The next two Weekends at the Beaver!

August 23rd– August 25th

Friday 23rd: Test and Tune. Gates Open at 5pm

Saturday 24th: Late Model Massacre 1.0. Test and Tune will be available for all cars. Jensen’s Late Night Drag Party. Gates open at 8am

Sunday 25th: SBRA Race. Gates open at 9am

August 29th– September 2nd

Thursday 29th: Early Bird Parking. $30.00

Friday 30th: Jet Dragster- Friday Night Test and Tune- Insane 8, WFO and Wicked Bike

Saturday 31st: IHRA Points Race and Mandra Race

Sunday 1st:  IHRA Points Race- UNS/SS- Mandra Race

Monday 2nd:  IHRA Points Race and Top Beaver.

Race Times will be posted soon*

Monday is the last IHRA Points Race. Make sure you turn in your waivers before you leave the track on Monday.  Preferably turn them in on Friday.

Series 1 Qualifiers

Here are the Series 1 Qualifiers who will be a part of our Beaver Team going to IHRA Nationals.

Modified Series 1 Qualifiers
XX14Bob Klock
4X6HMike Harpster
WX2AKevin Whitmer
3X40Brent Noll
Bike Series 1 Qualifiers
911Mike Charcalla
BX10Dave Carpenter
Top ET Series 1 Qualifiers
3X52Jeff Flick
1X91Kevin Little
YX97Tom Youtzy
L165Jerry Shaffer
Street Series 1 Qualifiers
3X24Mike Fornwalt
VX90Dale Rhoads

Series 2 is coming to an end in a few weeks.

The Next two Weekends At The Beaver

August 16th-18th


Saturday 17th: Test and Tune with Jensens Late Night Drag Party. Gates open at 9AM

Sunday 18th: VW, Import and Modern Muscle Day. No points Racing.

August 23rd-25th

Friday 23rd: Test and Tune. Gates Open at 5pm

Saturday 24th: Late Model Massacre 1.0. Test and Tune will be available for all cars.

Sunday 25th: SBRA Race. Gates open at 9am

Weekend Winners

WFO Win194TTom Brady—–. 22475.4556131.0000
R/U296SMike Sheets—–(-). 5000. 0000. 00
WICKED BIKEZ109LJustin Diehl9.92. 226710.0905137.9900
R/UW76Mike Weyer9.2(-) .15719.2480144.8300
Insane 8 Win1040Andy Jensen—–. 13654.5670133.2500
R/UR176Matt Rosentel—–. 00005.2797134.8100
Nost Stock128ZBob Roles8.83. 06198.8513145.8700
R/U954MAdam Mowery12.75. 109112.7613101.6900
A Mod1X40Steve Lenig8.53. 07798.5151153.6900
R/UMX40Steve Miller9.24(-). 02909.2785127.6600
B Mod Win766HUSam Gunter10.96. 060210.9520121.9500
R/U130MMatt Rosentel Jr9.55. 03619.5216137.8700
Comp. Win193M Ben Mauchauer8.48. 10398.4396149.1100
R/U717Bob English9.15. 09069.0508147.4900
FB Win1852Lester Holtzapple6.35. 05986.3513108.41
R/UBX12Scott Drayer5.98. 00035.9784112.08
SBRA Bike WinGX11Don Zimmerman6.09. 13296.1337114.94
R/UBX10Dave Carpenter5.95. 17715.9650113.26
Super Win1X45Steve Lenig4.69. 02494.7051141.07
R/U3X52Jeff Flick6.44. 03706.4667105.34
Nost. Win128ZBob Roles8.87. 08488.9081140.36
R/U426HMichael Donnelly10.88. 096510.8532123.83
Jr. Drag Win769XGage Hill12.26. 065312.400851.22
R/UAM1XAidan Mackert10.91. 151810.622059.10
HRT Win1852Lester Holtzapple7.39. 00447.444282.93
R/U793LDean Ludwig11.07. 115711.091565.47
JR Atv Win819CLJason Rote13.68. 008713.798444.19
R/U916NOCody Holland12.85. 099612.784446.86
 Mod. Win1X40Steve Lenig8.50. 06918.5483152.59
R/UGX15Dave Gramley8.57. 01418.5642157.23
Bike Win911Mike Charcalla8.46. 01558.4491154.22
R/UGX11Don Zimmerman9.39(-) .107311.716472.87
Top Win1X45Steve Lenig7.38. 00507.4076176.82
R/UPX00Leon Peasley7.62. 01017.6481175.71
Street Win3X24Mike Fornwalt12.15. 004312.1646109.81
R/U739UNJosh Houpt13.26. 127812.232951.57
JR Drag Win722DAAlex Maturo8.11. 08688.162574.75
R/U769XGage Hill12.22. 127812.23295157
HRT WinZ194UCody Walter12.60. 053912.705692.4
R/U997JJohn Jones11.25. 179011.8376118.30
JR ATV .Win769XGage Hill17.58. 132117.677329.31
R/U657CEthan Charcalla14.41(-). 014814.512941.82
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