Friday Night Street Racing

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“Run whatcha brung, and run it as much as you want” should be the moniker for Beaver Springs’ popular Friday Night Street Racing program.  We race Friday Nights from April through October, showcasing street performance enthusiasts and more, with six classes of competition.  Gates open at 5:00 p.m. with open time shots between 5:30 and 7:30. Top Street qualifying starts at 7:30. Eliminations kick off at 9 p.m.  Come out for all the cool cars, good times, and great food!

Race: $25
Spectators: $5/each or $15/carload (up to 5 people)
Kids ages 11 & Under are FREE!

Racing is conducted on a .500 PRO TREE… one flash and GO, just like a stoplight!
Eliminations use a handicapped start by Dial-In, with breakout rules in effect.
Need a primer on Bracket Racing?  Try these resources:’s Guide to Bracket Racing



Top Street: The same as its been since 1999.
8 low ET street legal cars from time trials

Modified Street: For domestic and import cars and trucks that are
modified with either headers, power adders, tin work etc.

True Street: Unmodified domestic and import street cars and true Bone Stock Trucks. Unmodified drive line with factory headers, no additional power adders, no slicks. DOT tires only.

Bike – Sled: Has been updated to mirror IHRA/SBRA points races.  Since new Sport Bikes can run with the majority of race bikes, and sleds want to join the action, we’re are opening up the class this season in an effort to build the fun factor.

Outlaw Street: The catch-all class for any vehicle that isn’t licensed or inspected or running open headers. Real race cars are legal. Bikes with wheelie bars will compete in Outlaw.

1/8 mile ATV: All ATV’s are legal. No restriction on modifications.

Note: In all classes except Bike, Outlaw and ATV, all vehicles must be licensed,
inspected and run through the mufflers with working head lights and tail lights.


Points will be awarded to all Friday Night Street Racers in their respective classes as follows, with championship jackets going out to the Top 5 points finishers:

100 points to stage 1st round
100 points for each round win
1 point of an Eliminator win


Run your car or bike licensed, inspected, on DOT’s and through the mufflers and run over 100 MPH to join our prestigious BSD 100 MPH Club!



All racers:
Long pants required! Shorts are prohibited
T-shirt with sleeves to the middle of the arm.
Tank tops are prohibited

13.99 / 100 MPH and faster:
Snell 2010 helmet

11.49 / 120 MPH and faster:
6 point roll bar
SFI approved fire jacket

Drive shaft loop is required;
11.49 and faster
If you run slicks
If you run DOT race tires
Full face Snell 2010 helmet
Leather jacket, gloves, foot ware above the ankle.
Full leathers when running 10.99 and faster

Full face Snell 2010 helmet
Competition riding jacket (padded)
Footwear above the ankle for adults.