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Time Capsule Nationals Coming To Beaver Springs Dragway June 22 through the 24 Come race anything  1900 to 1972 Gonna have a DJ  Friday and Saturday night.

Kids Big Wheel Races, Hot Dog Races Ride alongs also! Gonna be a great family weekend.


Thursday is Early Bird Special . Come in on Thursday its $40.00 Bucks but 20.00 of that is your camping for all weekend . Come early get a good spot .

Great deal !

Gates open at 9:00
test n tune at 10:00-2:00

Friday Night Street race will be 3 Classes divided by year of manufacture of vehicle.
Cars, Trucks, Vans, and Motorcycles - 3 Trophies; one for each Class will be awarded.
All vehicles must:
-be Street legal and have DOT approved tires only
-pass our saftey inspection prior to going down the drag strip
-be in good repair; seat belts required!! (except Motorcycles).
-all Batteries must be fastened AND radiator overflow container is a MUST even if it is a beer can…
-Helmet required on all open roof vehicles and motorcycles.
This Race is a round robin affair. The race will be started by the Best FLAG GIRL competition.
This is a 1/8 mile heads up race competition. Winners of each Round will return to the staging lanes.
No Buy BACKS .

Saturday night Flash light Heads up Drags

Trophies-Brackets Classes
Muscle car
Hot Rod II
Hot rod I
Open car
Competion Gas
 Possible Burn Out Competion & Wheel Stand Contest .

Trophies awarded to all classes only Saturday.

 Sunday Racing

Winners $400.00 RU $250.00

Trophies-Brackets Classes
Muscle car
Hot Rod II
Hot rod I
Open car
Competion Gas

Spectator will be $10.00 Fri Sat And Sun


All Cars have to be 1900 to 1972. 2 Steps/launch electronics/Nitrous are Prohibited except Bracket class.

Rain Rain Rain !! Test n Tune Cancled 6/10/18

Well it’s raining at the Beaver and with the forecast at 100 % all day were canceling our test day . Mother Nature when can we have a full weekend . See everyone for Friday nite . :)


MOPAR MOPAR MOPAR At the Beaver this weekend .

Wow!  A lot of good is coming. We thank Butch Gummo and Surplus City for sponsoring such a great Event at the Beaver!!

Thursday will be our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL. What is that??  Come Thursday and get in and get a great spot. The cost is $40.00 but $20 of that is for your camping even if you’re camping for all 3 days! Plus we are gonna have a big camp fire!

Friday we are having a Test n Tune at 11 to 3  for $25 with a Gamblers race! Now the Gamblers race was gonna  be 200.00 to win and 100.00 runner up !!

Kohrs Kustoms  stepped up and added  another $200.00 and $100.00 to the pot…
Making it a $400.00  to win and a $200.00 Runner up

So GAMBLERS RACE IS  $400.00 to Win  $200.00 Runner up

Thank you, Thank You!!

Kohrs Kustoms is also throwing $100.00 buck for best looking Drag Car .

Plus a Free Mopar Picnic  later in the day Sponsored by Butch Gummo and ZooCrew Racing! 


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