This weeks Winners

Mod WinEX19Brian Eastman10.35.OO9310.3484126.87
R/UJX69Jeff Steltzer11.38.O41411.3689118.23
Bike Win750BBrian Snyder10.30.O14010.2926121.46
R/UR168John Royer9.55.O9489.5355140.41
Top WinR126Scott Lenig/ Blasé Raia10.47.O37410.4742122.68
R/U1X51Lew Johnson7.84.O1897.8262171.23
Street Win3X24Mike Fornwalt12.26.O50212.3130109.49
R/U1188Billy Nees13.31(-).O27813.321597.21
JR Drag Win111XLiberti Ferster7.92. 12637.999578.42
R/U769XGage Hill11.7.O50611.696055.09
HRT Win793LDean Ludwig18.50.O72518.620372.28
R/U906CEScott Hackett15.50. 441215.442989.96
JR ATVWinL16XIsaiah Lohr13.28.O98613.4868847.16
R/UAM1XAidan Mackert17.93. 139418.220129.66
Check out the Winners Circle for Photos

This week at the Beaver

Friday: Test and Tune. Gates open at 5pm

Saturday: Test and Tune. Gates open at 10AM. 11am-4pm and under the lights 5pm-9pm.

Sunday: IHRA Race. Gates open at 9

Next Weekend is the Nostalgia Nationals. If you have a car Pre 1975 bring it to the track!

First Series Qualifiers

Series 1 qualifiers. Great job guys!


Bob Klock 2951
Kevin Whitmer 2501
Mike Fornwalt 2300
Mike Harpster 2300


Justin Badman 2401
Jeff Flick 2300
Tom Youtzy 2001
Jerry Shaffer 2001


Mike Charcalla 2253
Dave Carpenter 1902


Mike Fornwalt 2952
Dale Rhoads 1500


Footbrake WinWX2AKevin Whitmer6.280.02506.3114109.54
R/U3X24Mike Fornwalt7.85-0.00807.864886.81
BIKE WinBX10Dave Carpenter5.990.04466.0071113.49
R/UBX79Ken Kauffamn SR5.440.05625.4302122.78
Super Pro Win164CMark Beidman5.130.02385.1472129.68
R/U1X91Kevin Little5.510.05375.5257123.05
SBRA JR WinAM1XAidan Mackert10.900.056110.830958.48
R/UL16XIsaiah Lohr8.05-0.06658.126980.07
HRT Win636DDave Fetter8.850.11298.950977.24
R/UZ16SNRalph Snyder7.710.08217.876085.55
JR ATV Win769XGage Hill18.430.021318.541327.12
R/U1976XMadison Santin10.900.125110.943958.80

Footbrake WinXX14Bob Klock7.420.03257.415191.43
R/UR141Kyle Robb6.300.02886.2938107.09
Bike Win911Mike Charcalla5.370.10955.4863117.16
R/UGX11Don Zimmerman6.170.12796.3418112.36
Super Pro Win454DDennis Shaw4.840.04294.8670133.29
R/UPX00Leon Peasley4.880.14344.8845142.23
SBRA JR Win769XGage Hill11.950.204912.059952.52
R/U722DAAlex Maturo8.14-0.00428.185677.67
HRT WinZ16SNRalph Snyder7.680.09547.721889.02
R/U793LDean Ludwig10.640.115610.632264.77
JR ATV WinW739Colin Witherite13.900.117114.591733.16
R/UZ146YLandon Roth23.100.017025.717919.41

Racing For Rita Weekend

Friday: Test and Tune with Callouts and Grudge Racing. Gates open at 5pm

Saturday: IHRA/SBRA Racing for Rita. There will be a Picnic and DJ. In the evening we will also be having a Firework Display by Epic Pyrotechnics. Its going to be a very great show. Gates open at 9am

Sunday: IHRA/SBRA End of First Series Race. Please make sure that you turn in waivers if you need to for the 1st series. Gates open at 9AM

If you are bringing a covered dish to the picnic please let us know on Facebook as to what you are bringing.


As of yesterday it was decided that the ZOO Crew Friday Night Races will be canceled and will be replaced with a Test and Tune Session along with grudge races and Call Outs with a chance of having some gambler races . This was a very hard decision but its something that needed to be done. Racers who were Team Beaver members for Friday Nights can get ahold of Mike Mccracken at 814-329-0810 or on Facebook to get refunded there membership.

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