Our New 2018 ZooCrew Friday Night; Fun Night Program .


 Friday Night Fun Night ZooCrew Racing Program !! DSC_6484


 Class Racers    : $30.00

Jr ATV  And TCR: Race $15.00

Spectators: $8/each or $15 for 2  / $20 for 3  or  $25.00 car load (up to 5 people)

Kids ages 11 & Under are FREE!

Racing is conducted on a .500 PRO TREE… one flash and GO, just like a stoplight!
Eliminations use a handicapped start by Dial-In, with breakout rules in effect.
Need a primer on Bracket Racing?  Try these resources:

StagingLight.com’s Guide to Bracket Racing



 All Out Street :

This is the only class to have  rules ! This is set up for the Baddest Street legal Cars and Trucks !!   



All Cars and Trucks that have been Hot Rodded for the Street must have street legal equipment to compete in Street Classes. IE: Working head lights, tail lights, turn signals, brake lights and muffled exhaust.  Must have steel quarters and roof and be stock appearing. Must have steel rockers inner and outer and factory glass. No tube  chassis cars or full blown race cars!!  We will permit up to 2 infractions on the minor stuff. (Each infraction = 10%) You can compete at 80%. Third infraction puts you into Nasty Street  or Filthy Street .

Registration and insurance not required as some can’t afford to have this on a spare car.  But vehicle is required to have all street legal items to race in Street Classes.
FYI: I have been a PA inspection mechanic for 35 years, pretty sure we can tell if it has the necessary equipment to run!!

Pay out: $50.00 cash $50.00 Gift card winner  $50.00 Gift card runner up

Call outs: This is going to be Huge !!!
DSC_6399 (2)
Up to 6 Call Outs per night. Got a grudge? Call him out!!
You set the race: 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile. Full tree, Pro tree, Arm drop!!
Note: This is being run on a trial basis. But we believe it can work.

 Rules for these classes.  Must look like a production   car or truck . Anything goes !! 


Nasty  Street          Up to 9.99

Pay out: $50.00 cash $50.00 Gift card winner  $50.00 Gift card runner up 


Hot Street:               10.00 to 11.99

Pay out: $50.00 cash $50.00 Gift card winner  $50.00 Gift card runner up 


 Kool Street:            12.00 and slower

Pay Out: $50.00 cash $50.00 Gift card winner  $50.00 Gift card runner up


Wicked Bike & sled:  All run
Must start and drive on its own.  Hand clutch, No wheelie bars.
Pay out:
 $50.00 cash $50.00 Gift card winner  $50.00 Gift card runner up 


Filthy  Street: All run
Cars Bikes or Trucks that are full blown race cars with anything goes!!
Pay out:
 $50.00 cash $50.00 Gift card winner  $50.00 Gift card runner up 


TCR           1/8 Mile    10.00 and slowerDSC_0814 

Adult ATV: 1/8  Mile All run.DSC_8572


JR ATV     1/8 Mile All run.

Note: In all classes except Bike, Outlaw and ATV, all vehicles must be, able to be, licensed, inspected and run through the mufflers with working head lights and tail lights.


Points will be awarded to all Friday Night Street Racers in their respective classes as follows, with championship jackets going out to the Top 5 points finishers:

100 points to stage 1st round
100 points for each round win
1 point of an Eliminator win