.000 Club

Here is a list of the Winning .000 Club Members for 2018


ooo Race    Date  Number Name Class
3-Sep 162F John Binkle Mod
3-Sep 162F John Binkle Mod
2-Sep BX79 Ken Kaufman Bike
2-Sep PX49 Brian Pecht Top
2-Sep 1X51 Lew Johnson Top
3-Sep CX08 Kenny Kauffman Bike
3-Sep WX4X Dave Weaver Mod
3-Sep 1X45 Steve Lenig Top
26-Aug 3XGF George Fultz Mod
26-Aug MX22 Dave Miller Mod
1-Jul 1X0H Penny Taylor Mod
16-Jul XX00 Tommy Mull Mod
11-Aug 3X52 Jeff Flick Top
16-Jun MX40 Steve Miller Top
16-Jun 1222 Jermey Stoker Top
17-Jun 152R Aaron Stoker Top