Flashback Friday

August  8, 2014


In the 43 car Nostalgia Super finals, Ronnie McClelland matched his `66 Hemi Coronet against John Warshime’s 427 Chevelle. Both cars were wired with McClelland cutting a .019 to .022 light and taking the win with a 9.853 on a 9.80 at 136.03 MPH to Warshime’s run under 10.061 on a 10.10 at 129.96 MPH. Ronnie’s crew, sporting their “Flashback shirts” cheer his win.

The finals in the heads up WFO eliminator came down to Captain Ed Brady’s 400 inch Mustang against Bill Mark’s 600 inch Olds 442. Ed gambled and lost on the tree drawing a red light. Bill took an easy pass running a 9.84 at only 96.88 MPH.  Bill had qualified with an 8.34. Ed ran a 8.36.

The JR Stock finals matched Chris Shaffer’s `66 Fury against Phil Bidden’s `67 Mustang 390. Chris had the light, .010 to .053, but could not catch the FE powered Ford. Phil ran a 12.723 on a 12.64 at 98.51 MPH to Chris’s troubled 15.684 on a 10.51 at 52.57 MPH.

The A/Modified Production finals matched Phil Walter’s ’64 Nova against Scott Runkle’s `65 Mustang. It was over at the tree when Scott wend red with a -.001. Phil scooted to the title with a 10.532 on a 10.50 at 127.17 MPH to Scott’s 9.760 on a 9.75 at 136.15 MPH.

Nostalgia Nationals champion, Dan Parson in his AWB Comet fell in the finals of B/MP with a 13.205 on a 12.70 at 92.80 MPH after a great .008 light. Kenny Morgan took the title in his 427 Camaro with a 10.718 on a 10.43 at 108.21.

The Outlaw Street title went to Leon Peasley’s Camaro over Jeff Flick’s Ford altered. Leon recorded a 10.112 on a 10.10 at 130.51 MPH to Jeff’s 8.553 on a 8.53 at 145.39 MPH to take the win.

The Street Stick finals matched Sam Koonsman’s Vulcan against Dan Zak’s Turbo Civic. Sam took the win with a 13.261 on a 13.00 at 82.16 MPH to Dan’s 11.622 on a 11.20 at 123.74 MPH.

The Street Auto finals was another close one with Craig Poust taking the win in his Turbo Malibu over Jim Sheaffer’s Vega. Craig ran a 9.554 on a 9.53 at 133.76 MPH to Jimmer’s 10.506 on a 10.49 at 127.84 MPH.

The True Street finals was an all MOPAR affair with Don Shissler’s Chrysler taking the title over Joey Shirey’s Ram. Don ran a 15.312 on a 15.20 at 91.45 MPH to Joey’s red lighting 16.795 on a 16.26 at 79.50 MPH.


And here he is, 2014 N/SS Champion, Ronnie McClelland’s Hemi Coronet.

One of the crowd favorites was Steve Moyer’s 409 Chevy. Steve dropped a close on in the semis to John Warshime’s 427 Chevelle.

Richard Barnhart’s 421 GTO Was #2 qualifier with a 9.22 blast!!

Ken Godsey’s Sox and Martin A/FX 427 Comet

Dave Collette in his Sox and Martin SS/AA Hemi Cuda

Another favorite was Dan Housholder’s AWB `65 Hemi Dodge. He bowed out in the quarter finals to Ronnie McClelland’s Hemi Dodge.

Brant Kelly’s 427 Fairlane wagon “Long Shot” sponsored by Smith and Wesson firearms. How cool is that?

Bob Fort’s `64 Plymouth, “The Jersey Duke”.

Nick Lillie’s “Factory Lightweight” `64 Galaxie

Jody Abert’s 427 Fairlane

Chris Baum’s `63 Plymouth 426 Max-Wedge

Ray Lehberger’s `62 Bel Air 409. Don’t you just love it!!

“Good Ol’ Mr. Reynold’s” 409 Impala
Dave Stubb’s `62 Polara 413 Max-Wedge

Cliff Sebring’s 426 Plymouth wagon verses Tom Taylor’s `413 Savoy.

Leo Sekulski’s 427 Galaxie Lightweight

Anthony Pappas in his `62 Ford 406/385, 4 speed B/Stocker.

George Edwards is the original owner and driver the the classic
“Reverend Mr. Black”. It’s a factory lightweight 426 Max-Wedge!!

Kyle Reasbeck’s Dodge takes on Gary Nies Plymouth. Both 426 Wedge.

“Big Steve” Reasbeck in his `65 Coronet Hemi. One of the Beaver’s favorites.

Brian Freeland in his Bounty Hunter 426 Max Wedge `64 Dodge

Tony Silipena’s 427 Fairlane takes on Anthony Pappas 406 Ford

Lance Keen’s `64 Fairlane 427 Thunderbolt

Ed Youmans – “Dyno Don” `64 Comet A/FX 427

Steve Consentino’s `62 Dodge 413 Max Wedge

Steve Moyer’s 409 runs down Charlie Innerst’s 427 Biscayne in round one.

George Aberts – Mr. Twister 427 Comet

Gary Nies – `64 Fury 426 Max Wedge

Chet Cook – `68 Impala 427

43 Super Stockers made first round!!


Ronnie McClelland – Buds Auto Sales, `66 Dodge 426 Hemi

Steven Moyer – Wully Bully 409 Chevy

Ken Godsey – Sox and Martin A/FX Comet 427

Dave Collette – Sox and Martin `68 Barracuda SS/AA Hemi

Richard Barnhart – `66 GTO 421 A/FX

Leo Sekulski – “Peanuts” 427 Galaxie


John Morgan’s `55 Chevy Shoebox went red in the semis against Bill Marks Olds. Bill won with a 8.33 to 8.80.

Captain Ed Brady’s 406 inch Mustang dropped number 1 qualifier,
Bob Cooley’s Datsun in the semis with a 8.37 to 8.63 blast.

Mike McCracken drove his Rat Powered Studebaker from Altoona and laid down a 9.90 pass!! WOW!!

A classic match up in B/MP. Dan Parson’s AWB Comet verses Mike Strickler.

Tom Morgan’s 10 second `55 Chevy took a semis in A/MP.

Art Machmer’s `66 Impala 427 was tough in A/MP

Rich Horton’s A/MP `63 Nova

Danny Heffner’s A/MP “Water Bug”

Mike Strickler, a great man with his tribute car to his dad, Dave.


After two runner up finishes, Ronnie McClelland put it all together and took the Nostalgia Super Stock title in his `66 Hemi Coronet.  He pulled off a 43 to 1 long shot as his car was featured on the event shirt.
Way to go Ronnie!!!

John Warshime took runner up in Nostalgia Super Stock with his Chevelle.

Bill Marks took the WFO title in his thundering Olds 442.

Phil Bidden took the JR Stock title with his original `67 Mustang 390.

Chris Shaffer choose to compete in JR Stock with his 440 Plymouth.
He took a runner up with his 4 speed 440 MOPAR.

Philip Walters put his `64 Nova into the A/MP winners circle.

Scott Runkle almost pulled off the A/MP win in his Mustang but a -.001 red light in the finals ended his day against Phil Walter’s Nova.

Kenny Morgan’s big block Camaro took the B/MP title.

Leon Peasley is congratulated by Dave Gramley for his big win in Outlaw Street. Dave is the former owner of Leon’s car.

Sam “The Cruiser” Koonsman move into Street Stick and took the win.

Craig Poust’s Turbo Malibu took his 3rd Street Auto title.

Don Shissler picked up his 4th True Street title in his Chrysler 300.

All photos courtesy of JK Motorsports – Joe Kaminiski