Nostalgia Nationals



July 12-13, 2014


The Nostalgia Super Stock finals boiled down to John Warehime’s SS/EA 427 Chevelle verses AJ Casini’s SS/BA 426 Hemi Belvedere. AJ had the tree, .053 to .078, and powered on by for the win with a 9.922 on a 9.90 index at 128.57 MPH to John’s run out 10.244 on a 10.25 at 127.13 MPH.

The Funny Car finals came down to the Screaming Eagle against The Frantic Ford. At the tree it was the Ford, but the Trans Am drove by to take the win.

Audrey Worm backs up Bruce.

Bruce won the back up contest hands down!!

Rat Poison verses USA-1

Greg Machamer’s Rat Poison got by Bruce in a big  shot.

Dickey Estevez took two straight in the A/FX Match Race against Arnie.
Daddy Warbucks set low ET with a 7.75 at 178.77 MPH

The legendary Arnie Beswick did a great burn out and then a Nitrous explosion.

The Comp Eliminator finals matched Chris Toth in his B/A Fiat against Wayne Beach’s C/Gasser. Beach had a great .012 light and took the win with a 11.478 on a 11.45 at 109.27 MPH to Toth’s 9.580 on a 9.55 at 130.77 MPH.

The JR Stock finals was a classic Ford verses Chevy battle. Jerry Hillier in his 302 Maverick took the title over Steve Pirritano’s `74 Nova 350 with a 13.234 on a 13.15 at 97.21 MPH to Steve’s 16.018 on a 16.00 at 83.35 MPH.

The A/MP finals was a great one with “Cowboy Cliff” Stuckey taking the title in his `41 Willy’s over Danny Heffner’s `59 Chevy “The Crow”. Danny had the tree, .048 to .081, but ran out the most with Cliff taking the title running a 10.630 on a 10.65 at 121.88 MPH to Danny’s 12.045 on a 12.10 at 109.56 MPH.

The finals of the hotly contested B/MP finals came down to the two most veteran drivers at the track. 70 year old “Gentleman Jim” Holland took the title in his `70 GTO over `73 year old, “Graham Daddy” Taylor’s Nova. Both drivers showed their experience with Jim taking the win running a 11.009 on a 11.00 at 120.32 MPH to Graham’s 9.701 on a 9.70 at 137.48 MPH.


The Funnies sure had them smokin’

Rocky blew the hat right off his crew members head!!

The Funny Car “Back up girls” . The fans love them!

Readying the Screaming Eagle Trans Am.

Checking all the safety gear on the Frantic Ford.

Mike Hall and our own, Todd Dziadosz

OK, how did Todd get this shot?

Mike Hall deploys the twin chutes.

Where is Arnie?

In a special Legends Pro Stock tribute match race, Mike Strickler took the win with his Dave Stickler `67 Camaro over Jim Haislip’s Bill Jenkins `70 Camaro.
Mike Etchberger reaches for the sky in his Willys.

And here is Mike on his pit ride. No wheelies here.

Corky Burkett in his “Shaw Brother’s Hombre” Henry J

Dan Householder’s AWB Hemi Dodge fell to Warehime’s 427 Chevelle in the 1/4 finals by running out the most with a 11.114 on a 11.15 at 119.58 MPH
to John’s 10.244 on a 10.25 at 128.82 MPH

George Abert’s `427 Comet, “Mr. Twister”, fell to AJ’s Hemi in round three.

The street legal Hemi’s of Mike Donnelly and Dalton Roles met in round
three of Super Stock. Donnelly’s Cuda taking the round with a triple .000 light.

Bob Walker’s `63 Chevy 427 dropped Donnie Hart’s Hemi in round one.

Bruce Larson backs up Audrey Worm’s in a match against EJ Kowalski.

Audrey took two straight over EJ.

Chris Clark went red in the semi’s of A/MP in his `36 Ford against
“Cowboy Cliff’ Stucky’s `41 Willys.

Mike Etchberger’s crowd pleasing `40 Willy’s drew a red light in the semi’s of A/MP handing the final  round berth to Danny Heffner’s “The Crow”.

Jerry Hillier in his Maverick dropped the `70 Buick in advancing to the finals of JR Stock.

Mike Strickler made it to the semis of B/MP in his Dave Strickler Camaro. dropping a close one to Jim Holland’s `70 GTO.

Dick Goodman watches son Randy, lay down a solid 9 second blast.

Jody Aberts backs Mike Strickler into the water.

Dan Parson’s “Toxic Element”  AWB `67 Comet was on his game.

Richard Horton’s wheel standing Nova

The `56 Chevy lights `em up.

Chris Baum’s `65 Belvedere. Yes it’s a Hemi

JR Stockers going at it.

Tom Stahl’s Olds was running hard.

“Birds of a feather” Beaver Bob talks with his  grey haired Nostalgia fans.

A pair of hard charging MOPAR’s

Bob Roles HEMI Challenger fell to Ken Godsey’s Sox and Martin Comet.

Richard Barnhart’s fast 9.30 GTO was a hit in N/SS.

Tommy G’s Dirty Deeds `65 Plymouth.

Art Machamer’s `66 Impala takes on AJ’s Hemi.

Rich Horton’s “Hyper” stick shift Nova.

Kyle Kohr’s Hemi Super Bee takes on Jody Abert’s 427 Fairlane.

Reverend Mr. Black’s 426 wedge takes on Donnie Hart’s HEMI.

Bob Conway’s 409 Jr. Stocker

Allen George’s Blue Screamer 409

Billy Nees back up his driver.

A/MP action


The fans love this event.

Agent Orange takes on Terry Pratt

Hemi John Simbeck verses Mike Strickler

Shoe Box battle

Andy Wildasin’s `66 Galaxie takes on Dan Parson’s `67 Comet.

“The Rev” Tom Youtzy in his `64 Falcon verses Nikki Abert’s `67 Dart.

Bob Sweeney’s 460 powered `64 Fairlane.

Dearborn Thunder A/FX 427 Falcon

Dave Harvey’s N/SS 427 Light Weight Galaxie

John Warehime’s SS/EA Chevelle verses Ken Godsey’s A/FX Comet.

Anthony Pappas in his B/NSS 406 Galaxie.

What goes up …..

…comes down HARD!!!

HEMI battle: Rickie Roles Emerick verses Mike Donnelly.

John Jacobs takes on the Dearborn Thunder.

Dan Householder’s wheel standing Altered Wheel Base HEMI.

SRO along the fences. Yes, we love Nostalgia racing at the Beaver.

Richard Barnhart’s 9 second GTO takes on Jody Abert’s 427 Fairlane.

Dyno Don’s A/FX Comet dropped to event champ, AJ Casini’s HEMI.

Ronnie Sox’s A/FX Comet passes by the fans. Looks like York in the `60’s.

Zippo always has the quick wit. This time it’s to Donna Marie.

Zip finds all the beauties.

One of the most revered photographers in the business, Geoff Stunkart.

Classic gold cups for the winners and runner ups.

The fans sure love the Nostalgia Nationals.

At the Beaver, we all show respect for the flag and our veterans.


The 2014 Legends at the Beaver
From left, Tom Myl, George Nye, Atco Jack Muscelli, Dicky Estevez, Arnie Beswick, Darwin Doll, Rocky Pirrone, Mike Strickler, Linda Vaughn, Bruce Larson, Jim Haislip, Ken Godsey, Rich LaMont, Dink Bishop, Ed Miller,
Ed Eckenrode, Jody aberts, Ron McClellend, Rick Osborn, Hayne Dominick, WWII Veteran and oldest track promoter in the nation, 96 year old, Al Gore and his son Gary. Donna Marie and Beaver Bob McCardle

Beaver Bob with Tommy Myl, George Nye and Atco Jack Muscelli.

Dicky Estevez and Atco Jack

Mr. Pontiac,  Arnie Beswick

Mr. Nostalgia, Darwin Doll

Rocky Pirrone and Mike Strickler

Miss Hurst Golden Shifter, Linda Vaughn , she is Miss Drag Racing USA.

Mr. USA-1, Bruce Larson

Mike Strickler and Jim Haislip

Ken Godsey, the Ronnie Sox A/FX 427 Comet.

422 Motorsports Ford men, Rich LaMont and Dink Bishop

Ford FE Race and Reunion co-founder, Jody Aberts.

Fast Eddie Eckenrode and Ed Miller. Two of MOPARS greatest.

Rick Osburn of `38 Special fame.

“The Beaver” with his long time Thunderbolt hero, the one and only, Butch Leal.

Donna Marie and Beaver Bob sure were happy with the record event.

Gary Gore, Hayne Dominick with Al Gore (The Good One)
Al is the oldest track operator in the nation at 96 years of age. He built Old Dominion in Manassas, VA in 1956. Al is a true hero having landed at Okinawa and Saipan in WWII. He earned numerous medals for his service to our country.


A special thanks to the Stuck men for providing all the cool GTO’s.

Just like it use to be

George Nye, the voice of York US-30 Dragway, got to flag start the Nostalgia Super Stockers in round two of time shots. We just love the guy.

After 10 sets, BSD starter, Bob Goss, took over flag start duty.

There were Super Stocker everywhere!!


Best of Show, Ed Pienta, `67 Chevelle

Special Interest 1st place, Lou Costello, `65 Comet

Special Interest 2nd place, Pat Miller, `54 Studebaker

Rod 1st place, Thom Greis, `41 Willys

Rod 2nd place, Dave Matthews, `38 Ford

Chevrolet 2nd place, Marlin Bonson, `55 Chevy 350

Dodge 1st place, Tim Drake, `73 Dart 318

Ford 1st place, Bob & Elaine Falci, `57 Ford 410 FE

Ford, 2nd place, Noah Miller, `70 Mustang Mach 1 351

Olds 1st place, Michelle Jenarg, `70 455 HO

Plymouth 1st place, Randy Cook, `66 Satellite, 426 Hemi

Plymouth 2nd place, Tom Piper, `64 Belvedere 426 Max Wedge

Pontiac, 1st place, Bob Reese, `69 GTO

Pontiac 2nd place, Rudie Gonzales, `64 Grand Prix 421

Truck 1st place, Tom & Ann Baughman, `73 Chevrolet

Truck 2nd place, Marshall Hess, `65 Falcon


AJ Casini took the N/SS title for the second year in a row with his Hemi.

N/SS runner up was John Warehime in his SS/EA 427 Chevelle.

Jerry Hillier put his Maverick into the JR Stock winners circle.

Steve Pirritano was runner up in JR Stock with his clean Nova.

Wayne Beach put his classic `55 Chevy into the Comp winners circle.

Chris Toth took a runner up in Comp eliminator with his Fiat.

“Cowboy Cliff” Stucky had the biggest win of his career taking the A/MP title.

Danny Heffner was the runner up in A/MP with his `59 Chevy “The Crow”.

Gentleman Jim Holland won B/MP in his `70 GTO.

B/MP runner up was Graham Daddy Taylor in his Nova.


July 12, 2014


The finals in the HEMI Challenge matched Kyle Kohr in his `68 Super Bee against Ronnie McClelland’s wheel standing `66 Coronet. Kyle was out first and took the title as Ronnie went red. Kyle ran it out the back door running a 9.813 on a 9.85 at 138.69 MPH to Ronnie’s 10.092 on a 9.40 at 120.35 MPH.

The East Coast Gasser finals matched David Grubb’s Willys against Ron Carson’s “Rigor Mortis” `53 Ford. In the heads up battle Grubbie took the title with a right on 9.819 on a 9.81 at 127.82 MPH to Ron’s 9.89 at 134.67 MPH.

MANDRA = Mid Atlantic Drag Racing Association
The finals of the special MANDRA event was a Ford verses Chevy battlewith Andy Wildasin’s `65 Galaxie 460 meeting Chris Righette’s `66 Chevelle 427. Andy had the tree, .033 to .052, but took took much stripe and ran out with a 11.483 on a 11.53 at 106.78 MPH to Chris’s winning 10.731 on a 10.69.

The finals of the “Free Lil Beaver” race came down to a Ford verses Chevrolet battle again. Art Hand was out first in his sharp `63 Falcon 347 with a .086 light. Kevin Whitmer countered with a .051 light in his `68 Camaro 406. At the stripe it was Whitmer taking the title with a 10.006 on a 9.92 at 125.61 MPH to Art’s 10.747 on a 10.65 at 116.97 MPH.


Ron McClelland’s Hemi Coronet

Dan Householder’s AWB Coronet

Bob Roles’ 426 Hemi Challenger

Chris “On the bumper” Baum in his Hemi Belvedere.

Aaron McClelland’s Hemi Road Runner

Ricky Roles Emerick in his Hemi Savoy

Donnie Hart’s `66 Coronet Hemi.

Mark English

John Labuda ‘s Pontiac went red in the semis of East Cost Gasser action against Ron Carson’s `53 Ford.

Ron Steffy’s classic `55 Chevy.

It’s the way dragsters were ment to be.

Rob Carson’s `55 shoe box verses David Grubb’s Willys

Gordie Ford takes on Ron Carson

Paul McCorkel’s blown Plymouth sure has the power.

Jim Haislip’s has a great  “Jenkins Pro Stock” tribute car.  And it’s a stick!!

BSD regular, Mike McCracken drove his cool Studebaker to the Beaver and went rounds. Now that is cool when it’s a 200 mile round trip.

Just like it’s 1963 again.

Bob Jones in his 421 Super Duty Pontiac.

Randy Campbell at speed.

Lil Beaver champion, Kevin Whitmer.

Two of MANDRA’s  best, Brian Freels and Charlie Innerest

Chris Toth’s Fiat is one of the best prepped Nostalgia Fiats ion the east coast.

And here is the other one. The English Brothers with Dave Blurton driving.

Don Ruhl gives a thumbs up after a first round win.

Dave Gramley’s new Camaro had issues in the semi’s of Lil Beaver and lost fire losing to eventual winner, Kevin Whitmer.

Dan Parson’s “Toxic Element” Comet ran out against Art Hand in the semis of Lil Beaver. Dan has been on a roll since winning the PA Gasser Nationals.

Paul McCorkel’s blown Plymouth chases Bill Hild’s `64 Fairlane in Lil Beaver.

It’s MOPAR central at the Beaver’s Nostalgia events.

Those classic MOPARS are everwhere.

George Harris in his sharp Dart.

Looks like the lanes are loaded.

Anthony Picone in his Polara.

And when is the last time you saw a `58 Thunderbird go down a drag strip?

Long time ago Beaver regular, Steve Byers.

Merritt Snyder’s rare 2 door Nova wagon.

Cricket Clonch in his classic `57 Chevy Gasser.

Dan Parson was looking real good in Lil Beaver dropping Bill Lawrence’s Scamp in the second round of Lil Beaver.  He is a crowd favorite in his stick shift  “Toxic Element” `67 Comet AWB 460 Mercury.

Roger Lewis in his Nova stopped Derek Ruhl’s Olds in round 2 of Lil Beaver.

The Roles men love their Hemis. Dalton and Bob match up in time trials.

Randy Goodman works on his potent blown Nova.

David Grubb’s winning Willys.

Greg Machmer’s crew readies his Rat Poison Fiat.

Mike Fisher bring the “Draguare” out of the box. It’s 6 cylinder Jag powered.


Kevin Kohr and his grand dad in the winners circle for taking the
Hemi Challenge in his cool `68 Super Bee.

David Grubb good looking Willys took the East Coast Gassers title.

Chris Righetti receives his awards fro taking the MANDRA title from event sponsor Charlie Innerest.

Andy Wildasin took runner up in the MANDRA eliminator with his Galaxie.

Kevin Whitmer was the man taking the Lil Beaver title in his Camaro.