Beaver Springs Dragway is Hiring

We are actively looking for weekend help at the Race track. Tasks would be assisting on the line, calling in car numbers to the tower and assisting in other positions at the track when needed. Please contact Mike McCracken at 814-329-0810 if you are interested.  

This Weekends winners

 Mod. WinXX00Tommy Mull10.7. 007410.7058121.46
R/U1096Ray Thurston10.62. 045410.6496121.75
IHRA Bike Win662XDan Martin9.15. 03599.1625144.56
R/U911Mike Charcalla8.51. 07168.5039153.53
Top WinU123Ray Thurston10.9. 038510.8972122.02
R/U1X33Heather Gutschmidt7.73. 00637.7256170.52
Street Win3X24Mike Fornwalt12.28. 001812.403894.68
R/U793LDean Ludwig18.65. 048418.814973.59
IHRA JR Win722DAAlex Maturo8.14. 06198.148278.67
R/U640XGage Tressler9.07. 16029.024370.72
HRT WinZ194UCody Walter12.65. 098612.7088104.75
R/U793LDean Ludwig18.80. 079518.67174.17
JR ATV Win657CEthan Charcalla14.22. 168814.354942.83
R/UW739Colin Witherite13.96. 090114.219841.81

The next two weekends at the beaver

August 8th-11th

Thursday 8th: Early Bird Entry $30.00

Friday 9th: Flash Back Friday Gates open 4pm

Saturday 10th: Pack the Track- SBRA-and Nostalgia Super Stockers. Open at noon

Sunday 11th: IHRA Points Race. Open 9AM

August 16th-18th

Friday 16th: Friday night Test and Tune. Gates open at 5pm

Saturday 17th: Test and Tune with Jensens Late Night Drag Party. Gates open at 9AM

Sunday 18th: VW, Import and Modern Muscle Day. No points Racing.

Beaver is Closed 8/2/19

Due to mother nature Beaver Springs Dragway will be closed today 8/2/19. Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Rest of the weekend events

Saturday 3rd: Test and Tune with Williamsport Circuit Race.                                

Gates open at 10am. Two sessions 11-4 and 5-9.                                              

Sunday 4th: IHRA Points                                                                                           

Gates open at 9AM. Time shots start at 10AM

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