Last Weekends Winners

BOP Race 7/27

Win147VMike Vandenheuvel11.14. 013111.2635110.65
R/U226Drew Anderson11.84. 168911.8506112.36

SBRA Race 7/28

Footbrake Win3X24Mike Fornwalt6.31. 05216.3215108.99
R/UXX00Tommy Mull6.81. 02166.8026101.61
SBRA BikeWin736UNKyle Goss6.22. 02606.2851114.56
R/U911Mike Characalla5.39. 10645.3793126.98
Super Win1154Randy Krause4.96. 00624.9751134.37
R/U1X91Kevin Little5.55. 06755.5479122.45
 SBRA JRWinL16XIsaiah Lohr8.18. 09078.812078.81
R/U111XLiberti Ferster7.98. 09058.178780.37
HRT Win739UNJosh Houpt8.66. 07258.772475.4
R/U636DDave Fetter8.65. 22998.751178.53
JR ATVWinAM1XAidan Mackert18.34. 076918.410229.72
R/UW739Colin Witherite14.05. 052614.286741.07

Congratulations to all the winners. Check out the Winner Circle pictures

Upcoming Weekends at the Beaver 8/2-8/4 and 8/8-8/11

                     August 2nd-4th                                                                                                        

Friday 2nd:  Test and Tune with Houdinis Race #4.                                         

Gates open at 5pm. 6pm-10pm                                                                               

Saturday 3rd: Test and Tune with Williamsport Circuit Race.                                

Gates open at 10am. Two sessions 11-4 and 5-9.                                              

Sunday 4th: IHRA Points                                                                                           

Gates open at 9AM. Time shots start at 10AM

                       August 8th -11

Thursday 8th: Early Bird Entry $30.00

Friday 9th: Flash Back Friday. Gates open at 4pm

Saturday 10th: Pack the Track- SBRA- Nostalgia Super Stockers. Gates open at Noon

Sunday 11th: IHRA Points. Gates open at 9AM

If you need Pack the Track Tickets see Betty at the Gate. $10.00 for 10 tickets

This coming weekend at the Beaver!

Friday: Test and Tune. Gates Open at 5pm

Saturday: Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac Race. $40.00 to Race. $15.00 for spectators or $50 for carload up to 6 people. There will be a $40.00 fee for vendors wishing to setup. There will also be a car show. Gates open at 9AM

Sunday: SBRA Points. Gates open at 9AM.

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