As I look around the field of cars at any regular IHRA event I see a group of potential competitors we believe have been ignored in our sport. It’s the people with bone stock cars that never go down the track because of the perceived thought that they are out classed. They look at our Hot Rod Trophy eliminator and see cars with open headers, slicks, gutted interiors etc. and think they’d never have a chance of winning a single round.

That is about to change with the inclusion of our highly successful Friday Night’s True Street eliminator. The rules are simple: The eliminator is open to all cars and trucks, both domestic and imports. Modifications are limited to: Computer re-flash, Performance air intake. and you can swap out the stock tires for a DOT radial. With these rules it makes for a level playing field for our rookies. The cost to enter is the same as Hot Rod Trophy at $25. The winner and runner up will receive trophies. The winners trophy being a JR Iron Tree.

That’s the rules, pure and simple. Come on out with your Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Honda, Subie, EVO, Accord and have a fun day at the Beaver.True Street 1True Street 2True Street trophy

Are you ready for the new Friday classes?


Classes restructured for 2015
After watching the gradual changes in racing habits over the past 3 years we are adjusting our classes to reflect the reality of Friday Street Racing.  Classes will be streamlined to make for more competitive racing. By joining classes, it will become more competitive by making larger classes and there by meaningful when you win.                                           Henry 1

                                              Here are the classes for 2015____________________
Top Street:
Basically the same as 2014. The  8 low ET street legal cars from time trials

Modified Street: For domestic and import cars and trucks that are modified with either headers, power adders, tin work etc.  Formally was Street/Stick-Auto, Compact and majorly modified Bone Stock Trucks.

True Street: Basically the same as 2014. Unmodified domestic and import street cars and true Bone Stock Trucks. Unmodified drive line with factory headers, no additional power adders, no slicks. DOT tires.

Bike: Entries must have a current license, inspection and run on a DOT tire. Extended swing arm and power adders are permitted. If a bike has an open header or a wheelie bar or runs on a slick it will compete in Outlaw Street.

Outlaw Street: The catch all class for any vehicle that isn’t licensed or inspected or running open headers. Real race cars are legal. Bikes with an open header or a wheelie bar or runs on a slick it will compete in Outlaw Street.

1/8 mile ATV: All ATV’s are legal. No restriction on modifications.

Note: In all classes except Outlaw and ATV, all vehicles must be licensed, inspected and run through the mufflers with working head lights and tail lights.

Chriswell 1

Bill Marks 1


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