FE Race & Reunion





Paul Adams took the Jesel Valve Train “Fastest Thunderbolt Standing”
award with a pass of 9.047 at 148.22 MPH.

The finals of Pro FE for the 8 quickest cars of the day, came down to DW Hopkins, (#2) in his Thunderbolt verses Jeff Colvert’s SS/F Cobra Jet (#6).
It was over at the tree when Jeff fouled with a -.056. “DW” took the title with a 9.303 on a 9.20 at 128.02 MPH to Jeff’s 9.590 on a 9.45 at 137.17 MPH.

Brian Merrick took the Hot FE title over Alan Estergomy’s `62 Galaxie with a 10.03 on a 9.97 at 128.92 MPH to Alan’s 12.151 on a 12.06 at 108.77 MPH.

Alan almost pulled off the upset of the race against Merrick.

Dan Wood dropped a close one in the semis of Hot FE.

Don Nowak in his 428 Fairlane got the handicap start over Bill Johnson’s 428 Cobra Jet and held on for the win in Cool FE. Don carded a 14.538 on a 14.40 at 86.09 MPH to Bill’s 13.325 on a 13.22 at 100.59 MPH.

The finals of the FE Bird race was over at the tree when Chris Moses drew a red light in his 390 powered `54 Ford. Don Fotti, from Manitoba, Canada took the win with a 11.738 on a 11.65 at 114.46 MPH to Moses 15.60 on a 15.45.

The great ones were here: Hubert Platt, Bruce Larson and Dick Brannan.


Steve McBlane is out first in his Dyno Don Comet over #1 qualifier,
Randy Spohn’s `58 Ford. But that is about to change.

 He slid it 175 feet sideways as everybody said, No, No No!!! He came to a rest after plowing up the sod. Nothing hurt. Whoosh!!!

I ain’t buying any lottery tickets this week. I used all my luck today.

Randy Spohn was the Fastest FE on the grounds with a 9.031 at 144.74

Frank Pellegrini wheeled the 422 Motorsports Dearborn Thunder Falcon to a 9.291 pass at 144.50 MPH. Frank went to the semis of Pro FE.

D.W.Hopkins of Tupelo, Mississippi was the Pro FE champ in his T-Bolt.

DW Hopkins in his Thunderbolt got by John Morris in round 1 of Pro FE with a 9.179 on a 9.20 to John’s 9.355 on a 9.43.

Jody Aberts made the bump in Pro FE with a 9.507 at 139.47
but dropped in round one to Frank Pellegrini via a red light.

Jeff Covert qualified 6th with a 9.348 at 140.93

Ken Godsey laid down a 9.649 in his Ronnie Sox Comet. He was #9.
Ken made the tow from Arvaoa, CO. That’s 1610 miles!!

The legendary Jesse Holms readies Ted Vise’s `66 Custom 300.
The big 2 door post laid down a 9.650 at 131.71 MPH. He was #10

From Winnipeg, Manitoba came Don Fotti. 1730 miles!!

Greg Cook in his 390 powered 1960 Edsel.

Chris Moses’ 390 powered `54 Ford is just a cool ride.

Everybody loves Brant Kelly’s “S&W Long Shot” 427 wagon.

`67 Cyclone GT-1 Christman tribute

One of the crowd favorites was Ted Vise in his `66 Galaxie. He laid a great 9.650 at 131.71 MPH pass to qualify 10th in the field.

1965 Galaxie 427
2014 FE Race And Reunion At Beaver Springs Raceway – Historic, Cool, And Fast Fords Take Over The Strip
George Aberts `67 Comet 427 takes on Ken Godsey’s A/FX Ronnie Sox 427

1964 Galaxie 427

Bill Hayes 427 Falcon from Manassas, VA

Jeff Covert’s SS/F Cobra Jet from Arkadelphia, AR

The legendary, Kurt Neighbor, in his 352 powered Fox body went 10.07.

Race co-founder, Doug Bender, in his 390 Fairlane ran 13.18

Hot FE champion, Brian Merrick from Dellroy, OH

You just got to love the 427 Falcon of Steve Vargo. It ran 9.78 at 137.02 MPH

Race co-founder, Jody Aberts 427 Fairlane, left, faces off with Paul Hilliar
Our Last Blast Of Ford Drag Perfection From The 2014 FE Race And Reunion – Until Next Year!
George Abert’s 427 Comet takes on Brian Merrick’s 427 T-Bolt.

Kurt Neighbor’s 427 FE powered Fox body ran 9.50’s.

Brando Lowe’s 427 Mustang

Craig Jernigan’s 390, 4 speed `63 Galaxie stocker.

Dale Bregitzer’s `66 Fairlane 390 with 2-4bbls.

Bob Klemann in his original R Code 427 Fairlane.

Ernie Drizter, Kitchenire Ont. Canada, 65 Galaxie 390 ran 13.256

Steve Vargo’s 427 Falcon

Ed Youman débuted the 422 Motorsports `67 Fairlane 427 in style.

Tom Gustafsson, `63 Galaxie, Nasso, PA verses
Ted Vise’s `66 Galaxie from Petal, MS

Always a favorite, George Abert’s 427 Comet, Mr. Twister.

Steve Lowery, Maumee OH, had his `61 Falcon 390 running 11.60’s

Anthony Pappas in his “B Code” 406

One of the favorites of the event was Larry Kortkamp’s `64 Galaxie Wagon, “Battlestar Galactia”. He pulled the wheels way up on every pass.

Mike Cannon, Oreland PA, it his street legal 428 CJ ran a 12.27 at 114.81

Gary Bates, Wintersville OH, ran a 10.253 at 128.81 MPH.

The one and only Coon Tang of Bill “Real Deal” Ziel
is 390 powered and ran a 10.511 at 118.26 MPH

Local Ford hero, Leo Sekulski in his “Peanuts” Galaxie ran 9.85 at 136.81.

Paul Hilliar ran a good 10.38 at 128.62 MPH

Vinny Lyons at speed in his CJ.

Ed Horensky’s CJ ran 10.495 at 124.93

John Morris made the Pro FE fast 8 with a 9.36 blast.

Vern Grizzle’s, Dahlonega GA, `64 Thunderbolt qualified 14th with a 9.813

Bob Zimmerman’s 427 `61 Starliner. It’s a 10 second ride.

Jack Miller in his `68 Mustang.

How cool is this? Don Palmer in his 427 Comet wagon from Ontario, Canada.
The unique combo ran a 11.84 at 111.57 MPH.

Mike Lear brought his 69 Falcon 390 to the show.

Andy Snetselaar came all the way from Poke City, Iowa with his CJ

Kurt Neighbor’s, Twinsburg, OH, `64 Thunderbolt ran a 10.22 at 131.65 MPH.

Brandon Lowe in his 68 Mustang

Scott Miller in his Cougar, Nokeville VA, vs Mark Girouard, Winsor CT.

Wayne Pope, Stevensville MD, in his 9.88 / 134.32 MPH T-Bolt.


The long distance award went to Tom Lucas from Auburn, California.
Tom is the owner of FE Specialties and has a fast 427 Mustang.
The distance traveled was 2680 miles!!

Here’s Tom’s sharp 427 coupe

The one and only, Hubert Platt, making a pass in Andy Snetselaar’s CJ.

Hubert Platt and Dick Brannan were the men of the hour.

Rich LaMont’s 422 Motorsports team was here in force.

Beaver Bob talking with Randy Spohn who had the Fastest FE on the grounds. His 512 inch powered `58 Ford Custom laid down a 9.031 at 144.74 MPH!!

FE powered Fords and Mercury’s were everywhere.

Vinny “Magellan” Lyons in his original Cobra Jet.

This is FE heaven.

Dicky Estevez behind the wheel of the original Phil Bonner Thunderbolt.

Yes, Mr. USA-1, Bruce Larson used to be Mr. Ford in 1962

Ciro in his street car.

Towing in style

Three Cobra Jets in a row. Two `68 “R Code” and a 2012

Although not in competition, the new CJ was permitted to make an exhibition run. He mad an easy pass and clocked a 10.10 at 149 MPH!!

George Poteet’s `61 Sunliner. Cammer powered with a 4 speed.
FE Race and reunion034
Steve McBlane had the coolest transporter at the event. Talk about hauling in style, looks like Dyno Don at the Super Stock Magazine Nats in 1965.

The Beaver’s longest time Ford man, Tom Youtzy, was on hand with his cool 1955 Thunderbird.

It’s “FE’s” as far as you can see.

Leo Sukulski in his “Al Joniac” Swenson light weight Galaxie.

Everybody had a smile on their face at the race.

Richard Brant’s sharp `58 Thunderbird.

Long time FE hero, Tony Siliena, brought his Jersey Thunder Fairlane.

Thunderbolts were everywhere, coming and going.
2014 FE RACE_080
A neat shot of the “Coon-Tang”

Larry Hill’s `61 Starliner, and it’s 427 Cammer powered!!

Beaver Bob preaches to the choir of the FE faithful.

150 FE racers and show car people at the drivers meeting.

A lot of famous Ford people here.

What a crowd!!

It was a happening.

Beaver Bob in the gathering of Ford greats:
Dick Brannan, Hubert Platt, Bruce Larson and Charlie Morris.

Show your colors.

Gale Morris, Hubert Platt, Pete Morris and Fast Fred Henderson holding court at  “Big Rita’s COncession”.

No question, this fan is 100% 427 loyal.

The event sponsor, Barry Rabotnik. It was his support that got the FE Race off the ground two years ago.  He’s onboard again for 2015.

Here is Barry in his 427 Torino coupe.

The Master of Ford knowledge, Charlie Morris and wife Gail, were on hand offering all of his great publications. He sold out of everything.

DW Hopkins from Tupelo, MS, took the Pro FE title. Joining him, in the winners circle is event sponsor, Barry Rabotnik of Survival Motorsports. DW also picked up 2nd place in the Fastest Thunderbolt Standing with a 9.10 blast.

The great photographers we here.
Bob Wenzelberger,  Mashie Mihalko and our own Todd Dziadosz

Brats and Beer


Lined up and ready to parade.

Jim Marston won the Best of Show with his four-4 bbl. powered 427 Fairlane.

The Promoter’s Choice award went to this cool `58 Ford Custom
powered by a 401 HP/390 with 3-2bbls, backed by a 4 speed.

George Poteet’s `61 Sunliner powered by a 427 SOHC.

Bill Naudain & John Morris in their B/FX F-100. It’s the real deal!

Chris Childress in his Greg Cook restored `63 Marauder 390 4 speed.

Doc Foster’s `55 Ford with an all aluminum 427 power.

Zack Strait at the wheel of Larry Hill’s Cammer powered `61 Sunliner.

Graye Peak’s `64 Galaxie 390 with 2-4bbls.

Tom Boone’s `69 Cyclone CJ

Rodney Stephenson’s `65 Cyclone with 427 power

Super sharp `67 Fairlane GT

Joe Hemler’s `57 Ranchero with 428 CJ power

1966 Fairlane GT. Best paint for sure.

Mike Weaks in his `64 Thunderbolt



DW Hopkins from Tupelo, MS, took the Pro FE title. Joining him, right, in the winners circle is event sponsor, Barry Rabotnik of Survival Motorsports. DW also picked up 2nd place in the Fastest Thunderbolt Standing with a 9.10 ET.

Jeff Covert of Arkadelphia, AR, took a runner up in Pro FE.
Hey, isn’t that Charlie Booze far left? He used to race a cool `61 Starliner FE.

The Hot FE champion for the second year in a row was Brian Merrick.

Hot FE runner up was Alan Estergomy from Moorsville, NC in his 390.

Don Nowak, from Angola, NY, won the Cool FE Iron Tree in his 428 Fairlane.

Bill Johnson, of Pleasant Hill, PA was runner up in Cool FE with his 428 CJ.

Don Fotti, all the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada !!! won the FE Bird race in his `68 Cobra Jet Mustang.

Chris Moses took runner up in the FE Bird race with his 390 powered `54.

The Beaver was packed all weekend.

FE Race & Reunion overview
Wow!! What a race. I am just completely blown away at the support and participation of the event. We had cars from 20 different states and 3 Canadian providences. With Tom Lucas from California and Don Fotti from Winnipeg, Manitoba setting the record. With Dick Brannan and Hubert Platt in  attendance, you couldn’t ask for more. The racers were top shelf, the Brats and Beer get together was so much fun, the car show drew some of the best in the US and the on track action was non stop. Count on Jody, Doug and I to continue the tradition with the 3rd Annual FE Race & Reunion on April 24-25, 2015

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