nets, roll bar padding, driveshaft loops, battery disconnect, all drivers must have proper helmet, functional lights, see addendum.) 
  • Door cars only.  Any chassis allowed.  No stretch bodies.  Air dams and wings are acceptable.  Stock wheelbase within 2”. 
  • Cars in competition must be in the staging area at predetermined time.  If you are not in the staging area at the predetermined time YOU will have excused YOURSELF from the competition. 
  • First round call outs permitted.  Call out must be accepted by the competitor. 
  • Chips will be pulled 5 minutes after cars are scheduled to be in the staging area.  If the competitor or their representative is not available for chip pull at the designated time YOU will have excused YOURSELF from competition. 
  • Chips will be pulled every round to determine the order of runs and the ladder. 
  • Bye-runs must take the light.  Only one chip pull bye-run per competitor. 
  • Water burn out only.  Water will be provided.  Any use of traction prep or water brought by a competitor will lead to event disqualification and banning from future events. 
  • First runs in each round of competition will start 5 minutes after the chip pull is completed. 
  • Subsequent run burnouts in each round will be started immediately after preceding passes are complete.  If you are not in the burnout box within 2 minutes of your competitor being ready to start their burn out, YOU will have excused YOURSELF from the competition. 
  • If you plan to do 2 burnouts, please inform your competitor.  If you planned a single burn out and had/have issues, a second burn out is permitted.  No more than 2 burnouts allowed.  
  • No more than 3 crew members are allowed past the water box. 
  • Your crew will pull the front most part of your vehicle to the first line.  Starter will pull you to the full stage line. 
  • All runs will randomly start with a stationary light within 3 seconds of both cars being pulled to the full stage line.  
  • If your tire cracks before the light is lit you have jumped and you are eliminated from the competition.   
  • If your car touches the center line ahead or beside your competitor you are eliminated from the competition. 
  • Finishes will be determined by a finish line judge.  Starter may be called upon to judge close calls captured by the finish line camera.  If the race is too close to call, it will be rerun. 
  • Eliminated Competition cars are permitted to grudge race – that does not mean you can make test passes. 


  • Small Tire  
  • 28”x10.5” (as marked and/or measured, non W) or 275 max 
  • No wheelie bars. 
  • No AWD 
  • Big Tire 
  • Any car equipped with a tire bigger than a 28”x10.5” (this includes a 28”x10.5” W) or bigger than a 275. 

June 22 additional classes  /  These classes can be paid at the Gate.. 

no cap, so invite your friends!! 
True Street 1/4 mile
Must be inspected, licensed, and Insured…
10.00 & slower will use tree and electronics (timing system) with time Shown. FWD, RWD,…. NO AWD
$50 gate fee
$50 Buy in 100% payout
80% winner 20% Runner up

NO PREP Beginner Class 

ONLY the beginner classes and true street will use electronics and show times….

Small tire 1/8 mile with electronics showing times

Big tire 1/8 mile with electronics showing times
$50 Gate fee
$50 Buy in
100% payout
80% winner 20% Runner up
Come try your luck at NO Prep racing