8/24 Winners and RU

 Street Win3X24Mike Fornwalt12.05. 018212.126102.83
R/U473LYMike Bryson13.20. 029713.2758105.53
Stick Win135DAJohn Young—-. 158510.4987139.06
R/U389MIAdam Johnson—-. 660110.3495136.28
Outlaw Win1298Erik Hendricks—-. 18525.1893141.96
R/U259CFMatt Moshella—-. 15486.839671.93
 Frantic 15 Win1298Erik Hendricks—–. 04725.1440136.74
R/U296SMike Sheets—–. 10309.402052.93
SEMIR176Matt Rosentel
SEMI194TTom Brady
1/4.1040Andy Jensen
1/4.1874Tony Sult
1/4.439PBryan Parsons
1/4.771LUJoe Jensen
B RT296SMike SheetsBest Reaction Time
L. ST1298Erik HendricksLast Small Tire
StreetWin3X24Mike Fornwalt11.97. 050911.9802109.28
R/U183DDustin Morgan9.07. 05179.0929147.83
Outlaw WinQ08Kenny Morgan9.62. 01119.6635138.08
R/U7X93Dean Ludwig9.97. 039110.0155132.90
ModernWin203MBrian Michael12.45. 192312.4726110.57
R/UDY80LMatthew Lantz12.63. 229212.5974110.00
L Qu428Michael SudalLow Qualifer 

The next two Weekends at the Beaver!

August 23rd– August 25th

Friday 23rd: Test and Tune. Gates Open at 5pm

Saturday 24th: Late Model Massacre 1.0. Test and Tune will be available for all cars. Jensen’s Late Night Drag Party. Gates open at 8am

Sunday 25th: SBRA Race. Gates open at 9am

August 29th– September 2nd

Thursday 29th: Early Bird Parking. $30.00

Friday 30th: Jet Dragster- Friday Night Test and Tune- Insane 8, WFO and Wicked Bike

Saturday 31st: IHRA Points Race and Mandra Race

Sunday 1st:  IHRA Points Race- UNS/SS- Mandra Race

Monday 2nd:  IHRA Points Race and Top Beaver.

Race Times will be posted soon*

Monday is the last IHRA Points Race. Make sure you turn in your waivers before you leave the track on Monday.  Preferably turn them in on Friday.

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